Pass Jamb 2018 Secret : How to Score High in Jamb

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Pass Jamb 2018 Secret : How to Score High in Jamb

Read this pass Jamb 2018 secret I’m about to share

Are you preparing for Jamb?

Or are you desirous in scoring a pretty good score in the forthcoming UTME exams?

Do you want to break a record and scoring high in UTME exams?

If you have just answered the above questions affirmatively, Yes! Smile and congratulate yourself for you about to break a record in the history of Jamb

Maybe you are just tired of writing Jamb repeatedly or you  are just so scared of the exams because of your unpreparedness!

Good News!

I can help you score more than 300 in UME with my Pass Jamb Secret

How I scored High in Jamb | Pass Jamb 2018 Secret

I wrote UTME in 2013 when JAMB was known as one major stumbling block for many people who wish to study in higher institutions. Yes! that was in SS3. I was 15 and still in secondary school I was not knowledgeable about the goings of the exams. In march 2013, I went with good fate, wrote the exams and waited for the day the result will be released.

Eventually, the result was released. I was humbled, my pride came down, I felt like writing the exams over again. Was my expectation cut short?

Guess  What!

My result was not that bad. I scored 297 that year and was among the best in my state……… check my result with this link……….

Here is the screenshot of my result

Pass Jamb

Pass Jamb

I wrote Jamb once and made it without JAMB frustrating me. If you have written Jamb before and you have scored over 350, then this book is not for. Just close it right now.

This book is for 3 sets of people:

  • Those who are writing Jamb for the first time and are desirous of having a good score
  • Those who have written Jamb several times without scoring a good score that can guarantee their admission
  • Those who don’t know what Jamb is all about and how to prepare for it.

Now let me tell you my experience

In 2013 I had no knowledge on how the exams looked like. I made mistakes in my preparations, my path towards the exams was rough, I faced challenges, I wasted resources, just to make my exams a success. But ultimately I learned a lot.

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There were some characters of mine that I exhibited, I read everything in details as if I was preparing for WAEC. I saw my pitfalls and corrected them. But thank Gold my result wasn’t bad.

I made mistakes because I was not knowledgeable about the exams.

Over the years I have been opportune to coach student preparing for UTME and their testimonies are awesome.

I have been priviledge to invigilates candidates of this exams and I know their pitfalls.

I have spoke with many students who have scored skyrocketed scores and I have known their secrets

What if I tell you heartbreaking mistakes to avoid while preparing for the exams?

What if I show you the skills on how to answer UTME questions?

What if I tell you the reading strategies to adopt in order to pass this exam?

What if I give you a free CBT past question?

And I have packaged all of these and more into an e-book titled: How to Score High in Jamb  

Pass Jamb 2018

Pass Jamb 2018

If you want to achieve a good score in this year’s JAMB examination, then you need this masterpiece.

This little e-book will be an eye opener, that will expose the nitty-gritty of Jamb UME examinations and it will serve as a guide to Jambites who wish to score skyrocketed score.

Most importantly, there is a free CBT past questions and answers inside for you to practice and assess yourself.

Here are the things you will learn from this e-book and Pass Jamb 2018 like a pro

  • Ways on how to tackle UME questions
  • The real secret why candidates fail in Jamb exams
  • Reading strategies that you should adopt while preparing for the exams
  • The heart breaking mistakes Jambites do and how to avoid them
  • 5 tools to use for a higher score
  • Worst challenges Jambites face and how to overcome them
  • 4 things that can kill your success in Jamb
  • Free CBT past questions and answers
  • And lots more…… With stories from my experience and from those who scored 300 and above couple with practical steps to guide you
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Pass Jamb 2018

This e-book is not for everyone


It is not for these sets of people

People who think that I will show them how to cheat and commit exams malpractice in UTME

Those who have scored more than 300 in Jamb before and are desirous to write another one this year

Those who are preparing for examination malpractice that very day of their exams and

Are you ready for this Pass Jamb 2018 Secret ?

If you wish to score high and triumph in this year’s UTME examinations, order a copy of How to Score High in Jamb and you will never regret your actions.

As a bonus, you will be given free CBT past questions and answers in all your subjects. Wow! That’s amazing.


The best thing that will ever happen to you is to get this amazing e-book which is only available in a PDF format  and can be easily read on Pc’s, Smartphones, and tablets



This e-book is an eye opener and guide that will help numerous candidates in their preparation towards UTME conducted annually in Nigeria.

The e-book is so timely most especially in a time where UTME has been standardized as the only examination for admission basics.

Peters practical steps explained in this e-book is an awesome content crafted for anyone who desires to score high in Jamb

  1. Oghenerukewve – 230, 2016 UTME (66326795IA)


You have showed me all  that I needed to pass UTME in just a book. When I picked up your e-book, I couldn’t drop it until I finished reading the last page.


I learned a whole lot from the book  and applied every practical step now the rest is history. I thank God for Peters e-book.


I recommend this book to anyone who really wants to smack UTME with a good score

Emmanuel Abasifreke –  298 in UTME (Now in 100L, law Uniuyo)


How can you buy this e-book and Pass Jamb 2018 ?

This super packed e-book is now selling for N1,500 only instead of its former price of N2500 . How to score high in Jamb and Pass Jamb 2018 sells for:

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This price is just for some days as the e-book might bounce back to it normal selling selling price of  N2500  .

So with just one thousand five hundred  naira,  (N1,500) you can get the Pass Jamb Secret in this e-book with free cbt past questions and answers in all your UTME subjects.

You can simply pay in the bank or transfer the payment to me through this bank account

Bank: GTB (Guarantee Trust Bank)

Account Name: Peter Edidiong

Account Number:   0167917417

After payment, send your details to my email:  or our phone number: 08141291174.

The details to be sent should contain the following

  • Depositors Name
  • Teller number
  • Amount paid
  • Course of Study (for Jamb CBT past Questions)
  • And your favorite email address


You can call our agent before or after payment on 08141291174 in order to avoid confusion.

When once I confirm your payment, I will send you the e-book to your favourite email address.


Make sure you call our agent to confirm that you are paying to the right source.



  • Investing Just N1500 and getting admission into the course or higher institution of your choice.
  • Paying N1500 and getting unique CBT past questions and answers in all your four subjects
  • The happiness and the excitements on your face after scoring more than 300 in the forthcoming UTME examinations. Pass Jamb 2018

The making of more than 340 is possible and you can Pass Jamb 2018



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  1. faith says:

    Hello, there are numerous fraudsters and scammers out there looking for people to scam in the name of Jamb upgrade. Please stay away from them as there is nothing like Jamb update

  2. victoria says:

    Please Stay away from Scammers who wants to Gets money from you for Jamb Updrade

  3. Mrs RATI says:

    Hello, there are numerous fraudsters and scammers out there looking for people to scam in the name of Jamb upgrade. Please stay away from them as there is nothing like Jamb update

  4. Jamb Board says:

    jamb upgrade is all false and please ignore it

  5. tessy james says:

    Please ignore every person who are posing as jam upgrade agent….. they are all scammers

  6. Soneye Saheed says:

    Well, you are doing a great job here. Keep up the good work.

    But, do you need to collect money from UTME candidates before dropping this guide? I don’t think so, I don’t think anyone will pay for it because you didn’t.

    Help people diligently without expecting anything. What is the purpose of your blog? Your audience should be your priority.

  7. Mr Patrick says:

    If you have suffered the case of writing jamb for so long you story must change this year… contact Mr Bayo to get your jamb in a special center and make it once…


    Thank you for such a wonderful advice

  9. Shalom says:

    God bless you so much sir

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