PalmPay Customer Care Number Lagos – email, WhatsApp and Phone Number

PalmPay customer care number Lagos

This post gives you a detailed breakdown of the full contact details for Palmpay. Our aim is to ensure that all our readers have the full PalmPay customer care number in Lagos for reference and contact purposes. We have written this article and we know that you will love to have the full and detailed information on the contact details needed for Palpay.

PalmPay customer care number Lagos

We know that at any point in time, we will definitely take Loans, loans provide a Quick remedy for cash when we need cash and there is no friend to run to. Thank God for the advent of some online loans which became the best friend to most people that with just a click they can easily take up some loans available online.

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There are numerous loans that exist just like Palmpay and it will interest you to know that palmpay is most popular of them all like especially in the western part of Nigeria.

When ranking online loan apps that are swift, easy, and reliable, mentioning loans without mentioning loans like Palm credit, Okash Loans, Carbon and what have you.

Contact Palmpay Via the Contact Phone Number 2023

Palmpay has also taken over social media where we have funny memes on how people were picked up as a result of non-compliance to their Loans repayment term.

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Our Focus is strictly on PalmPay customer care number Lagos give you the right contact information and approach so you can reach out to palmpay and carefully lay your complaints without being offensive or intimating.

It is often said that information is power, and we hope to give you the exact power which you can use and contact palmpay should incase you have any issues that may arise while servicing your Loan with Palmpay.

Please Note that Palmpay is totally different from palmcredit though the duo are fintech company involve in Loan servicing and delivery.

Our post which is on PalmPay customer care number Lagos gives you a breakdown so you know how to contact Palmpay and submit your complaint should in case you have any complaints to make.

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In our research, we find out that most of the complaints people have with Palmpay is as a result of the difficulty in paying their loan and of the truth this can sometimes be tiring.

The Jerk is Chatting and reaching out to palmpay can be as easy as possible when you have the right numbers to do you. There are various ways which we will explore on how to reach out to your Loan customer care agent, especially in Lagos Nigeria.

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How to Chat Palmpay Customer care

To connect with palmpay through the Chat integration, you are only going to do two things, it is either you chat pampay on their application with their BOT or fill their forms on the App.

Aside from chatting with Palmpay through the App probably afraid that you may be chatting with a Robot. Palmpay as part of its PalmPay customer care number Lagos provision has a whatsapp number which you can chat up easily and logged your complaint as easily as possible without any form of stress.

In case you try chatting with Palmpay through the Whatsapp Chat session and you don’t get an immediate response, please ensure that you stay on the chat and give it some time as the right response you need may come once the customer care service sees your Chat.

Please note that the Chat is also monitored for quality service delivery and some information may be required while chatting with palmpay on their Whatsaap number.

Our aim is to provide the correct palmpay Nigeria customer care number for easy communication.

Palmpay Whatsapp Customer Care Number

Information on PalmPay customer care number Lagos without the provision of the actual whatsapp number is not complete information. Remember we stated earlier that you can reach out to Palmpay Lagos via their WhatsApp number.

Here is the actual WhatsApp number which you can use to reach out to Palmpay 08142291174 incase you chat the number up and you are not satisfied, then you can send a mail to palmpay and get a satisfactory response.

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However, I do always recommend that you chat with Palmpay and have your complaint lodged. This is an easier method to reach out to palmpay.

Please ensure that you only Chat with these contact via WhatsApp only as anything beyond that might be at your own peril.

How to Chat palmpay on WhatsApp – what is palmpay order number

Here is a step by Step guide that can help you chat with their agents and get your problem easily resolved.

  1. Please ensure that you are chatting with your correct information.
  2. Please state your name and possible phone number before anything
  3. The phone number to provide is the one used for registration.
  4. State your Issues, challenges, and complaints.
  5. Try to keep it short and go straight to the point.
  6. Using necessary keywords while logging your complaints, for example, if it repayment, ensure you add the word repayments.
    PalmPay customer care number Lagos
    palmpay customer care email address

After this post, we believe that you have gotten detailed information on the PalmPay customer care number Lagos, we believe that this post has been a solution to the problem on Palmpay and the right contact information.

Please note that the Palmpay office in Lagos has a different contact number from other states like Palmpay Ibadan and others. To get the most, sometimes we advise that instead of going to their office you can simply call their mobile number and sort out any issues that may arise.

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