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When it comes to financing, the fintech is rapidly and it is growing without any form of distraction, hence there is a strong focus on the Fintech. We have witness in recent years the growth of certain fintech apps and these apps have provided easy banking system especially to those who love convenience.

Palmpay Customer Care Lagos

The most popular of this fintech is Opay and it is known both in Nigeria, Ghana and Other Major African Countries.

After the mention of Opay, what follows next is the palmpay These mobile apps just like Opay is very popular in countries like Nigeria, Ghana and other parts of African Countries.

Palmpay has been a prototype of Opay and it has been exceptional amazing when it comes to financing and Convenient Banking.

One of the major issues which a lot of people have faced with Palmpay is the difficulty in reaching out to their customer Care to file complaints, hence this post on Palmpay Customer Care Lagos.

We will give you all the necessary contact details to connect with the Palmpay Customer Care Lagos swiftly and get satisfying solutions to any of the issues that may arise.

What is Palmpay

Palmpay is one of the best fintech companies that offer banking services and other payment processes without the present of any physical bank.

In the nutshell, this bank is a digital bank that offers services for both consumers and merchants.

There are lots of benefits of owning an account with palmpay aside from the fact that you have access to easy and quick transfers, palmpay offers you the opportunity of making bill payment as a very discounted price. You have lots to gain for making a payment transaction with palmpay.

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Your cable and electricity bill payments are very easy at a discounted price with palmpay.

With palmpay, you transfer is quick and even free whether you are transferring the funds from palmpay to another palmpay account or Palmpay to any commercial bank account.

Palmpay makes banking easy and convenient and if you don’t have any account with palmpay, you can connect with the Palmpay Customer Care Lagos to get your account and enjoy the same benefits just as others.

How to Contact Palmpay Customer Care Lagos

It is very easy to connect with palmpay customer care number and we will points out the various connects links to palmpay Customer Service number.

There are basically two ways for which you can contact palmpay. Aside from their social media page, you can contact palmpay through their email or through their call number which is available for 24 hours.

The details are as follows:

If you want to reach out to the customer care number via a mobile phone call, you can call the phone number to call is as follows:

  • Palmpay Customer Care Lagos (Nigeria), Call line: 0700 7256 4357
  • Palmpay Customer Care Accra (Ghana) Call line: 0800 7256 44

You can as well call the following

  • 700 PALM HELP for Nigeria
  • 0800 PALMGH for those living in the Ghana

We do advise for efficient communication, it is important that you call the customer care rather than just sending a mail. However palmpay customer care mail is readily available.

Palmpay Customer Care Lagos Social Media Handles

  • Facebook –
  • Twitter : –
  • Instagram :
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The above is a complete social media handle for palmpay for both Instagram, twitter and Facebook.

For you to get immediate response on social media, we will recommend that you use twitter. Once you tweet palmpay on their official handle, you will get an immediate feedback on your concern/Issues.

Palmpay has resolved a lots of complaints and other Palmpay Customer Care Lagos Related issues via their social media handles.

We will also advise you that you check the social media handles carefully because there exist various fake social media account.

Plampy social media accounts are listed above, please ignore any other social media account for both Ghana and Nigeria.

Palmpay Issues and How to resolve without Contacting Customer Care

Transfer Issues

One of the issues which palmpay users face is the issue of transfer. For example sending funds to an account and you are complaining that the funds have not reflected. To solve this problem, simply ask the beneficiary to check their commercial bank for the money.

You can as well request for a recall of funds from palmpay and palmpay will recall the money.

Loan Issues

Palmpay also provides quick and affordable Loans. If you have any pending loan issues, you can as well connect with palmpay of solve it yourself.

For Loan, please ensure that you have checked correctly that you are making your loan repayment to the right account number provided by Palmpay.

In the case of making loan payment, but it has not reflected on your accounts, you are to exercise patients for about 6 hours or better still you can refresh the app after logging out.

Network issues

In case you are trying to make a transfer and it is not going through possibly, you are to check that your internet connection is up and you have an active internet connection.

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Instead of contacting Palmpay Customer Care Lagos, you can simply buy and purchase data for your mobile device.

Another thing to checkout for when solving network issue is to ensure that your network is on your mobile device.

Refund issues

If you have transferred money to a wrong account, you can as well request or click on the dispute icon to dispute the transaction.

In most cases, the refund and dispute form usually take some days to be resolve, but you are sure of getting your funds back to your account.


Please endeavor to check the account number carefully before making a transfer to avoid the issue of making mistake.

Conclusion on Palmpay Customer Care Lagos

If there are other financial/palmpay related issues, you are expected to use the Palmpay Customer Care Lagos number to contact them so you can easily resolve any financial issue arising from the use of palmpay.

You advise to keep your pin secret as palmpay will never ask you of any transaction pin when speaking to their customer care agents.

Your password remains yours and should not be shared with any third party including palmpay agents.

There are other sensitive information regarding your account which should be kept private.

We will like you to share this post on Palmpay Customer Care Lagos to other people so as to have firsthand information on how they can reach out to the customer care line.



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