Opay Card Activation – All you need to Know about Opay Card

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Opay Card Activation – All you need to Know about Opay Card

There are a lot of agencies that we use on a daily basis for various services. When these agencies release new developments, people need to know about them.

These developments are for its customers to use with ease. It helps its customers to enjoy the services of this agency in a better way.

We will take a look at one of the existing agencies in Nigeria. the agency that we want to see here is a very important one.

Many are presently using the services of this agency. The agency that we want to see here is the Opay agency.

There is a new update regarding this agency as of now. This new update happens to be the Opay Card Activation.

Many already know about this card but do not know how to activate and use it. We will give to them the details of this activation.

If you are among those seeking to activate your Opay Card, take note of every section of this post. Do not also miss out on any section of this post.

Read down to have the full details of the Opay Card Activation. This process is available here and in full detail.

Opay Card Activation

Opay Card Activation

Opay Card Review 2021

Here is the first aspect of the Opay Card that we want to see here. the customers of Opay really need to know about this section.

They will have all the details that they are seeking regarding the Opay card from here. many do not know about the uses of this card.

This card has a lot of uses that its customers can enjoy it. Before we see these uses, we will see the details of the card.

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This will enable all customers of the Opay agency to get this card. The Opay card is also known as the Opay debit card.

This is the card that one can use to make quick payments online. With this card, one can perform online shopping, withdrawal, and many other services.

To use this card is a very simple task. It follows the same process as using other debit cards for various purposes.

The Opay card does not work without first getting it. This getting has a process that all must surely follow to the end.

After getting this card, you can now activate it. We will also see about the Opay Card Activation as we move on.

Characteristics of Opay Card

There are certain details that surround the Opay card that we want to see. The customers of the Opay agency will love to know about these details.

We do not want to disappoint them. Due to this, we will give to them the necessary facts regarding the Opay Card.

We want to see another different aspect of this card. This is another section that people should get to know about.

Your knowledge of this aspect can make you start using this card. The details of this section will be on the characteristics of the Opay card.

These characteristics are very important for all to know about. Those that want to know what they can benefit from this card will get to know about it from here.

These characteristics will push you to start using this card. Complete Opay Card Activation and start using this card today.

The many characteristics of the Opay card are below;

  1. POS and Online purchases
  2. Generally accepted in Nigeria
  3. Zero maintenance fee
  4. Annual cash back
  5. Zero transfer fee
  6. No lost card liability
  7. Owealth interest more than 15%
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How to Get Opay Card

The everyday process of the Opay customers has been having some limitations. Opay knowing this has a new means of operating its services.

This means is through the Opay card. To have access to this card you will have to follow the steps and apply for it.

When you get this card you cannot still use it. You will have to go through the Opay Card Activation to use it.

We will see about this activation in the next section of this post. Here, we want to see how to get the Opay card.

This is where many people have difficulty. they do not just know how to get the Opay debit card. There is no need to worry as there are steps to get this card here.

These steps are not much but very effective. All you have to do is to follow them one by one to get this Opay card with ease.

The steps to get an Opay debit card are below;

  • Login to your Opay account
  • Click on the ME icon
  • Request for Debit Card by clicking on its Icon
  • Skipping the referral column is allowed
  • Select delivery location
  • Input all details
  • Pay the sum of N700 for the card
  • Complete the process from there.

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Opay Card Activation Process

This is the main section of this post as many want to know about it. It is of great importance that they have the full details regarding this aspect.

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Without this section, one cannot use the Opay debit card. This is how important this section is to all the many Opay customers.

Those who want to use the Opay card should take note of this section. It will help them to complete the using process of this card.

Here, we want to see about the Opay Card Activation. This is where Opay customers will start using the Opay card.

To successfully use the Opay card is very simple. All you need to do is to complete the activation process of this card.

This process is very available to all from here. they will know about the going about of this process with ease.

There are steps to go about the Opay Card Activation with ease. These steps are below;

  • Open the Opay app
  • Follow the instructions on your screen
  • Complete the process


  • Visit any Zenith Bank ATM
  • Insert the card
  • Follow the due process to complete its activation.

This is one update that many should have knowledge of. all that are not Opay customers cannot enjoy the development that is here.

Become an Opay customer today and follow the above details. With these details, you can start using the Opay card with ease.

Share this update with those that do not know about it. Drop all your comments regarding this post in the comment box below.



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