Opay Agents Registration and Application Form – How to Register as An Agent

Opay Agents Registration Form for those that are applying as agents is online and all those interested in becoming an agent and working for Opay should check how to apply and become an agent for Opay through the application form.

As an Agent, you entitle to numerous benefits aside from the normal transaction which you make through Opay app.

Opay Agents Registration
Opay Agents Registration

Opay Agents application form is now online for all those interested in becoming an agent for Opera Opay.

Instead of calling Opay Customer care number, you can simply make your request through their website to become an agent.

In this post, we will show you how to become agents with Opay with Opay and start earning your money on the platform.

If you are unemployed, you can make a living as an Opay agent helping people to make payments as well as helping people to make payments and receive money through withdrawal.

All Opay Agents are given a POS for easy transaction and once you complete the Opay Agents Registration/application form with your details, you will get a POS with your name linked to your Opay Account.

If you do not own an application, you can do so by downloading the application to help you complete the necessary transaction.

There are daily commissions and bonuses sent to your Opay Account for making transaction with Opay and these points are converted to cash.

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Your agent’s application does not take much time and within a short interval, your application will be approved and POS has given to you.

Opay Agents Registration Form

You are probably searching for Opay Agents Registration which brought you to this post as we will attempt to give you the detail information needed and how to go about the registration process as agents for Opay.

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The agents’ registration form is not online as many will think it is but such forms are obtainable from various offices of Opay and we will show you how to register with Opay and become their agents.

Once you fill the form with your details, your guarantor should sign the form with your name on it as your guarantor.

Registration and application to be an Opay Agents are done at the Office nationwide so far as you have an Opay office in that city.

You are entitled to also apply to be agents online through the Opay application for download. You are sure of getting your POS after a few weeks of your registration depending on your algorithm.

Please note that unlike other platforms like Kudi, Opay Agents registration form is done free of charge as you will not pay for your POS.

Benefits of Being An Opay Agents

  • Opay Charges 2% for each transaction while you can charge from 100 above for each transaction done via the app
  • As Agent with Opay, you earn a daily reward in points and these points can be converted to cash.
  • You can transfer from your Opay account to another for free without any charges from opay, but you may choose to charge your customer.
  • Opay gives free POS to all her agents for the easy-going transaction once your account has been activated
  • You have an unlimited account span to hold money in your account without complaints.
  • Preference is given to agents on Opay than an individual account.

How to Register as Opay Agent – 2020 Requirement

There are two ways to register as an agent online or offline both methods are fast processes of registering as an agent with Opay and before registering.

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You can call +234 018888329 to verify your eligibility and enquiries on the registering guide and processes.

Here is how to Register as an Opay Agent Offline

  1. Visit Opay Office in your state
  2. Check on the customer care service and make enquiries on how to be agents
  3. You will be given a form to fill with your details
  4. Complete the registration form and sign where necessary.
  5. Your Application process may take days for it to be confirmed.

Opay Agent Registration Online

  1. Download Opay App on your phone
  2. Register for an account with your email address and phone number
  3. Login to your account and perform several transactions like recharge and bill payments
  4. Click to check on extra products to find “Agent Apply” as one of Opay Products
  5. Click and you will be redirected to another page scroll down to find Opay Agents Registration Form
  6. Fill the form with your name, address and mail and click to submit
  7. Follow the afore instructions to apply as an agent

Opay POS Charges and Commission structure

Numerous users have complained of a price hike by the Opera Opay group. Initially, the financial institution charge about N10 of transaction but the ending of last year has increased it’s charged to 2% per transaction.

However, this fee is just 1% of N45 and this simply means that if you want to get a POS and make a transaction of N25,000 you will be Charge about N500 for this transaction.

However, we are not sure of commission as an Opay Agents; you can make enquiries through the App.

You will also earn a referral commission for referring someone to join the Opay Platform.

If you are agents, you will earn up to N200 for each referral you make for persons to register on the platform while an individual account will earn N30 for each referral.

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Opay Offices Nationwide

Different states have different offices and center which you can visit to make complaints or enquiries. For this post, we will give you the Office address for Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Akwa Ibom and others.

If you have followed the post above, you will see how to make and complete several transactions as an Opay agent. The post above also reveals the current charges as an Opay agent and how to download Opay App and make money as an Opay Agents.

Opay is one gateway that allows fast and reliably easy transaction as it does not take time to complete transfer from your opay App to another account.

As agents who completed the Opay Agents Registration and have gotten your approval, you should earn extra money by referring people to join the platform and make money.

The platform is open for registration and we have given you the two ways to become Opay agents. By following any of our registration methods above, you should be able to register and become an Agents for Opay and get their POS.

Just like Paga, Opay also offers cheap charges for any transaction made on their platform and you can choose to charge your customer more.

We have recommended a super agents phone number to call instead of calling directly through the Main Opay customer care line.

While Opening an account, please note that your password should be secretive and only known by you and must not be shared even if you are called by acclaimed customer care service.

Let us know if your registration process has been successful and you can get your POS. If you have any issues, please make use of the comment box below.

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