Opay Agent Contact Number for Registration in Lagos, Abuja and Kano, Nassarawa

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If you are aware that the Nigerian Opay Agent Contact Number is very difficult to get and to help persons out, we have compiled information giving you the detailed guide on how to access the Opay Agent Contact number to solve any problem that may arrive.

Opay Agent Contact Number

Opay Agent Contact Number

Pay Nigeria has come to stay in Nigeria offering different services, but one problem which lots of person faces is the problem of locating the right Contact Number for Opay in case you want to contact any of Opay Agent.

As a customer, you are probably looking out how to reach out to Opay Agents and following this post, you will receive the necessary guidance to help you on the 2020 customer care number for agents through this post.

This is the guide which you have been looking from our post as we have informed you about the information needed to contact Opay through their Agents Customer to solve their problem.

The information which you need to help you locate the different Agents is here kin this post and it helps you through this post.

Opay Agent Contact Number has been one problem which people wants to know has there have been numerous searches online.

This guide gives you the detail information and guides as you check on how to contact the customer care for different number and hence this post on Opay Nigeria Customer care number.

It is important to read this post to the agents as we have discussed the several phone numbers for different Agents which you can call for feedback and get to solve any kind of problem regarding your daily transaction.

Opay Nigeria Limited 2020

  • About Opay Nigerian

Opay Nigeria is an indigenous company and it has numerous persons which has been produced by the company and since it’s inception.

The Norwegian company moved from providing motorbike to all agents who are are in the country and has since moved to become a financial giant in the finance market through its several platforms and by also providing loans and become Nigeria’s choice payment gateway.

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Initially, Opay started in Lagos with a power bike service and later introduced to the company a system of food and delivery and recently it became so popular for offering quick loans in Nigeria.

Opay POS which is the last of her services to be introduced as a renowned market providing certain financial help and serving as a second bank where there is no bank in a particular area.

Opay started operation but became more popular in June 2019 which was it’s birth and has since then it has operated across Nigeria with her head office in Lagos.

Opay had opened her agent’s form and numerous persons had applied to became an agent with Opay but the major problem has been having the right customer care line to reach out to in the case of any emergency.

Currently, most customers are looking for ways to contact pay with Opay Agent Contact Number for complaints as well as interest in their operations.

Opay POS  and Charges

  • About Opay POS

Opay POS has been the fastest-growing POS point in Nigeria and they operate a POS for commercial purposes offering certain services like payment withdrawal as well as deposit and transfer.

One unique thing about Opay POS is the fact that that the POS has an available network for transactions and one can have access to money based on the agents involved.

Applying to get Opay POS is easier and fast unlike other POS and also operates gives POS for free except for the payment of a refundable caution Fee.

The registration form for Agents is open and instead of waiting to call Opay Agent Contact Number for application, you can download the Opay App and apply for Opay Free POS.

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For the Agents commission, opay operates and 85 per cent commission for her Agents while Opay takes only 15 per cent. However, it can get lower depending on the nature of the transaction of her Agents.

For intending who are interested in becoming an Opay Agents, it is very simple as all you need to do is to download the Opay App and continue using the app after which you will be eligible for a free POS.

Please note that there are other requirements for Obtaining a free POS and must be met before getting the POS terminal.

Opay Agent Contact Number

Opay Agents are individuals who have volunteered to work with Opay but you can always be contacted for different services like other transactions.

The customer care number for Opay is online and applying for POS will mean contacting the customer care through the Agents Customer care line.

Below is detailed information which gives the full customer care line for Opay and how to resolve your complaint with Opay through their number.

Though several groups have different customer care number, the most important thing is knowing the central customer care line which you should use to contact Opay.

Different Offices in different states has different customer care number but to reach Opay on the central number, you should call:  08123911396  and you should be able to reach out to Opay to layout your complaints.

If you want the Abuja office line, please note that you can reach out to the Opay Abuja Office with the right customer care number.

One major problem of which most people face is having a central number for which you make complaints and in such case, you can always make reference to Opay Office for each state.

Currently, we cannot make a comprehensive list of all Opay Agent Contact Number but by visiting Opay Office in your states, your problem can be resolved.

Opay Customer care line 2020 Full list of Opay Agent Contact Number

Contacting the right customer care number is one difficult thing for most people and we have suggested reaching to the respective office in your states.

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If you are in Lagos, you can reach out to the Opay Nigerian Manager through this medium and also through their social media account.

Resolving your POS issues or app issues is very easy now with the complaints line

The post above gives you all the information required from you to be able to contact Opay Agents for registration purposes as the details here gives you unique information regarding the customer care line and how to reach out to Opay Agents.

Before now, it was very difficult to make complaints out the different services and products offered by Opay, but with the customer care lined, you will see and resolve any kind of complaints with the customer care number.

The agent’s phone number comprises of several Opay Agents for the different states and Lagos is one of them as you can have all information regarding the agents.

Please note you can also send a .mail to Opay customer care number and resolve your POS issues that concerns and affects agents.

The registration form can be downloaded online and you can fill the form and submit it for registration.

Opay is now leading the pace when it comes to financial services and they have thoroughly offered to people within Lagos, Abuja and another part of the clime



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