Opay Abuja Office – Address of Opay Office in Abuja and Opay Abuja POS

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Opay Abuja Office

Nowadays, POS is seen as one of the most lucrative jobs in the country as one can start it up with a very little amount of money.

The POS business is very easy to start up as one does not even need to rent a building to start.

This business can be seen everywhere and on the corner of every street in small stalls and under umbrellas as it does not require much as far as people can see what you are doing.

The POS business can be done with different types of POS services as different banks now have their own POS machines which are linked to them.

Among the various types of POS services, Opay POS service is one of the best.

This post is going to show you how the Opay office which is in Abuja in case you find yourself there you will know where to locate it with ease.

You are also going to see the transaction charges of using the Opay POS service, their head office and their regional offices in Abuja.

You will also get to know where to easily get any Opay service in Abuja to enable you to easily apply for any Opay service you will like.

Different people have tried to get the Opay service but has not been able to do so as they always meet one hindrance or the other.

This post will touch the different ways of getting the Opay services and the Opay Abuja Office that they can be found in.

To enable you to know deep details about the Opay POS service, read down and don’t miss any line as it may contain the particular information you are looking for.

Opay Abuja Office

Opay Abuja Office

How to get Opay  POS Machine in Abuja

To get an Opay POS machine in Abuja is a very easy task as it does not require much effort.

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The easiest way of getting the Opay POS machine is by contacting the Opay office in Abuja and require for it.

The office will guide you on the necessary steps you will take in order to successfully get an Opay POS machine.

The machine is far cheaper than the cost of most of the available POS machines in Nigeria.

If you also know any Opay office around you, you can also get it from there.

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How to Become an Opay POS Agent

The necessary steps one must undertake to become a true and qualified Opay POS agent. The procedures are very simple.

All you need to do is to go to the Opay official website at Opaty.com of which you can fill the registration form for those who want to become Opay agents.

Once you have filled and submitted the form, either your email address or phone number will be used to contact you 48 hours after registration. It is advisable to use an active email address.

When you have been verified to become a legitimate Opay POS agent, go to the Opay POS login to access your dashboard.

Below are the requirements that you will fill into the Opay POS agent form;

  • A certified Business License.
  • Your Bank Account number.
  • Your current house NEPA Bill.
  • Any active Identity card either voter’s card or the National Identity Card or any other.
  • Your Bank Verification Number (BVN).

The concept of the BVN is just to confirm your personal information. this is to enable them to know their customers

Opay POS Login

To login to the Opay POS is an easy procedure as it is very similar to the Opay login.

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All you need to do is to go to your Opay dashboard and download the Opay agent application.

The downloading of the app is possible from the Google play store. You can now easily log in from the Opay agent application.

Starting your own POS business from there is possible as you can now do it without hesitating.

Opay Agent Application

The essence of the Opay POS is to make the making and receiving of payments easy.

Payment for goods is possible through your Opay wallet with the aid of the POS terminal. The POS terminal is on the Opay mobile app.

Using the OpayAgent mobile app, payment of bills, betting and cash withdrawal on the POS is very easy.

Refunds of a transaction are very possible using the Opay agent app. All you have to do is to issue a complaint to the Opay customer care.

This team will contact the customer bank to effect the reversing of the money without them visiting the bank.

In the space of time of about a year plus, the Opay Company has grown to be the largest and the best money platform in Nigeria.

The Opay Agent gives the fastest and the most secure POS terminal. Their services are problem-free and enjoyable to operate.

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Opay Abuja Office

Opay is a legitimate money company in Nigeria. As at now, there is no concrete Opay Abuja Office. In case you are there and want to locate one just call the Opay hotline.

When you call the line, you will be given directives on where to get an Opay office. That is if there is any in Abuja.

In case of any update considering any recent development of an Opay Abuja Office, we will not fail to inform you with immediate effect.

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Opay has the record of being the fastest and easiest operating POS terminal in Nigeria.

When you receive a message saying that you have exceeded your daily transaction limit when trying to either deposit or withdraw, endeavour to upgrade your Know Your Customer (KYC) level to a business one.

Endeavour to get yourself an Opay POS terminal. With it, you will get the best POS service you can ever think of.

This post has detailed out all the facts one need to know about the Opay Abuja Office.

The ways to locate it easily, its head office, where to get it from and lots more are in this post.

To get the Opay POS machine, follow the above simple procedures. With that, you can easily set up your own POS business.

The charges for using the Opay POS machine is relatively low. Its purchasing price is also low if not lower than all other POS machines.

Setting up the POS business is not stressful at all. You can start by setting it up in your own locality and from then move further to other areas.

Endeavour to share this information with others as you don’t know who is awaiting this sort of information.

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