Okash has become popular and we have no other option than to inform you on Okash Contact and Customer Care Number and this post involve the complete customer care line for Okash.

It has become apparently important that we update you on how to contact Okash via the 2020 contact details for Okash and it depends on which country which you want to contact Okash for and hence we have given you this post on the 2020 Okash contact details and phone number.

One problem which many persons have encounter is the problem of contacting okash for different problems and verification exercise and that’s why we have written this post on Okash registration guidelines 2020.

Okash Contact and Customer Care Number
Okash Contact and Customer Care Number

Okash loan is now the hit in Africa especially west Africa and those who desire to process this loan in most cases are always faced with the problem of not knowing how to call the customer care line for certain complaints which they wants to make.

Like Bolt ontact details and phone number, the knowledge of Okash Contact and Customer Care Number is important as without the correct phone number reaching out to Okash is never possible.

Okash Loan Quick and Fast Loans

Okash Loan is one of the most popular loans in Africa and it is widely known in west Africa and okash is a subdivision of Opay group under the Opera Opay group of Companies where different services are re-rendered to Africans.

This Norwegian company has since been a prominent controller of the finance and online transaction through its Opay App and thus this loan has been one of the major.

In processing loan, most people do find it difficult to process the loan and there are cases in which you may not know what to do and therefore we have created this post for you to let you know the different ways for which you apply for loan and in the case of having any issue, you can call and contact Opay.

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Okash loan is one of the fastest and easy to obtain loans as you can obtain your loan easily and quickly with less than 15% interest rate and the loan is delivered to your bank straight instantly.

There is a special algorithm that decides on the loan amount based on the level of accessibility on the account.

This implies that the loan range given to you is based on the level of a transaction according to your account statement

Currently, Opay is undergoing a promotion that gives zero per cent interest rate for anyone that downloads the app in February

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Okash Contact Phone Number and Mail

Hee from our post we will give you the necessary contact details for Okash so you will call Okash for immediate assistance.

The importance of this post is to let you know the right Okash Contact and Customer Care Number and how to contact Okash without accessing the Okash App.

All issues pertaining to loans can be treated via the Okash customer care line and once you are able to reach out to Okash customer care through the Okash customer care line, you are sure that your problems can be solve easily and quickly.

These contact details and customer care line is provided should in case you have any questions or issues you may be facing while processing your loan and then you can call on Okash Loan customer care number.

The Okash Contact and Customer Care Number is 0207659988 via this phone number or you can reach out to Okash through their mail which is help@o-kash.com and your request will be answered and you will definitely get a feedback on your mail when you send Okash a mail.

Okash Company and Opay Company.

Okash is a subsidiary of Blueridge microfinance bank and when they needed to break into the Nigerian Market, they thought of going into the market via a stern partnership with Opay.

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Please don’t confuse Opay with Okash as this was only a steady partnership to penetrate the Nigerian Market and provide credibility to Nigerians who may be in need of fast money.

Rather Opay is a subdivision of Paycom licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide and reliable payment platform for all those who wish to pay their bills and make purchases of airtime through this platform.

Opay Opera in Nigeria has been successfully registered by the central bank of Nigeria and they use paycom to offer services to those that are interested.

Through the Opay Platform and Opay App, you can make purchases of airtime and pay any kinds of bills which you will love to pay using the platform.

Okash had recently moved out of Opay App and exist as an independent App to offer loans to all its customers.

There had been a disagreement and a bridge of the Google app policy which led to the movement of the Okash App from Opay.

Opay had given information that with the Okash app, there are free to repay loan within 91 days to 365 days, but rather the loan disbursed allows you to pay between 7 to 15 days after the loan has been obtained.

Okash App for Okash Contact and Customer Care Number

The above explanation which brought about misinformation led opay to be on strict probation regarding the information and this was done by the google play store management.

Therefore the Okash App was moved out of the Opay App and it now exists independent as its own app on google playstore.

Both Opay App and the Okash app exist independently on their own as it does not depend on one another for the full instalment.

Henceforth since the separation, you cannot Use the Opay Customer care number for Okash Contact and Customer Care Number.

These are two different App, that is the Opay App and the Okash app and they provide two different services entirely.

The app allows all Okash users to get a loan for any amount of money that they desire to get the loan.

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Loans are given to all those that have registered for the loans and you will need your face to be captured to work on Okash.

There may be so many reasons why your loan may not be processed and of the numerous reasons is that you have not met the exact requirement.

Okash Loan requirements are as follows;

  • An active bank account
  • Your National ID card or any other functional National Identity Card or driver’s license
  • Your Full address and City of residents
  • The purpose for collecting the loan
  • Your Functional phone number
  • Your ATM Card details and your email address

 OKash Customer Service Number

When it has to do with Okash, it is not only loans that you can access, but you will also access other business gateways with Okash.

You can use the Okash app to pay bills; you can use it to purchase airtime, and pay different bills like Nepa bills, Tv subscription and recharge and many other subscripti0on which you want to do with the App.

You can reach out to the customer care service of the Okash with the above mentioned phone number or Email address for your challenges to be solve with Okash loan App contact details.

In the case of not knowing how to reach out to Okash loan because you may also try out to reach Fairmoney Loan and get fast and quick loan.

If you have any question or contribution on this post on Okash Contact, we will love it if you drop your questions via the comment box below.

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