We know that lots of Opay riders are in need of the Ocar app download and the available place where they can download the application.

We want to show you how to download the application 2019 and have it on your device. The download guide will help you towards knowing how to download the application.

Ocar App Download
Ocar App Download

By following the steps in our post, you will get the necessary information regarding the 2019 Ocar  Opay App download and through this post we show you the necessary steps for you to take and download the application 2019.

please just know that you cannot use the ocar app to order or book for a Opay and hence we deliver the necessary steps for you to know and download the Ocar driver application.

Ocar App came to answer the question or how to pick a chattered cab to any destinatio0n of your choice and pay cheap amount of money.

We know that it is not very easy to go about the download and hence we have shown you guidelines which you need to follow to have the application download on your device easily.

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Did you know that the Ocar App has penetrated the heart of Lagos and for those that patronize Bolt, you can now use the Ocar App download and from there you can order ride from any location around Lagos.

Just know that the download link will help you to have the app on your device as fast as possible and within a short time you will have the app download on your device.

About Ocar App Nigeria

Ocar is one of the subsidiary products of Opay and it was introduced in Nigeria to give answer and solve so many problems especially the problem associated with seeing a cheap transport for mobility.

For those that don’t like patronizing Opay Otrike or Oride it is a good thing to know that the Ocar came and was introduced to solve the problem of cab services.

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We want to mention for persons to know and get informed that the Ocar driver App can be easily download from our link and hence we made this post for Users to be able to have Ocar app download.

Ocar Nigeria is not a new company, but this company came as a subsidiary of Opay and as part of Opay company, they offer cheap and reliable services.

Ocar app download can be compared to the Uber App and the bolt app and the users of this app can also use the Ocar app excellently without facing any problem that may arise.

We have given you detailed information which will help you in downloading the app and we have also made the link for download available and through the link Ocar Opay Nigeria can be downloaded on your phone.

We have seen the need to let you know how to download App so you don’t get confuse and that;s why we have provided this full post on Opay App download.

Ocar Drivers App Ocar app download for Drivers

  1. Please note that the passengers/Customers app is very different from the main App App and just
  2. The application works with data and you will need network to access the app either from MTN, Glo or airtel
  3. The application should be upgraded after downloading in case you find the application being strange you can contact the customer support
  4. You will need to fund your account as if you are funding your Normal Opay App and the payments is done like the Oride/otrike Application.
  5. With a click of a finger after putting your location, you can order a ride of your choice
  6. Ocar Uses perfect cars that are recruited and most of the cars used are not scrap and you can enjoy all Oride cars with high AC.

It is our concern to let you know that the Ocar driver’s app and the Ocar customer’s app are different and there is a great difference in the user interface of both app and you should not confuse both the Opay drivers app with the Otrike and Oride riders App.

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All Ocar app download from play store works perfectly and you won’t be able to use the Ocar riders for rding Opay Otrike or Oride. You can make payments with the Opay USSD code upon every completion of a ride

The guide below shows you how to download the Opay Ocar App Nigeria app and this download can be done and completed within few seconds.

Ocar Office and Ocar Office in Lagos

Since the inception of Ocar numerous lagosians have embrace this application and they are able to move to and fro with this app. It is not just about completing the Ocar app download, but users/customers encounter problems which can only be solve at the Opay Office.

Just note that main point in most cases may not be to download the app, but there are certain case and report which you should know in case of any complaint.

Apparently Opay aside from Ocar, Owealth, Okash, Otrike, Ofood, Obus has finally brought it the Ocar service for the executive class

Where is Ocar Service Provided?

Ocar Service has different location for it services and these various locations will be explored here

Here are the different Ocar locations for which its services is being obtained

  • Lagos
  • Abuja
  • Benin
  • Owerri
  • Port Harcourt

Soon the services of Ocar will penetrate other states before the end of first Quarter of 2020 and more states will do Opay especially Ocar app download.

Ocar app download

The introduction of the Ocar App beats the sense of Otrike, Oride which are transport services of Opay and ofcourse nobody is tired of the above mentioned services of Opay.

Ocar has been introduced in most cities and its users are enjoying the App as they can book for the service of any Ocar to any location of their choice for a cheap amount of money.

Our desire is to give our readers proper information on particular products and of course you can never stop liking our review.

When you download Ocar App, you are entitling to numerous benefits as a rider and you are also entitle to benefits as a customer/Users.

Where ever the app is being launched, it comes with a promo of N200 for any ride within Lagos and more.

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Like in Lagos, trips within N2OOO are slashed to N200 and these trips should be around Lagos.

This promo is here to help it users to enjoy the App and it is meant to last for a long time. The promo is to last for more than One months and this brings a serious competition in the Cab market between Uber, Gokada, Taxify, bolt,Max.ng and many more.

How to Download Ocar App with Ocar app Download

  1. Download the Application through either play store or the Opay App through the apple store
  2. Complete the registration with your mobile number.
  3. Please you will have to visit any Opay Offices within the State for Assistant on the Ocar registration
  4. Ensure that you have filled in correctly your details
  5. You will first fill in and complete your personal information details, that’s details concerning yourself.
  6. You will also have to provide details concerning and regarding the car which you are registering.

In most cases, we advise that you take your car and visit the different Ocar Offices and Opay Customer Care  for Ocar Drivers registration ensure that the car which you are registering is a fully air conditioned car with a beautiful car seats.

For those who want to order Ocar, you won’t need a Ocar app download to order for any ride as you can order for a ride through your Opay App.

For Questions or you wants to make any complaints about the Opay App, please do well to drop it at the comment box below

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