NYSC Batch C Registration 2019 | NYSC Online Registration Guide 2019

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 If you have seen your name in the 2019 Batch C mobilization list, please go for NYSC Batch C Registration 2019. The NYSC registration 2019 is what this post is written to inform you on the 2019 registration guide.

NYSC Batch C Registration 2019

NYSC Batch C Registration 2019

Please complete the NYSC registration form available online if you want to go for service this October.

The NYSC 2019 guidelines will inform you on the NYSC registration timetable. If you are among those that are yet to be mobilized and have not yet confirm your name in the NYSC batch C mobilization list, please note that the 2019 mobilization is out and those that have seen their names in the mobilization are those that are mobilized.

We have written to give you a guide on the 2019 registration guidelines to give you full and detailed information concerning the 2019 registration.

According to the   NYSC timetable, the 2019 mobilization and registration is scheduled and commence to start September 2019 and the registration will last through the October.                           

 NYSC Registration 2019 batch C

  Only those that have seen their names in their school’s NYSC senate list are only permitted to proceed for NYSC registration batch c 2019.

The NYSC Batch C Registration 2019 has commenced soon and all registration can be done at the NYSC portal 2019.

You can confirm your name in the   NYSC senate list 2019 before proceeding for the online registration 2019.

 NYSC batch b 2019 have been posted to their various PPA and at such those that that have not register should now register and have access to the NYSC login and portal.

After your registration with your email address, you will see the NYSC login please use the   NYSC portal login 2019 before you even commence the online registration.

If you are among the NYSC batch a 2019 who followed the rigorous registration process due to Aksu strike and other national vices, this should be made known that the Batch C 2019 registration will not follow a rigorous process.

Once your registration has been completed, you should NYSC portal login dashboard to check for your name and complete finger print verification.

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According to the NYSC 2019 timetable sitting when the NYSC batch C 2019 registration and online guide will commence from the 14th of September and we want all batch C prospective candidates that they can get the registration and start preparing for 2019 registration.

You should note that you will only have to register for the NYSC registration when it time for the registration. Please do well to have your complete documents and be sure that your name is on the   NYSC mobilization 2019 batch C.

How to Register for NYSC Batch C 2019

  1. After checking your name at the senate list proceed for the online registration
  2. Check out www.NYSC.gov.ng for your registration
  3. Once your name at the senate list has been confirmed, please create an account by clicking on registration and you will be prompted to provide your email address.
  4. For old PCM, who registered before, please just login with your email address for the full NYSC Batch C Registration 2019.
  5. Those who completed their registration without proceeding for Camp, please click on revalidation for a re-link.
  6. In the above case, please you may not have to thumb print again except required
  7. Fill in your bio data and upload your passport at the online portal.
  8. Please check your profile before you finally before confirming on submit to submitting your details.

NYSC Batch C Registration Date and Closing Dates.

Pleae note that the  NYSC 2019 batch c registration will commence on the 14th of October and at such this registration will last for just two weeks.

We are not really sure about the  NYSC batch c 2019 for stream and hence we have encourage all prospective candidates to prepare and take advantage of this current registration slated to commence from the 14th of October.

All prospective candidates are encourage to follow the NYSC timetable for 2019 for the registration and by following this registration guidelines, they will know the right place to go when it comes to the batch c registration.

According to the NYSC 2019 batch C time table, the registration is slated to end on the 31st of October and we encourage those that have not registered to check out for the batch C mobilization list.

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The 2019 batch C will depart for service this forth coming November as seen in the NYSC batches and months and annual calendar for all prospective corps members.

Important Information on the 2019 Batch C Registration for NYSC

The procedures to get registered are online and you should apply only through the online portal to be able to register for the NYSC Batch C Registration 2019.

Like we said earlier that the 2019 registration is set to commence on the 14th of October and we urge all those that are due to be mobilized to proceed with the online registration.

You will have detailed information regarding the 2019 batch C registration and these registration guidelines should be followed expressively for a successful registration.

The following tips as seen in our post will guide you on the NYSC registration guidelines and by following the detailed information.

  1. Please ensure that you have created a profile with your username and password and
  2. Your passport should be on a red background showing both ears
  3. You should apply through the NYSC online registration portal available at the site.
  4. All thumb printing should not be done on proxy as all fingerprint capturing should be done by the PCM
  5. Please cross check your details at the portal to ensure that all your details are correct.
  6. Check your name, date of birth and the name of your school to ensure that all details are correctly filled.
  7. Before proceeding for NYSC Batch C Registration 2019,  please do well to check that your details are on the NYSC mobilization list with this link.

NYSC Batch C Registration 2019 for Foreign trained PCM’s

Those that are foreign trained should note that there is different registration patterned as compared to local trained PCM. Please all foreign PCM should take note of the following in this detail.

  1. All foreign NYSC Batch C Registration 2019 should be done at the NYSC portal
  2. Those that are to apply for NYSC should only be those from accredited foreign institution of learning.
  3. Foreign trained corps members should checkout for the NYSC registration portal for their registration.
  4. Please ensure that you upload your O’level result with 5 credits with English inclusive and in not more than two settings.
  5. NECO, GCE and Nabteb is also accepted with a minimum of 5 credits
  6. You will also provide international High School Diploma if you have acquire one.
  7. You will be asked to provide your international passport and it should show the following details which will include the visa to the country of study, actual date of departure as well as Date of arrival.
  8. On the NYSC Batch C Registration 2019, You will be asked to upload your international passport for verification.
  9. If you graduated from any medical course, then you should provide a certificate of incorporation or registration with a medical professional body.
  10. The data capturing and fingerprint verification will be done at the NYSC orientation camp as there is no need proceeding to Abuja for such verification.
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If you want to register for NYSC, we urge you to proceed with that within 2 weeks as the mobilization and registration for NYSC will commence on the 14th of October and from there you will be able to print your NYSC call up letter after your registration.

Please if you have any difficulties registering for NYSC even after reading this NYSC Batch C Registration 2019, please let us know by using the comment box below.

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