NYSC Batch C Registration 2019 Guidelines and NYSC Batch C Timetable

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The 2018 NYSC Batch C Registration is now on and corp members can now proceed to check and know how to proceed with the registration proceedings for the NYSC Batch C and that is why we have updated you on how to proceed with the online registration and be mobilized to go to the camp.

NYSC Batch C Registration

NYSC Batch C Registration

It is not just the Registration guidelines that this post will be about, but in this post, we also hope to get you informed about the nysc batch c 2019 time table to know the exact date for which the Batch C will carry out it activities and that is why it is important for you to also get to be informed about the nysc timetable to know the latest arrangements for all.

The nysc batch C 2019 timetable will tell you when to start preparing for camp as well as when to get to do the online registration which is very important. Many persons who registered for the NYSC batch b registration where not mobilized for the camp and some persons where lucky to be be mobilized along stream 2 because of their failure and inability to follow the nysc 2019 time table.

In this year, there had been several alterations in the NYSC calendar because of the inevitable strike action carried out by the National Association of Non-teaching staff. According to the batch b calendar, the 2019 batch b exercise took place at about July and the Batch b stream 2 applicants were just being mobilized ending of august 2019.

Following the right nysc batches and months will help you even as a fresh graduates to know when you should be leaving for the national youth service corps compulsory NYSC Service.

NYSC Registration for NYSC Batch C 2019/2020 Applicants

We will show you the general requirements for which you can use to apply for nysc registration 2019 all prospective applicants can register with the nysc batch C 2019 and prepare for the orientation exercise before proceeding for the camp.

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A close attention should be paid to the NYSC Batch C Registration 2019 Guidelines. A lot of persons who missed the registration exercise missed it as a result of lack of information regarding the mobilization and the registration details.

The NYSC Batch C Registration 2019 Guidelines is very simple and can be done simple and conveniently. From our findings, a lot of person who  missed the registration exercise in the batch A registration for nysc 2019/2020 was as a result of the fact that they couldn’t print their call up letter.


Those who did the batch A registration did not follow the registration guide properly and hence they missed the mobilization exercise. It is either that there was a problem with their registration or that they had a big issues and providing mismatch or wrong information.

All nysc batch c stream 1 and 2 2019 applicants should take note that of the fact that they should follow all instructions carefully as seen below for a successful registration, and all NYSC Batch C Registration 2019 should be done at the official nysc portal 2019.

This information that we have written is to duly inform you that the 2019/2020 NYSC Batch C Registration Mobilization as well as its online registration exercise is now out for all including its orientation timetable so that all prospective corp members can know the registration and the mobilization procedures.

The orientation exercise can be seen on at the calendar and all those who are among the 2019/2020 Batch C prospective corp members should rush and register for the NYSC Batch C Registration. The registration exercise commenced on the 3rd of September and it will pass through this month and the closing date for the online registration will be communicated to the general public.

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General Requirement for the NYSC Batch C Registration online

The following are the requirements for the successful online registration for NYSC Batch C registration and without any of them, your registration stat

  1. School Matriculation number/Registration number
  2. JAMB registration Number
  3. Full Bio data
  4. Marital status with attachments for evidence of change of name
  5. White background passport
  6. Shoe, clothes and trouser sizes for NYSC Uniform
  7. To provide names, phone numbers and address of next of kin
  8. Date of Birth/place of Birth
  9. Education qualification and institution attended from birth with their respective dates.

Fingerprint/Bio-metric capturing is very important for the NYSC Batch C Registration 2019 and this will make your registration valid, therefore all prospective corp members should ensure that they have done the bio metrics.

It is very important to make your payments once the registration has be successfully completed. Payment for the NYSC Batch C Registration 2019 could be done either online or through direct bank deposit.

NYSC Timetable for 2019 batch C and NYSC Batch C Registration 2019 Guidelines

The Nysc timetable will be a guide towards knowing and checking when to proceed with the online registration exercise. It is important that prospective  NYSC Batch C corp members to get to know the exact time and period for which their activities will come up and all this are fationed into the nysc stream 2 time table.

According to the nysc news the Batch C 2019 Applicants and prospective corp members are likely for the NYSC Batch C Registration 2019 are likely to go for the compulsory camp exercise this month’s September 2019.

The nysc batch c 2019 timetable is very important as it serves as a guide towards knowing the right thing to do and the right time to do them. There is every possibility that the Batch C orientation exercise might be of different streams and those on stream will go for camp this month before nysc batch C stream 2 2019 will go for theirs.

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However, in order not to fall under the nysc batch C stream 2 2019/2020 it is very important that you follow carefully the 2019 nysc calendar for nysc batch c 2019 which will guide you on the NYSC Batch C Registration 2019.

After the registration exercise, you will be able to proceed for the nysc login where you will have access to the nysc dashboard portal. Your dashboard portal shows you the nysc batch C 2019/2020 registration status

Currently, according to the nysc batch C 2019/2020 timetable, the nysc batch C 2019/2020 senate list is out for you to check for your school and your name if you will be mobilized for this year

After giving you this mouthwatering information on NYSC Batch C Registration, we hope that you have been informed on the nysc 2019/2020 batch C processes for the registration exercise.

Do you have any question or contribution on this post? Please drop it below at the comment below and we will answer them accordingly.

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  1. Udo Samuel says:

    Is the upload of names for NYSC mobilization by institutions currently going on?

  2. briggs says:

    will NYSC re-open there portal for registration for batch c stream 2 PCM separately just as they did in the case of batch b stream 2?

    • Peters Edi says:

      Yes this will happen

      • Hakim says:

        I’m not done with my clearance and the batch c registration ends Sept 28th, I can’t meet up.

        Should I be assured that there will be after Sept registration a separate batch c stream 2 registration? When I’d be done with clearance already?

        • Peters Edi says:

          The stream 2 is basically for those who could not meet up with either registration or any other thing. The senate list is always one

  3. Can someone at the age of 29 go NYSC?

  4. Can someone at the age of 29 go for NYSC?.Or he/she must edited the age?

  5. imebidje Judith says:

    please I want to revalidate my data and am more interested in going wit batch c stream 2(nov 2018
    ),how can I actualize this?

  6. Hakim says:

    I’m just starting clearance and will not meet up with batch c nysc registration and mobilization, will batch c stream 2 have a separate registration and mobilization process?

    • Peters Edi says:

      If you just started your clearance, forget about batch C for now……… even if it is stream 1 or 2. You may likely be mobilized next year with batch A

      • Hakim says:

        I’m asking because I have a friend who finished his clearance after batch b stream 1 but he met the stream 2 and left with August batch

  7. peter Patrick says:

    I just submitted my files to my school this week, when should i register for the nysc? I schooled in Benin Republic and do I need to get my evaluation letter before going for service?

    • Peters Edi says:

      If you just submitted your files…… you will be probably be mobilized next year as the senate list has not yet release the list for Batch A

  8. peter Patrick says:

    Please which batch is going by November? Has registration started for students that schooled within west Africa? what are the requirements

    • Peters Edi says:

      The registration for batch C stated and they are ready to go this November…….. read our post on NYSC requirements if you wants to know the requirements

  9. Pls admin, when is batch c strame 2 going for camp?

  10. emnes says:

    please admin. if you report to camp by November and your school graduation ceremony happens to be during your time at camp.
    can you be permitted to go?

  11. menson says:

    can we use medical report from any other country than Nigeria?

  12. Edith says:

    Please I was mobilised during the batch A but I couldn’t go cos I had a baby pls what do I do to join this batch c? Revalidate or remobilize

    • Peters Edi says:

      Go to the NYSC Portal and login with your details……… A cyber cafe attendants will help you do just that, that is from batch A to C

  13. Emmy says:

    Pls admon. I saw from NYSC site this morning that batch C online registration starts from 6th to 15th October. I also saw it post on another site. Does this mean that it it is yet to start? I heard its ongoing and will expire tomorrow 4th.
    Please clarify me

  14. Emmy says:

    *admin I meant pls

  15. Ifeanyi says:

    Hi Admin, please I am having challenges Revalidating my registration since I reg with last batch but didn’t go to camp. The option is there to revalidate for those that didn’t go for deployment last batch but it the system doesn’t allow me to do that and login to my existing account, it keeps referring me to the senate list with my
    Matric number of which the senate list already has my name included. Please I don’t know what to do I will really appreciate your assistance in this thank you

  16. sfprime says:

    how does someone go about getting batch c stream2

  17. Jennifer says:

    Please admin I tried checking my name online but it said no record found but my name is on the senate list of my school…I have no issues with school and my information is correct,my name is on the matriculation list also,what is my fate now??

  18. Grace says:

    I registered for my music on Saturday but during submission it was show error due to database replication.what should I do.

  19. Grace says:

    Sorry not music but nysc registration

  20. Kelechi innocent says:

    Is there hope for batch c stream 2 NYSC mobilization after doing his Jamb regularization today?

  21. Lekshak says:

    Pls how about those who are above 30years of age, how can they register? Will there pay any fee? Pls reply soon because I need to register today.

  22. Lekshak says:

    How about exemption letter due to age, how can one register?

  23. muhammed says:

    please my name has been posted already on my institution senate board but the portal is still giving me response of NO RECORD FOUND.. Assist please

  24. Alia says:

    Pls admin I saw my name on the senate list then I tried to register since on Friday last week and the system keeps telling me, your school has not fulfill the mandatory document submittion. What should be the problem

  25. Jonah Gideon says:

    As a foreign trained corp, I checked my dashboard and I was told that am yet to be evaluated for the batch C. Please what can I do to be evaluated?

  26. Goddard says:

    Hello Admin, i am mobilized for BATCH C stream 1 and i have my call up letter but i do not want to go this October. Can i leave it for stream 2? What can i do so that i will join stream 2?

  27. Presh says:

    If I miss batch C orientation camp can I still make to stream 2

  28. Mustapha says:

    pls i did nysc registration hoping to go wit batch c stream one bt i couldnt print my callup letter it was saying am nt in d stream dat i will b notified wen to print my callup letter….wat does dat mean am scared

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