NYSC Batch B 2019 Registration, Timetable and Call up letter

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This is another post which we have written on NYSC Batch B 2019 Registration as well as the NYSC Timetable and call up letter  to get you inform on how all prospective batch b corps members about how they can go about the registration process.

NYSC Batch B 2019 Registration Timetable

NYSC Batch B 2019 Registration

This is an important guide for all prospective corps member when it comes to the 2019 online registration and we have so far want to let you know how to register and follow other NYSC 2019 Online Registration process for NYSC.

This guide gives you a full information on how the registration process is being done because it is absolute very important to know the full steps on going about the registration guide for NYSC batch b 2019/2020.

We will let you know the registration guide which you will have to take to have a successful Registration on NYSC Batch B 2019 We are aware that I the registration process, many applicants do face some serious challenges when it comes to the registration and we will do well to address the issues in our post on they can go about solving it on NYSC batch b 2019.

You will also get to know about updates on the NYSC Timetable like knowing when is NYSC batch b 2019 going to camp and that’s why we have also added the 2019 current mobilization timetable for all prospective corps members.

You should already know that the 2019 Batch B corps members are likely to go for camp in the months of June and we there is no need asking when is the next batch for NYSC 2019.

Follow the NYSC 2019 batch b time table which we have also carefully written in this post to still get you inform about the registration process for batch B.

We are aware that according to the NYSC 2019 batch b timetable you should know that 2019 batch B corps members will be going for service soon and that’s why we have written on NYSC Batch B 2019 Registration to let you know the registration process and guide.

2019 NYSC Calendar and NYSC Batch B 2019 Registration

We will try to write a two in one post and this post will encompass the NYSC batch B registration steps as well as the NYSC Batch B timetable and how prospective corps members can get mobilized.

You will have to follow the NYSC batch b stream 2 2019 if you fail the registration for stream 1 and it is is a good thing to register with NYSC batch B.

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We have realized that numerous institutions are still facing difficulties when it comes to NYSC Batch B senate list being released by their institution of all candidates ready to be mobilized for the 2019 batch B corps members.

This is an important updates that covers the NYSC Batch B 2019 Registration and other necessary information regarding NYSC 2019/2020 we wants you to read this information to the end and check on the approved NYSC batch b 2019 timetable.

The timetable states the approved dates for which students are to follow when it comes to NYSC batch B. We have solved lots of candidates issues when it comes to letting them know or having problems with the NYSC 2019 senate list.

We have given you the best information on how you can successful register for the 2019 Batch B registration for NYSC.

This year registration for students is a fast process and it won’t last for a long period of time and we wants you follow the timetable and know when the registration process is ending for NYSC.

Already different institutions and departments have been able to check their names on the NYSC Senate list and by doing this they are eligible to participate in the registration which will be coming up very soon.

Requirement for Online NYSC Batch B 2019 Registration

  • Your Jamb registration number is very important
  • Your School registration number or matriculation number
  • You should also provide your basic bio data like your first name, middle name as well as your surname.
  • Your Birth certificate showing your place of birth
  • You should provide your marriage certificate for married women and this as well as other documents like evidence of change of name in newspaper.
  • You should make available a white passport certificate
  • You should provide your next of kin in the registration slip
  • The name of all schools attended from inception from primary and stating a starting and completion date for each
  • You should also provide the accurate shoe, clothes and trouser size
  • You should ensure that you have made payment for your registration either online or via bank deposit.
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The online registration also includes a biometric capturing and it is one important step to successfully complete your online registration.

The NYSC Batch B 2019 Registration is only complete when your finger print has been captured and thus no prospective corps member will be mobilized to the camp without a successful thumb printing.

NYSC batch b 2019/2020 Portal

The students who are yet to be mobilized for NYSC batch b 2019 should exercise patience as the NYSC Batch B 2019 Registration will be coming up very soon  and those who have seen their names in the senate list can now register and participate in the NYSC Batch B 2019 Registration process.

Note that the NYSC 2019 batch b is not one easy thing which you can just do it on your mobile device, you need to be able to complete the biometric process of the for different batches and months.

This batch is part of the NYSC batches and months which the batch B are set to go for this months and which NYSC batch c 2019 registration will be done and going for the service in November.

All registration process for NYSC Batch B 2019 Registration should be done at the portal and the NYSC portal remains open from 1st of June and will be closing in just two weeks.

In case you are part of NYSC 2019 batch b registration, we wants you to register as soon as the portal is open and not wait for the close of the end of the registration. Registering online keeps you away from some vices and you will successful avoid the stress of registration problem.

How To Register NYSC 2019 Batch B with NYSC Registration Portal

The following update in our post above will show you how you can proceed with NYSC Batch B 2019 Registration for both stream 1 and stream ii

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You should note that all registration should be done at the registration portal which is www NYSCportal.com and you will complete your registration.

Please while registering for NYSC ensure that your email address ensure that you are using a valid mail to process your registration.

When is NYSC batch b stream 2019 going to camp

NYSC Batch B 2019 Registration

NYSC Batch B 2019 Registration

You should know that after the printing of the NYSC call up letter will there be NYSC batch b stream 2 2019 and this will state the actual date when prospective corps member for the 2019 NYSC batch B will go to the camp.

The registration guide should be followed in this post and you will only complete your NYSC Batch B 2019 Registration before you have been mobilized for the 2019/2020 Batch  B registration.

You can obtain the 2019 NYSC Quick cash loan as a corps member

We are not sure different NYSC will create a room for stream 2 and that’s why we can’t write or inform you on NYSC batch b stream 2 2019 time table. We advise that you keep an eye on our updates and we will let you know if there will be NYSC Batch B 2019 Registration for stream 2.

NYSC Batch B Registration Closing date 2019

For now the closing dates for NYSC closing dates has not been announced and you should keep a focus on our site till the date which the registration date will be announced.

You should ensure to follow the necessary steps and ensure that you have fully completed your registration even before the closing dates.

If you want us to give you update on NYSC 2019 Registration updates, please let us know by dropping your mail at the comment box below.

Please share this post to all to stay updated.



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