NUT Recruitment Portal 2021 – How to Apply for Nigerian Union of Teachers

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NUT Recruitment Portal 2021 – How to Apply for Nigerian Union of Teachers

Presently, there are several governmental empowerment programmes that are ongoing. This empowerment scheme is available in various governmental sectors.

Many people have been applying in the past months for several governmental recruitments and more are still applying for the available ones.

We always bring information regarding all available recruitment so that one can know about it and as well as how to apply for it.

As of now, many government empowerment schemes are going on. The information we are about to see is regarding one of these empowerment schemes.

Many people love to get information of this sort so as to know the available job opportunities in this country.

Some people know about the recruitment opportunity we are about to look into while others do not know about it.

With the information that is present in this post, they will get to see this recruitment that is ongoing and also applies for it.

The ongoing recruitment that is available for all citizens of Nigeria is the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) recruitment.

Here, we are going to see mainly the NUT Recruitment Portal. This is due to the fact that this portal is the main aspect of this recruitment.

Without the NUT Recruitment Portal, there is no how one will be able to successfully apply for this ongoing recruitment.

As earlier stated, some people do know about this recruitment opportunity while others do not know about it.

We will do our best to enlighten all about this recruitment so that they will be able to apply for it with ease. Read down to know more about the NUT Recruitment Portal.

NUT Recruitment Portal

NUT Recruitment Portal

Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) Recruitment 2021

Presently, there are several recruitment exercises that are ongoing in Nigeria. The government of Nigeria is using these recruitment exercises as a means of empowerment.

With them, a lot of people are sure to occupy various job positions. Many people also apply for these recruitment exercises as they are out.

As of now, we are bringing the information regarding one of the ongoing recruitment exercises to your notice.

This recruitment just commenced this month of June. The recruitment exercise we are talking about is the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) Recruitment.

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This recruitment has various stages that those that want to apply for it will have to go through. These stages include the application stage.

In this stage, one applies for any job position he or she wants to occupy in this agency. After the application stage is the shortlist stage.

Here, all those who are qualified for the recruitment will be shortlisted to move on to the examination stage of the recruitment.

The examination will screen all candidates to know their capability in handling the job. From this examination, there will be another shortlist.

This shortlist will carry the names of those who have successfully made it through this examination process. They will move on to the interview stage of this recruitment.

It is in the interview stage of this recruitment that people will get the recruitment. All who have made it through this exam will move on to be interviewed. After the interview is the recruitment list.

This list shows those that have gotten the various job opportunities. To move on with this recruitment, use the NUT Recruitment Portal.

Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) Recruitment Vacancies

Before one can apply for any recruitment, he or she has to know the available vacant positions that are to be filled.

With this information, you will get to know if you are capable of filling these positions. If you deem yourself fit for any of these positions, you can move on to apply for them.

Many people have been looking for the available vacant positions in the Nigeria Union of Teachers. They hope it is one that they can fill.

For this reason, we are bringing the information in this section of this post to your notice. With it, one will know the vacant positions in this agency.

Also, one will get to occupy them with ease. The available vacant positions in the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) are as follows;

  1. Cooperative officer
  2. Confidential secretary
  3. Executive officer
  4. State secretary
  5. Accountant
  6. Assistant secretary
  7. Executive Officer for computer operations.

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NUT Recruitment Portal for 2021 Recruitment Exercise

Here is another very important piece of information regarding recruitment exercises. It is about the portal for the recruitment.

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Without the portal for one to complete the recruitment, there is no how one will be able to go about the recruitment process with ease.

Many people fail to know this and by so doing, they end up hanging in one step or the other of this recruitment exercise.

We do not want anyone to face difficulty in this recruitment exercise. For this reason, we want to enlighten you on the NUT Recruitment Portal.

With this portal, there are certain functions you will be able to operate with ease. These functions include applying for recruitment.

Also, you can check for the latest update regarding this recruitment using this portal as it is very simple to do so.

The shortlist, exams date even the interview date and recruitment list of this recruitment will be in this portal.

All one has to do is to know the NUT Recruitment Portal and this recruitment exercise will be much easy for the person.

The NUT Recruitment Portal as of now is not available. This recruitment exercise will go on without this portal.

Maybe, later in any other recruitment stage, the portal for the recruitment will be available. As we move on, we will get to see the method of application of this recruitment exercise.

Requirements for the NUT Recruitment Exercise

Every recruitment process has its own requirements. Many people end up failing every recruitment process because they lack information regarding the recruitment requirements.

We do not want anyone to fail during this recruitment process. For this reason, we bring the information regarding the requirement for this recruitment to your notice.

There are various job positions people are applying for in this recruitment exercise. All these positions have their own recruitment requirements.

Without having these requirements, you will not be able to pass the application stage of this recruitment exercise.

Nevertheless, we have compiled the requirements for this recruitment exercise and we are going to see it here.

With it, you will go through this recruitment exercise with ease. The NUT recruitment requirements are below;

  1. An O’level result with not less than 6 credit passes with English inclusive
  2. No degree less than an OND degree.
  3. A three-year experience in your aspect of the application
  4. Applicants must have the basic knowledge and skills in positions of application.
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How to Apply for the Nigerian Union of Teachers Recruitment

For one to apply for the Nigerian Union of Teachers Recruitment, one will have to go through basic processes.

One of these processes is to know the NUT Recruitment Portal. It is with this portal that the application will be very easy.

Nevertheless, the NUT Recruitment Portal is not available for application. This means that there is another means of applying for this recruitment exercise.

That is the main reason for this post as we are going to see how to do so without the portal. The steps for the application for the NUT recruitment are below;

All applicants for the Nigerian Union of Teachers Recruitment are to send an application in triplicate. In the application, they will indicate their post of application, state, and photocopies of all their credentials.

Their certificate of birth or age declaration must also be among the photocopied documents. They are to send it to the address as follows;

The Secretary General,

Nigerian Union of Teachers,

National Head Office

Off Airport Road, Sabon – Lugbe,

P.M.B 516, Garki,


The application is to be for only one position. Application for more than one position will cause disqualification of applicants.

Here is the information regarding one of the ongoing recruitment exercises in Nigeria. It is of the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT).

Many have been looking for this sort of information and have finally seen it. I hope you find this information useful during this recruitment process.

Share it with others who want to apply for this recruitment exercise. Drop all comments regarding this post in the comment box.



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