Npower Stipend News for November and October 2019 | NPower News Update Today on Salary

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This update is for you to know about the Npower Stipend News for November 2019 and make you know how to get an update on the salar and stipend for Npower.

This post gives you updates and important guide on the 2019 Npower salary structure and the new npower updates on the October and the November stipends.

Npower Stipend News for November

Npower Stipend News for November

The question now becomes if the federal Government will pay the necessary stipends for October and we have decided to make this post to get you inform on the updates on the salary scale as well as when the federal Government will make payments for the New salary structure.

We have made this pot to let you know the npower news update today on salary for all those who are still asking the question the stipends for Npower.

Apparently since September, the federal Government has been mute on the monthly stipends regarding the new salary scheme for 2019.

There have been a pause o the stipends for Npower for some times and beneficiaries want to know whether the federal Government is making its usual monthly payments of stipends without them knowing or not.

Npower stipend News 2019

This post seeks to let you know why you haven’t received the npower september stipend and October stipends and by answering this questions, you will know if the federal Government will be paying or not.

Before the pause and the delay in the salary for Npower, you should know that there had been some npower salary increase               where beneficiary salary were paid and by making this post, it covers the latest news on npower october stipend.

Like it has been our nature to give you updates on the latest salary scheme for the empowerment scheme, the November updates is not left out and you will know and have the npower stipend news 2019.

Just follow the full post and the instructions thereof to know Npower Stipend News for November 2019. There is need to still remind you that the September stipends were paid and was received by some person after we had let them know how to access the Npower stipends.

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Just follow this post and know the latest updates on the stipends especially why beneficiaries have not receive their monthly income and as regards we have created a post on Npower Stipend News for November 2019 to get you inform.

Most beneficiaries are so concerned on the salary this will help them to ascertain if the federal Government have disengage their services.

If the above narrative has been your case, you don’t have to know or think that the federal Government has disengage you from the service as npower september stipend 2019             was still paid.

Npower Stipend News for November 2019 – Why Payments has been delayed

There is a new development in the Ministry, where the ministry is now headed by Haija Sadiya Umar- Farouq who is also directly in charge of the Npower scheme in the department of Social Intervention Scheme of the Federal Government.

The above mentioned transfer might also be a cause of the delay in payments of stipends. Just like we got from a source on Npower Stipend News that the new ministry is setting up new modalities to address and fix some problems.

Lots of Issues will be address regarding the Npower programs and this seeks to sanitize the system of certain inconsistencies.

Important Notice on Npower Programme 2019

  1. If you are a beneficiary, please continue on your duty post as your payments will be made at due time
  2. Please updates and verify that the account and bank details provided is correct with the beneficiary bank on the platform
  3. Please disregard any information that the Npower scheme has come to a halt as the Nigerian empowerment scheme continues
  4. The Federal Ministry is working to ensure timely payments of beneficiaries, this Npower Stipend News for November 2019 is gotten from the right source
  5. Npower is working on permanency where beneficiaries will be retained to work as permanent staff.
  6. Npower Stipends should be done this week and you will get all outstanding stipends
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Latest news on Npower Salary 2019 for October/November

There are certain reason why the Npower stipends has been hault and thus we decided to make an update on Npower stipend news on Facbook  to let you know why you have not received your payments and this npower update today gets you inform on why you didn’t receive the stipends for quite a long while.

This post is necessary to let you and get you to be at peace about the Npower stipends and we know that lots of persons have been disturbed about the scheme asking questions like if they federal Government has brought the scheme to a stop or if there had concluded for the 2016 stream.

Just know that you can get paid when you follow this post on npower 2016 latest news today and when you also apply the information as seen in this post.

The detail information that will make you knows how to get paid for the Npower salary.  The good news is that most of the npower beneficiaries will be on Npower permanency and will be paid like regular salary earners in their various place of engagement.

There is no point to be afraid as according to the npower news today 2019, that we received today all beneficiaries will be paid all outstanding stipends.

Not only that on Npower Stipend News for November 2019 soon the federal Government has concluded plans to rent the batch C 2016 beneficiaries of the scheme. This npower news on permanency was received on our desk.              

Latest News on The October/November Salary for Npower

Most N power Volunteer and beneficiaries are already loosing hope on the information regarding the monthly payments/salary of Npower.

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Just note that the payments will be done soon and all outstanding payments which may include September and October will be paid to all beneficiaries account.

Most beneficiaries have been owed about two months’ salary and this owing has cause lots of things, please note that all payments will made on for all beneficiaries of Npower.

If you a volunteer expect your payment this week and note that all outstanding payments will be made. According a vital information from an online source on Npower Stipend News for November 2019,  the beneficiaries will be first paid the October stipends and which they will also be paid their November stipends after two days.

There is joy in the air as the Federal Government is making all things possible to pay all beneficiaries this week into their account.

Just know that all stipends will made to beneficiaries account and thus we urge all beneficiaries to continue to be diligent in their various duties channel and office while the expect their payments.

In the meantime, if you have not updated your payments details, we encourage you to do so as the npower team will not entertain any form of complaining arising from wrong account number.

If you have any question or contribution on this post on Npower Stipend News for November 2019, drop it at the comment box below and we will update you.

Let’s us have your questions below and don’t forget to share this post on social media including facebook!



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    the date of payment is not specific why? some times you say this week some times you say next week. whiche one are we going to believe? will payment be made from tomorrow thursday or next week monday? because this is reallty affecting us grately in a negative way.

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