Npower Physical Verification Dates, Updates and How to do the Exercise

This article is on Npower Physical Verification with the intention to assist you to your journey to get your Npower device. The expertise of Npower Physical Verification could be very important in an effort to succeed in this year’s Npower Scheme. In case you want to collect your device, please study this post which we’ve got compiled on Npower Physical Verification

-N power dates for physical verification updates |Exercise dates and Procedures  : How to Do do Npower Verification

The Npower Physical Verification had commenced and it is very important to know how to go about the physical verification exercise for N power. We wrote on N power teach List and if you did not check your name if you have been shortlisted, you can check N power teach list here. If you did not write the Npower exams for N power teach, you can check the N power Agro or Health here.

Npower Physical Verification
Npower Physical Verification

I was down on my way to Mtn office and I saw many people asking and arguing on the Npower Physical Verification procedures. Some person said that the process is done at the federal Secretariat while other argued that the the physical verification and collection of device is done at Mtn Office. This discussion Lasted for like an hour without having the right answers to the question on Npower Physical Verification.

I have written this article on Npower Physical Verification to address the issues that many Npower Applicants have asked. Many Npower Applicants have asked this question on how to do Npower Physical Verification which has been a reason for this article. In order to make Npower Applicants know how to do Npower Physical verification showing them the actual dates, time and all the documents to use for the exercise.

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This article will show you how to go about N power Physical Verification; procedures, dates for you to do your physical verification as well as the documents to use for the exercise. We have taken the time to write a vivid article on Npower Physical Verification Dates, Updates and How to do the Exercise.

This is Npower current and most recent update as regard to the 2017 Npower physcial verification date, venue,all the required documents for the verification exercise are all listed in this post.


The Physical Verification stage is the process of physically verifying the Age, Gender, Residential Address and LGA, Academic Qualification, and NYSC completion of applicants.


Now you are aware that the Physical Verification will commence on Monday, December 4th to end Friday, December 15th, 2017 across country.


In the week of the 4th, States will have different start dates. For example, State A may start on Monday and State B will start on Wednesday. The important thing to note of, is that all states will commence physical verification in the week of the 4th.


Message on Npower Physical Verification


Your Physical Verification Center is your Residential Local Government Area Secretariat. That is the Local Government Area Secretariat of the address you filled during the online registration. If it is No. 76 adewayo street Ikeja Lagos, go to the Ikeja LGA Secretariat for your verification.


You are NOT required to go along with your BVN slip for physical verification.


Follow all instructions at verification the center. Be orderly. Be courteous.


Everything stated here apply to 2016 applicants who are on the waiting list. These applicants have already received an SMS that they are on the list.


Follow the instructions carefully to ensure proper verification


N-Power physical verification Procedures

To Be verified on Npower and collect your Materials, you need some documents for this physical verification. Documents needed are documents which has to do with you. This documents that affects you are needed for the Npower Physical Verification.

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It is one thing to be congratulated for being selected and another thing to verify with Npower. This is of outmost important in order to collect your device

Before you proceed for the physical verification please check online at the Npower Portal to know if you hyave been selected for the physical verification.

Now that you are been pre-selected, here is what you need for the physical verification exercise

Date of birth/Birth Certificates:

brith certificate, baptismal card, affidavit of age declaration,

vaild photo ID e.g national ID, Bio data page of your international passport, voters card.


Documents to Proof your residential Address for Npower Physical Verification


National ID, Utility Bill example PHCN, water bill, waste bill etc or voters card or general knowledge of local area.

Eduactional Certificates/ Academic Qualification:

This might include:

Bachelor’s degree, statement of result, transcript,

OND certificate, statement of result, transcript,

HND certificate, statement of result, transcript,

NCE certificate, statement of result, transcript

The certificate that corresponds with qualification specified in the application

In addition to the above mentioned certificates, the following certificates are also needed for this physical verification exercise and it is more important to use all the documents needed for this physical verification.

Below are the additional documents needed for the Physical verification.

NYSC document

This very important! You will also required to verify your Status on Npower with this documents. The Npower scheme this year was open for graduate only and it is expected that you serve your father’s l;and on  a compulsory one service or provide a letter of exemption.

NYSC documents are also needed for this physical verification with Npower might include the following:


  • NYSC certificate of discharge
  • NYSC exemption letter

If probably you have not undergone the compulsory one year NYSC service in Nigeria, please don’t panic as there is a solution for.

If you did not go for NYSC for one year, serving your country, you can still provide the exception letter by NYSC. This exemption letter  will serve, replacing the NYSC certificates of discharge.

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Note:  That all the documents provided should have correspondence in the data provided in it. Vital things like your name, dates of birth and local Government of Origin must correspond in all the certificates provided. This is of outmost important. In the case of change of name, you should come with an Affidavit for your New name.

Conclusively, the N power Physical verification is the next step for all Npower  Applicants who have been successfully shortlisted. In order to receive your device, you need to go about the verification exercise. Please be informed that all the documents listed above will be needed for the verification exercise and should be provided on demand.

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