NIMASA Registration and Requirements, Application Letter, Fee

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NIMASA Registration and Requirements

There are lots of processes that people go through on a daily basis. These processes are ones that we want to have full knowledge of.

There are several individuals that want to complete this process. Those that do not have knowledge of it should take note.

Here, we want to see the details regarding a registration that many want to complete. This registration is the NIMASA Registration.

There is a lot regarding this registration process that many want to know. We are going to see more about it as we move on.

Also, we are going to see the requirements for the registration. Its official website is also available here and in full.

NIMASA Registration

NIMASA Registration

NIMASA Registration Review

There are lots of registrations that take place from time to time in Nigeria. One of them is the NIMASA registration.

NIMASA stands for the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency. This is a federal government body or can be called an agency.

It is in charge of ship registration as well as the maritime industry in Nigeria. This body is one that allows ship owners to cooperate bodies and others to register their ships in Nigeria.

This is possible through certain processes. We are going to see these processes as we move on.

Who Can Register Ships in Nigeria?

This is another aspect of NIMASA that we are not going to neglect. It is a very important one that none should miss.

We want to see who can register ships in Nigeria. Already, we know that NIMASA is the body that registers ships.

Nevertheless, not everyone can register their ships with this body. Below are those that can register ships in Nigeria;

  1. Nigerian citizens
  2. Corporate bodies established under the Nigerian laws and also subject to the laws and having their businesses in Nigeria.
  3. Those referred by the Minister of Transport.
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NIMASA Registration Requirements

This is another important section of this post that we are not going to neglect. The details available here are very important ones.

Those that have no knowledge of it should take note. We are still on the NIMASA body that performs the registration of ships.

There are requirements that one must have to register these ships. It is these requirements that we are going to see from here.

The requirements that we want to see here are available below;

  1. An application letter
  2. Memorandum as well as Articles of Association with 25 million naira share capital
  3. Certificate showing Increase in Share Capital
  4. Current Tax Clearance Certificate
  5. Original Bank Reference
  6. Document Displaying Allotment of Shares
  7. Documents Displaying Particulars of Directors
  8. A physical audit of your company
  9. Documents showing Allotment of Shares incorporation
  10. Audited Account or Financial Statement of Account (financial statement is important if the company is less than 18 months)
  11. Evidence that the company has filed for Annual returns
  12. Submit all documents to the DG’s documents
  13. Keep your stamped and received copy.

How to Write NIMASA Application Letter

This is a very important aspect of this update that we are not going to miss. Several persons will come to have knowledge of it.

Those that do not have knowledge of this should not miss out. There are several individuals that need to have knowledge of it.

Here, we want to see another aspect of the NIMASA Registration. This is where we want to see the NIMASA application letter.

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We are going to see how one can write this application letter with ease. If you want to know how to, take note of this section.

The writing of this application letter is a very simple process. There are certain details that one must get to know regarding it.

This is why we want to give out this update. Many already know that they are going to put their own address at the top right side.

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Nevertheless, they do not know to who the letter will be addressed. The office that this letter will be addressed to is important for you to note. It is available below;

The Director General/CEO

Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency

4 Burma Road,

Apapa Lagos,

Attention: Director, Legal Services & Board Secretary

NIMASA Registration Website

A very interesting section of NIMASA is what we want to see here. This is another section that we are not going to miss.

It is a very important aspect of NIMASA that all should note. What we want to see here is the NIMASA website for registration.

This is a website that many do not have knowledge of. It is important that they do know about this website.

Without this website, this registration is not possible. It is even on this website that you will know more about the registration process.

This website is only one as of now. The website is

NIMASA Registration Process

The most important section of this post is very much available here. You can be among those to have full knowledge of it.

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Here, we want to see the NIMASA registration process. This is the process that one can use and register with NIMASA.

The steps to complete the process are below;

  1. Get a debit note from the desk officer in charge of debit notes
  2. Visit
  3. Generate Remita reference
  4. Use the RRR number and make payment at the bank or online
  5. Get both the receipt and debit note
  6. Visit the NIMASA financial service department and collect the receipt
  7. With your receipt get your B1 form from the legal services department
  8. Fill out the form, sign, seal or stamp it with the date.

How Much is NIMASA Registration

We have seen a lot regarding the NIMASA registration process. Now, we want to see yet another section of it.

This is where we will see how much this registration costs. Those who do not know how much it costs should not miss out.

The NIMASA registration costs N110, 000. N10, 000 is for the B1 form, and N100, 000 is for the registration.

We have come a long way to find out about the NIMASA registration. There is a lot that all should know regarding it from here.

They can now see how to go about this registration with ease. The steps and other details regarding it are available here.

Share this update with those that do not have info regarding it. Drop all your comments in the comment box below.



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