Nigerian Police Ranks and their Salaries | Updated Ranks and Salaries of Nigerian Police 2021

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This is another awesome post on the nigerian police ranks and their salaries for all those in Nigeria and outside the country who wish to have an accurate information on the police rank and symbols we have written extensively on the Nigerian police ranks as well as their salary structure which will be of help to you.

Nigerian Police Ranks And Their Salaries

Nigerian Police Ranks

This post contains the major ranks in the Nigerian police force comprising of all Nigerian Police Ranks which also includes the dpo police rank and the divisional police officer rank. Not just their ranks, we have also taken time to put forth their salary structure too on this post on nigerian police ranks and their salaries. This article on police ranks also includes the nigerian police rank and file promotion.

The Nigerian Police force was re branded to the Nigerian Police, to help this public corporation work effectively on delivering adequate services to the nation. In line with this the salary structure was review hence the post on Nigerian Police Ranks

There are numerous duties of the Nigerian police force according to their ranks and we will consider it here before moving to the main focus of Nigerian Police Ranks and their Salaries.

Duties of Nigerian Police

There are various duties required from members of the Nigerian Police force and one of the duties of the Nigerian Police force is to maintain the peace and Unity in a society.

In addition to the Nigerian Police Ranks, below are the major duties of nigerian police which we have listed it accordingly and serially according to the constitution.

  • To arrest offenders
  • Protection of lives and property of the Nigerian citizens
  • To investigate matters pertaining to crime
  • Power to prevent crime occurrence
  • Power to maintain and saturate law and order  in our society
  • Power for crime detection

The duties of assistant superintendent of police in Nigeria are specific and like the office, the assistant superintendent of police is solely responsible for majorly most of the activities carried out by the Nigerian Police.

The meaning of dpo in police clearly spells out it functions in the Nigerian Police. Soon we will write an article on nigeria police ranks and their symbols for all those who are really interested in this article. You can also check out our article on salary structure of nigerian army officers while awaiting a post on nigeria custom salary.

The nigeria navy salary structure is almost similar to that of the Nigerian Police but the nigerian police new uniform is less attractive compare to that of the Nigerian. Without mincing words, here is the nigeria police rank and symbol as well as their salary structure;

The Nigerian Police force ranks and their symbols

Below is the nigerian police force ranks and their symbols which also gives you further information on Nigerian Police Ranks. The nigerian police ranks and badges shows you the ranking of different positions and offices in the Nigerian Police.

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The Nigerian Police Ranks and their symbols show you the stage which the dpo police rank in Nigeria and other police ranks in Nigeria. Here is the Nigerian Police force ranks and their symbols below.

  • Police Recruit
  • Constable
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Sergeant Major
  • Cadet Inspector
  • Unconfirmed Inspector
  • Confirmed Inspector
  • Principal Inspector
  • the Chief Inspector of Police
  • Cadet Assistant Superintendent
  • Assistant Superintendent of Police
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police
  • Superintendent of Police
  • Chief Superintendent of Police
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police
  • Commissioner of Police
  • Deputy Inspector-General of Police
  • Inspector-General of Police
Nigerian Police Ranks

Nigerian Police Ranks

In this post, we have carefully listed all rank of police officers in order and according to the new Nigerian Police Force rankings and salary structure. As a police officer or prospective police officer, if you understand the different police officer ranks and salary properly, you will be able to answer some questions such as; is lieutenant higher than captain in police

Nigerian Police Ranks And Their Salaries


S/NRanksGrade LevelMonthly SalaryAnnual Salary
1Inspector General Of Police, IGP N711,498N8,537,976
2.Commissioner Of Police,CPGrade 15 (step1)N266,777.79N3,201,333.48
3.Commissioner Of Police,CPGrade 15 (step6)N302,970.47N3,635,645.64
4.Assistant Inspector General Of Police, AIGGrade 16 (step1)N499,751.87N5,997,022.44
5.An Assistant Inspector General Of Police, AIG,Grade 16 (step5)N546,572.73N6,558,872.76
6.Deputy Commissioner Of Police,DCPGrade 14 (step7)N242,715.65N2,912,587.8
7.Deputy Commissioner Of Police, DCPGrade 14 (step1)N242,715.65N2,912,587.8
8.Assistant Commissioner Of Police, ACPGrade 13 (step10)N212,938.16N2,555,257.92
9.Assistant Commissioner Of Police, ACPGrade 13 (step1)N183,185.73N2,198,228.76
10.Chief Of Superintendent Of Police, CSPGrade 12 (step8)N199,723.96N2,396,687.52
11.Chief Of Superintendent Of Police, CSPGrade 12 (step1)N172,089.06N2,065,068.72
12.Superintendent Of Police (SP)Grade 11 (step1)N161,478.29N1,937,739.48
13.Deputy Superintendent Of Police (DSP)Grade 10 (step10)N148,733.29N1,784,799.48
14.Assistant Superintendent Of Police (ASP1)Grade 09 (step1)N136, 616.06N1,639,392.72
15.Assistant Superintendent Of Police (ASP)Grade 08 (step10)N144,152.07N1,729,824.84
16.Assistant Superintendent Of Police (ASP)Grade 08 (step1)N127,604.68N1,531,256.16
17.Cadet InspectorGrade Level 07 (step1)N73,231.51N878,778.12
18.Sergent MajorGrade 06 (step 10)N62,204.88N746,458.56
19.Sergeant MajorGrade 06 (step 1)N55,144.81N661,737.72
20.Police SergeantGrade 05 (step 10)N55,973.84N671,686.08
21.Police SergeantGrade 05 (step1)N48,540.88N582,490.56
22.Police CorporalGrade 04 (10)N51,113.59N613,365.08
23.Police CorporalGrade 04 (1)N44,715.53N536,586.36
24.Police ConstableGrade Level 1051,113.59613,363.08
25.Police ConstableGrade Level 03N43, 293.80N519,525.6
26.Police Recruit N9,019.42N108,233
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According to the nigeria police promotion rank and file 2021, if you actually perform very in any of the Nigeria police promotion courses you might have the opportunity to skip the level by level promotion/rankings take for example the nigeria police inspector to asp promotion.

According to the nigeria police promotion 2021, new officers were being promoted and a list of newly promoted

police officers in nigeria and all those who passed the nigeria police promotion course 2017 was released. The list of newly promoted police officers in nigeria 2021, is available at the official portal of the Nigerian Police force which also shows clearly salary structures such as the assistant superintendent of police salary.

            Nigerian Police Ranks and Descriptions

Nigerian Police Ranks

Nigerian Police Ranks

1. The Police Recruit

A police recruit has to do with prospective candidates of the Nigerian Police force undergoing training to become full police officers of the Nigerian Police force. Though this et of persons are still undergoing training, they are still eligible to salaries.

2.  The Police Constable Grade Level 03

This position and rank is often regarded to be the Least rank in the Nigerian Police force and it is also entitle to a salary.  Here there are different grades under this rank which includes; A Police Constable Grade Level 10

3. The Police Corporal On Grade 04 (1)

This rank is the rank which comes after the rank of a constable. It is still among the least rank seen in the Nigerian Police. Usually the rank of police corporal also have grade levels like Police Corporal On Grade Level 04 (10) and it is usually abbreviated as CPI

4. The Police Sergeant On Grade 05 (step1)

A sergeant is also another rank obtained in the Nigerian Police force. For a sergeant, the position is still under that of a noncommissioned officer and it is higher than a police corporal. A sergent   Sergeant is the middle rank of a noncommissioned officer. A Police Sergeant is below the rank of a sergeant major and it may also include Police Sergent On Grade 05 (step 10) who has a monthly salary of N55,973.84

5. The Sergeant Major On Grade 06 (step 1)

In the family of Non commissioned officers of the Nigerian Police Ranks, a Sergeant Major as one the offices with the top ranking a sergeant major is mostly concern with an administrative arm of contingent  and he is liable for a Monthly Salary of  N55,144.81. Another position in this session is a Sergeant Major On Grade 06 (step 10) who earns more than a sergeant major on step 1

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6. The Cadet Inspector On Grade Level 07 (step1)

This position of the Nigerian Police Ranks and Salaries is mostly known as the Inspector General of police IP and it is a commissioned officer of the lowest ranking who has just completed a training of being a commissioned officer. This ranks enjoy a minimum salary of N73,231.51 monthly and can also have  Cadet Inspector On Grade 07 (step10) on it.

7. The Assistant Superintendent Of Police (ASP) On Grade 08 (step1)

After the position of a cadet inspector, we also have another higher rank of a commissioned officer which is the Assistant Superintendent of police. This position is also the leastin the senior officers rank category and has an Assistant Superintendent Of Police (ASP) On Grade 08 (step10) also with a salary scale of  N144,152.07.

8. The Assistant Superintendent Of Police (ASP1) On Grade 09 (step1)

An Assistant Suprintendent of police which is often given the abbreviation of  ASPI is a commissioned officer liable to a Monthly Salary of  N136, 616.06. Under this we also have An Assistant Superintendent Of Police (ASP2) On Grade 09 (step10) who earns higher than the former.

9. The Deputy Superintendent Of Police(DSP) On Grade 10 (step1)

The rank of a deputy superintendent is a rank of a senior officer with a salary structure of N148,733.29 monthly. This rank is a rank lower than a superintendent of police and also has others in other grade level such as A Deputy Superintendent Of Police (DSP) ON Grade 10 (step10) who earns N170,399.69 monthly

10. The Superintendent Of Police (SP) On Grade 11 (step1)

In the Nigerian Police Ranks, Before being a chief superintendent of Police, you have to first pass through the rank of a superintendent of police (SP). This rank is higher than that of a Deputy Superintendent of police. In SP, officers can earn up to N161,478.29 monthly and it can also consist of A Superintendent Of Police (SP) On Grade 11 (step 10) who earns more.

This Post was written on the Nigerian Police Ranks and their salaries to give you adequate information on the subject matter. You can also read that of the Nigerian Air force Here.  A lot of persons who are desiring to join the Nigerian Police force or those who are just in needs quality information on Nigerian Police Ranks and their salaries.

What is your on view on the salary structure of the Nigerian Police? Please drop it at the comment box below and share this post.



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