Nigerian Maritime University School Fees and Cut off Mark 2021 

As of now, the admission processes in all Nigerian institutions have begun in earnest and all institutions are presently giving admissions to their admission candidates.

To get this admission, you will have to go through the admission processes of the institution. All institutions have their own admission processes and standards.

Once you meet these processes and standards, you will get admission into this institution without any hindrance.

One of the standards is the institution’s cut off mark. This is a very important aspect of admission into an institution.

Once you are able to meet this standard, you are set to move forward to the next stage of admission in this institution.

After the cut off mark, you will move forward to the screening exercise. This exercise will determine if you are truly qualified to be a student of the institution.

After the screening, those who pass this stage will move forward to receive admission into the institution of their choice.

Some institution’s do not admit their second choice candidates so to get admission into such an institution, know its admission standards.

Once you know the admission standard of your choice of institution, you will be able to work towards having admission into the institution.

The institution we will be discussing in this post is the Nigerian Maritime University. This is one of the most prestigious institutions in the country.

It is more of a training ground and a practical area for engineering students and some other practical courses.

We will see the cut-off mark for this institution as well as the school fees for both new and returning students of the institution.

The cut-off mark of the Nigerian Maritime University is both the institution’s own and that of various faculties.

All details of this institution’s cut off mark as well as its school fees are in this post. Read down to know more about it.

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Do not miss out on any detail of this post as they are all important regarding the Nigerian Maritime University.

Nigerian Maritime University
Nigerian Maritime University

Nigerian Maritime University Cut off Mark

The Nigerian Maritime University is one of the best tertiary institutions in the country with lots of educational facilities.

The admission candidates of this institution are mostly those who intend to study engineering. To get admission into this institution, you will have to go through certain processes.

One of these processes is to get through the cut off mark of the institution. This cut off mark is a set target which the institution keeps for all its admission candidates.

Once an admission candidate has a score in the unified tertiary matriculation examination and the score is below this cut off mark, the person cannot get admission into this institution.

The Nigerian Maritime University cut off mark is very different from the JAMB cut off mark. To have the cut-off mark for this institution, you will have to prepare well for the UTME.

Once you successfully pass this Unified tertiary matriculation examination having a cut-off mark that is directly the cut off mark for this institution or above, you can easily have admission into this institution.

The cut-off mark of the Nigerian Maritime University is very low as any candidate who wants to have admission into this institution can meet it with ease.

This cut off mark is 160 for all courses. Once you get this score, your admission into this tertiary institution is very sure.

To get this admission, you will also have to put this institution as your first choice as the institution does not accept second choice candidates.

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Nigerian Maritime University Cut off Mark for All Faculties

This is another important section of this institution as it will help one to know what to expect during admission into the institution.

Every institution has a number of students it wants for each faculty. Once students exceed this number, the institution is bound to drop some of them.

This is the same with the Nigerian Maritime University as it also has various departments which are under various faculties.

These faculties happen to have their own cut off mark for the different courses they fall under. If the number of students who have above the institution’s cut off mark is too much, this cut off mark comes in.

Not everybody will have this cut off mark and this is one of the elimination stages of admission in this institution.

If you happen to make it past this institution’s cut off mark, you should also strive hard to make it through the cut-off mark of the faculty of your choice.

The cut-off mark of various faculties of this institution is below;

  1. Faculty of Engineering – 240 and above
  2. The Faculty of Transport – 180 and above
  3. Faculty of Environmental Management – 230 and above

Nigerian Maritime University School Fees for New and Returning Students

All students of this institution that will get admission into this institution will have to pass through certain admission processes.

These admission processes include having above the cut off mark both for the institution and for the faculty.

After this, you will now move on to the screening stage of admission in the institution. This stage will determine those that will gain admission into this institution.

When the institution gives you admission to study you will have to complete certain requirements. These requirements include the school fees.

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Once you get to know the school fees for the Nigerian Maritime University, you will know how to prepare for it.

Also0, this section of this post is also for returning students as it will help them to know how much they will pay for the next academic session.

Once you have this information especially those surviving on their own, they will know how to budget for the fees.

There is no much difference between the school fees of the last academic session and that of the returning students.

The school fee for the returning students of the Nigerian Maritime University is N40, 500 and that of new students is N51, 500.

Once you pay this fee, you have completed one of the most important sections of the school’s admission process and can go forward to enjoy your stay in the institution.

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Nigerian Maritime University Screening

Now the admission process for various institutions has begun in earnest. Various institutions are presently giving admission.

The Nigeria Maritime University is also commencing its admission process. One of these stages is its screening exercise.

This screening exercise will determine who will move on to get admission into this institution. You can be the one today.

All you have to do is to adhere to all the admission standards of the school and your admission into this prestigious institution is sure.

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