Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salary Structure 2020 | and Airforce Pay Calculator

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When people asked of air force salary per month, we thought it wise to create something on Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salary Structure that will educate and inform them about the Nigeria arm force and that is why we have written on the various military salary scale like that of the Nigerian arm forces.

Nigerian Air Force Ranks

Nigerian Air Force Ranks

We have given you updated information on various nigerian Air Force ranks as well as their salary structure because this is important for people to have the full knowledge on Nigerian Air Force. Like an average air commodore salary will be seen in this post and you will get to know the nigerian salary structure in the Nigerian Air Force.

There are various ranks and each rank has a different salary scale and this makes one rank distinct from the other. For example, air vice marshal salary is not the same as the salary structure for air force major salary and each rank has its different salary structure.

Like there are various navy salary scale, there are also various salary structure in the Nigerian Air Force and also in the army salary scale. Everyone in the Nigerian Army has its own ranked and salary structure even the chief of defence staff salary which was recently revealed.

In most cases, the  nigerian airforce ranks and salary Structure salary structure is sometimes divided into the session air force salary married and many other person has other air force officer pay scale and a lot of this salary scale can be found in the newly published salary of the air force officer pay chart 2020

Aside from just knowing the salary structure, having the knowledge of the air force pay calculator will help airforce workers to know how to calculate air force major salary as well as air force captain salary.

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In addition to the salary structure of the Nigerian Air Force, there are specific allowances in the Nigerian Air Force and these allowances are only specified for specific ranks and that’s to say that not all ranks enjoy the air force housing allowance. Enjoying the benefits of this allowance still makes you to be entitled to the air force retirement pay

Air force Salary Per Month

Following the 2020 military pay chart bah which the Nigerian airforce salary can be seen in the military pay chart 2020, published recently, you can use this to calculate the salary structure for different workers of the Nigerian Airforce and their monthly allocation and this could be done according to their different ranks and this salary structure covers all the ranks in the Nigerian Airforce including raf pay scales 2020 as as well as flying officer salary. You will also get to be informed about the raf flying pay.

Particularly there is a special column for the air force pilot salary chart which reveals all the raf pilot pay and the raf pilot ranks Just to gather the relevant knowledge for the nigerian Air Force ranks and salary Structure. You can also get updated information on armed forces pay scales 2020.

Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salary Structure | Air Force Pay Calculator

Below we have the following ranks for the Nigerian Air Force as well as their different slalary structure all arrange in a descending order for you. The ranking below is from the senior officer to the junior officer show their different salaries.

  • Marshal of the Air Force
  • Air Chief Marshal
  • Air Marshal
  • Air Vice Marshal
  • Air Commodore
  • Group Captain
  • Wing Commander
  • Squadron Leader
  • Flight Lieutenant
  • Flying Officer
  • Pilot Officer
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While for the NAF airman/woman ranks, the following are the ranks in descending order of their important positions; However, in the Nigerian Air force Ranks and salary Structure

  • Air Warrant Officer.
  • Master Warrant Officer.
  • Warrant Officer.
  • Flight Sergeant.
  • Sergeant.
  • Corporal.
  • Lance Corporal.
  • Aircraftman/woman.

Based on the information we gathered, below are the Nigerian Air Force ranks and their salary structure in a month

Non-commissioned officers of the Nigerian Air Force  Salary Structure

There are other various salary structure below is the salary structure of noncommissioned officers in the Nigerian Air Force and we have segmented the different salry structure for the Nigerian Air  Force, which is not based on ranking.

The table below shows the salary structure for the Nigerian Air Force usually refer to as NAF and this salary is for noncommissioned officers

Ranks Salary Structure in Naira (Monthly)
Trainee N10,237 monthly
Aircraftman (woman) N53,892


Sergeant N69,261
Flight Sergeant N87,119
Warrant Officer N101,974
Master Warrant Officer N165,697
  Cadet (Trainee) N44,564
Air Warrant Officer N171,793


Commissioned Officers Ranks and Salary Structure

Commissioned officers earns differently form the no commissioned officers and their different salary scheme can also be seen below this article and their ranked are not arranged.

The commissioned officers are those who have earned and have served the Nigeria Airforce for a long while and they have been awarded the position of a commissioned officer.

Ranks Salary (Monthly)
Pilot Officer salary N187,159
Flying Officer salary N218,400
Flight Lieutenant N232,484
Squadron Leader is N248,004
Group Captain N352,631
Air Commodore N677,895
Air Vice-Marshal N1,376,343
Air Marshal N1,486,451
Air Chief Marshal earns N1,724,283
Wing Comdr earns N342,586


The Nigerian Aiforce has played a major role in the nationwide peace keeping and has archived many feet for the Nigerian Army which among them includes the following;

  1. The operations of ECOMOG in Liberia
  2. Undergoing the UN Military Observer Group (UNIMOG) in Yugoslavia in 1988
  3. Participated actively in the OAU peace-keeping Operations in Chad in 1983
  4. Was nominated to go to the Sierra Leone for a peace keeping tour
  5. Went to the UNISOM Operations in Somalia and Rwanda and returned
  6. In 1978, the Nigerian Air force also participated in the peace keeping in Lebanon which ended in 1982

Though achieving this great feet has not really been easy, the Nigerian Navy Still earn more than the Nigerian Air Force and they have maintained and played positive rolled in the nationwide peace keeping activity in Africa. The Nigerian Air Force has long existed as early as 1962 and 1964 which it was legalized in Nigeria.  The Nigerian Arm forces has distinct salary scale in the Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salary Structure unlike the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Navy.

Hope you have been informed about the Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salary Structure and you will share this post to others who may also wants the knowledge of the Nigerian Air Force Ranks and salary structure. We trust that this post has serve the purpose for which it was published.



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