N-Power Teach Test | N-Power Teach Test is ongoing for  Graduates and all those who applied for N- power teach.   following the current empowerment program. which is a major empowerment for Graduates and non graduates in Nigeria. Please follow the instructions carefully before sitting for N-Power Teach Test and do ensure you follow all relevant links to go to the test website for  N-Power Teach Test

How to Score High in N-Power Teach Test – Assessment Guidelines and Test Questions

Incase you did not know N power Teach test had started with numerous candidates who are flinging to write the test. The N-power Test has a different style unlike the N tax and N health test. The N-power teach test takes a different pattern and you need to have a full knowledge of N power teach test in other to pass  the exams and be short listed.

N-Power Teach Test
N-Power Teach Test

The pattern and organizational structure of N power teach test will be revealed in this article all you have to do is to continue to be in touch to the end of this article. We wish above all things that you emerge successfully in the ongoing N power Scheme.

Maybe you are having a problem with BVN validation and you cannot login to start writing your test.

Don’t Panic !

Log out and check back later. Don’t give up continue checking every day.

Just as I have said earlier, the N-Power Teach test is different from other categories and you are expected to answer all questions within 20 minutes, and then expected your select a device also.

Structure and Pattern Of N Power Teach Test

There is no particular number of questions for N- Power Teach Assessment. Recent findings have revealed that The N-Power Teach assessment test has different number of questions some being 12 some being four some questions count up to 13. People think that the N –power teach question is 11. Most questions in the current N power question has a total of 33 questions  questions (1st and second quiz attempt = 22 question, competence skill question= 10 and device selection = 1)

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Everything you need to Know to be Successful in The N-Teach Assessment Test.

You need to employ certain tools to be able to able to emerge successfully in the N power teach test. These tools include:

  • Speed and Accuracy is needed for a success in this exam due to the numerous numbers of questions Couple with the limited number of time.
  • You need a Strong knowledge of the national current affairs.
  • You need a good knowledge of database systems, programming and networking related skills.
  • You also need a Basic knowledge on animations, graphic designs and other computer related knowledge
  • When writing the test endeavor to have a Strong internet connection on the device you are using
  • Basic knowledge on the use of computer is also required
  • Basic knowledge of  English language
  • Basics Knowledge in calculations

Important Information

Some applicant’s login still shows BVN VALIDATION PROCESS IS ONGOING. This might be as a result of the validating machine seeing huge amount of money in your bank account and the account may be mistaken for a salary account. So we advise you not to have much cash in the account used during online registration.

N-Power Teach Test Questions

This article is to prepared your our reader for the 2017 N-Power Teach skill competency test ahead of time. Ensure you carefully ready and master/know the questions and their answers for your N-Teach assessment test.

For those of you who need the N power past Questions and Answers, this article below comprises of the current N power teach questions and answers. Studying these past Questions effectively will help you to understand the N power Teach test Very well and you will come out as the best in the test.

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Statistics have shown that more than 90 percent of the questions are being repeated randomly. Here is more than 30 N power teach Question for your test

Which of these is NOT a process of Animation
a. Walk Cycle
b. Lip Syncing
c. Inking
d. Plumbing
Answer: D

A PC based video editing software is?
a. Disk Manager
b. Premiere
c. Security Center
d. Avast
Answer: B

Generating movement by displaying a series of images using frames is called
a. Key Framing
b. Posing
c. Animating
d. Background Painting
Answer: C

Creating realistic sounds in animation is called?
a. Sound Creation
b. Editing
c. Foley
d. Inkling
Answer: C

The pictorial explanation of the script is known as
a. White Board
b. Picture Board
c. Storyboard
d. Story Line
Answer: D

Generating movement by displaying a series of images using frames is called
a. Key Framing
b. Posing
c. Animating
d. Background Painting
Answer: C

Which of these is not a rainbow color?
a. Black
b. Yellow
c. Blue
d. Red
Answer: A

When an image seems to close in on a person or object making the object appear bigger or smaller on screen, we call this
a. Focusing
b. Zooming
c. Paning
d. Arial Shot
Answer: B

Which of these is NOT a process of Animation
a. Plumbing
b. Inking
c. Lip Syncing
d. Walk Cycle
Answer: A

Which of these was not a painter?
a. Leonardo Da Vinci
b. Splinter Rhodes
c. Michael Angelo
d. Raphael Sanzio
Answer: B

In terms of animation, rendering means?
a. Sending the output
b. Modelling a character
c. Getting the output
d. Setting a light
Answer: B

The summary of a television program, film, or book that states the central conflict of the story, often providing both a synopsis of the story’s plot, and an emotional “hook” to stimulate interest IS CALLED
a. Log Line
b. Synopsis
c. Script
d. Summary
Answer: B

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Which of this is an animation?
a. Sounds of Music
b. Tom and Jerry
c. Tales by Moonlight
d. Barney and Friends
Answer: B

The final process of post-production is called?
a. Illustrating
b. Animating
c. Storyboarding
d. Rendering
Answer: C

Which of the following is not a post-production software
a. Andriod
b. Adobe After Effects
c. Fruity Loops
d. Adobe Premiere
Answer: A

Generating movement by displaying a series of images using frames is called
a. Background Painting
b. Posing
c. Key Framing
d. Animating
Answer: D

POV Means?
a. Point of View
b. Planet of Venus
c. Peace or War
d. Play of Variants
Answer: A

The characters who are physically present in the play or film are called
a. Screen Players
b. Directors
c. Cast
d. Players
Answer: C

The main classifications of animation are
a. 1D & 3D
b. 2D & 3D,
c. 1D & 2D,
d. 3D & 4D,
Answer: B

In the animated movie “snow white”, the animation was done on?
a. wood
b. Paper
c. computer
d. celluloid
Answer: D

Hope you were informed about N-Power Teach Test  and we believe that you will follow the above instructions carefully in sitting for N-Power Teach Test . What is your take on this update? Do you have any question or contribution about N-Power Teach Test  Please kindly drop it at the comment box below



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