Musbahu Bashir Net Worth- Biography And Age

Here is one post no readers should miss out on. In this post, we will be sharing with our readers some of the vital information they would like to know about.

What they are going to gain from her is information regarding one of the billionaires in Nigeria who shies away from the media. Information like this is the one that interests people which is a reason why we are sharing it with our readers.

However, there are many billionaires in Nigeria who choose to stay off camera but with their investment and vision, it is almost impossible to keep a low profile.

One such persons is Musbahu Bashir. He is a Nigerian billionaire with a low profile. Thus, not many people know about him until recently.

His engagement with the 5G network made him loud and caused people to start researching about him. Among the quest of people is how much it earns and makes.

For this reason, we have chosen to share with you all we know and have gathered regarding this entity. However, if you are among those who want to know about him then you are in the right post.

Also, you will also be getting to know his age, early life, wife and other information. Read to the end so as not to miss out on any valid detail regarding him.

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Musbahu Bashir

Related to this post, this section cannot be ignored. Here, readers are going to be getting to know him more.

However, the details to be shared here are exceptional and will be helpful to the readers. For the sake of those who want to know more about him. We have gathered a brief to know about this entity.

In this section, you will get to know him in a brief, his job and what made him trend on the social media face. Being that he was not much of a big name and out of the blue, he became one of the biggest stories online.

All these questions in your mind and more will be seen here. Alhaji Musbahu Bashir is influential and also the Chairman of the renowned Althani Group.

Althani Group has investments springing from baking to insurance, oil and gas, real estate, telecoms, Maritimes and aviation.

With this, readers should have an idea of how influential he is. His name became one of the biggest names in Nigeria when his company “Mafab Communication” outbid other communication companies for the acquisition of the license to operate the 5G network in Nigeria.

This is a shocking one as companies with bigger names and firms dropped during the deliberation process. However, after this move, people started researching him to know his age, net worth and other useful information.

As you have known the reason why he is trending, it is also ideal to know other information about him. Read the subsequent section of the post to find out more about him.

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Musbahu Bashir – Biography

Here is an important section of the post that all readers must know about. In this section of the post, we will be giving our readers some information they need to know.

However, what they will be getting from this post section is a piece of brief information regarding Musbahu.

Musbahu has become a trend in social media and a brief piece of information will do the readers a favour. However, we do not have all the information you need to know about his childhood but below is some of the information to know about him.

Musbahu Bashir Net Worth
Musbahu Bashir Net Worth

In addition to this, the billionaire has done many jobs in several companies and has also collaborated with them. Some companies he has worked with include;

  • Hammad Development Facilities in 1987
  • Jadai Diversified Services in 1989

After working for several companies, Musbahu started his own firm which is the telecommunication company he created.

The name of his telecommunication company is Mafab Communications.

Musbahu Bashir- Age

This is a subheading that many are crawling the net for. However, many want to know the age of this man. For the reason of our readers, we are going to be sharing with them the age of Musbahu Bashir.

Musbuhu is an elderly man and a well-respected entity in Kano and Nigeria at large. He is the owner of the Mafab communication company.

However, tracing back to his biography, you can see that he had worked in several companies in the late 90s. We do not have the exact age of this entity but we will do our best to update you when we have his birth date.

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For now, all we know is that Musbahu should be in his 50s or 60s.

Musbahu Bashir Net Worth

We have reached the last subheading for this post.  In this section, we are going to be giving our readers another important piece of information.

What we are going to be giving to our readers in this post is information regarding his net worth. As a wealthy person, many are concerned about his net worth.

For this reason, we have decided to brief you regarding his net worth.  With his recent investment and possession, Musbahu has accumulated an estimated net worth of $350 million US Dollars.

With all this money in his possession, Musbahu has decided to keep a low profile and this profile was unveiled with his recent investment and achievement.


The life of Musbahu remains an inspiration to many and youths of this generation choose to keep a low profile.

To know more regarding Musbahu, drop a comment in the section below and we will give a response to you once we get to see it.



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