MTN Midnight Plan 2019 | MTN Night Plan and Subscription Code

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If you are using MTN, please also subscribe to MTN Midnight Plan 2019 to access the 2019 Mtn night plans and subscription code. You will receive the right mtn night plan code 2019 from our post to be able to activate the MTN night plan and you should note that this data plan is among the latest browsing cheat

MTN Midnight Plan 2019

MTN Midnight Plan 2019

Please do well to check our post on the necessary guide and step by step guide on how you can subscribe to the mtn night plan 2019.

With this post, you will learn the right tariff plan to use and have a successful subscription and the right mtn night plan code 2019 for each of the Tariff that you are using.

You will get answers to the question if all the sim card actually approve the subscription code and if you can subscribe for the MTN 1.5gb night plan with any sim card.

You will know the validity of each of the subscription which you will be subscribing to with the MTN night plan cheat 2019.

There is a recent updates on the MTN night plan 2019 and hence we have seen the need to get you the latest subscription code for the approved and the known MTN Midnight Plan 2019.

On this post you will be exposed the step by step guide to have the MTN night plan and subscription and thus the need to read this post to the end.

You will see how you can check the MTN Midnight Plan 2019 balance with  your device and how you can check the data plan.

The airtel night plan for 25 naira is not the same as both network has it’s for the night.

MTN Midnight Plan 2019.

The next step is to check for the subscription and how to have a successful subscription after completing the transaction.

The MTN midnight plan is very important for users of MTN to subscribe and this will help to abort some unlimited  spending and will reduce the cost of subscription on this post that we have mad eon the MTN Midnight Plan 2019

We will urge you to  read this post to the end and understand how to activate the MTN data bundle.

Most time activating this bundle can be very easy than you think with the right amount of information and here we have crafted this piece to get you inform on the MTN Midnight Plan 2019.

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There are some things that worked in previous years that may not really worked in the present age and having an updated knowledge of it is an advantage.

With the MTN midnight plan, you will receive a data bundle and with this data bundle you will just be able to surf the internet with about 1.5Gb which you will be given to browse the internet.

In most cases, the MTN Midnight Plan 2019 has posted lots of problem to those that wants to subscribe and with this they don’t really know how to do the MTN Subscription.

This midnight plan for MTN is not a cheat but a recommend and legalized data plan which MTN users have adopted and that’s why we have seen the need to get you inform on the Midnight subscription code and how to check mtn night plan data balance.

Note that before dialing the mtn night plan 2019 code, you should at least have the minimum amount of money required to be able to do the subscription.

mtn night plan code 2019

MTN Midnight Plan 2019

MTN Midnight Plan 2019

Like we mentioned earlier that this browsing code and subscription code is not among the MTN cheat plan,  but the MTN night plan like the airtel data night plan 2019 is popularly known and MTN has accepted it and with this data plan, you can browse easily and subscribe directly.

We are not writing this post to get you inform on glo night plan, or code for glo night plan 2019 ch**t but this code is to show you the mtn night data plan 2019 and how to subscribe to it with the simple step which you will see in our post below.

You can also have the mtn 1gb night plan code and the mtn 1.5gb night plan 2019 code to subscribe to any of the mtn data plan mentioned above.

I most cases, subscribing to MTN Midnight Plan 2019, I do generally advise that you use the MTN 1.5Gb for browsing the internet among other data plans.

MTN Midnight Plan 2019 250MB for N25

MTN users have use the mid night data plan and have enjoyed this plan. One the inception of the MTN midnight data plan, the plan was given at N25 for 500MB and this only lasted from 2016 to 2018.

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This data plan was cut downed that N25 now gives you 250 MB instead of 500MB and this recent update has affected the numerous fans of MTN night plans. This midnight plan works on any devices and browsing is done all through the night from 00: 00 to about 4.00am

When airtel unlimited night data was no longer in use as it was scrapped, the MTN midnight data plan was important and night browsers now turn to using the MTN data plan.

Seeing that the company is losing users through the night plan, the company decide to revised it’s data bundle and gie it in two form.

This again attracted users to MTN who were fan to MTN night plan and we will review the two MTN Midnight Plan 2019 packages showing the necessary step to go about its subscriptions.

Which Tarrif Plan can I use for MTN night Plan

The MTN data plan works perfectly on MTN an MTN sim card that is on MTN pulse and this subscription to the night plan requires MTN users to migrate to Mpulse tariff plan and enjoy unlimited night browsing.

Migration to MTN mpulse is totally free but you will have to pay a token when you hae subscribed out and you want to subscribe again.

MTN mpulse works perfectly on all sim cards regardless of the sim card that you are using  you can have a full package of MTN mpulse and it works successfully on your device.

Please see this article on MTN mpulse that gives you full details of the tariff plan as well as the migration code. You will also see the benefits of migration to MTN Mpulse.

How to subscribe to MTN Data plan

With code

  • Dail *406# on your device with an MTN sim card
  • You will see a prompt instructions, please reply with 4
  • You will see 125MB for N25 and 250MB for N50
  • Please reply with 1 to get 125MB or you reply with 2 to get 500 MB or your device.

With Text Message (SMS)

  • You can either subscribe to either 125MB or 250MB at the same stated amount
  • For 125MB, please text N125 for 25 naira to 131
  • For 250MB for 50 naira, please text N250 to 131
  • All text messages should be sent to 131 and awaits MTN’s prompt instructions.

This night plan allows you to browse the internet and also allows you to do unlimited downloaded you can also surf YouTube to download any video even from sites like O2Tv and watch any videos with the MTN night plan.

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There is still hope that MTN will review it’s data plan for users and users will get to subscribe to the old data plan of having 500MB for N50 and you cannot do MTN transfer data with this plan.

The MTN Midnight Plan 2019 is unlimited that’s to say there is no restriction until you have used up the data plan given to you.

How to Check MTN Night Plan Balance

To check the MTN midnight data plan, you should dial the simple code which with this code, you will have to check the data balance for MTN midnight data plan.

To quickly check the MTN Midnight Plan balance, please dial *559*96# and with this you will be able to check the data balance if you are browsing with the MTN data balance

5 Things to note on MTB night plan balance

  1. This data plan works per sim card and that’s to say for one night, you can only use the one sim card
  2. You will only be able to browse with the MTN Mid night plan after 12am of your subscription therefore, in the nutshell, we recommend that you subscribe to the night plan from 12.10
  3. You can use as many line as possible to subscribe, but this lines should be on MTN mPulse.
  4. The data plan stops working from 4am and you will browse the internet from 12 to after subscription.
  5. This night plan can be used continuously daily and without having a minimum amount of N25 and N50

Is the data plan for MTN not really working? Let us know your challenge using the MTN Midnight Plan 2019 and you can also ask your questions with the comment box below.

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