MTN Graduate Recruitment List of Shortlisted Applicants 2019

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We have seen the need to inform all those that applied for the MTN Graduate recruitment about the MTN Graduate Recruitment List of Shortlisted Applicants. Applicants can now check if they have been shortlisted for the 2019 graduate recruitment.

MTN Graduate Recruitment List

MTN Graduate Recruitment List

This post will let you know about the MTN Graduate Recruitment List of Shortlisted Applicants and how to check if your names are among the list of all shortlisted applicants for all applicants.

From this post we will also let you know the updated MTN Nigeria graduate trainee interview questions and the necessary step by step following in passing the MTN Nigeria recruitment process.

It is from this guide that all questions regarding the MTN Nigerian Graduate recruitment list of all shortlisted applicants.

There are step by step guide to follow and possible and likely MTN Nigeria interview questions. This post will give you a guide on how to check all those that are shortlisted for the programme.

If you are reading this post, it therefore means that you applied for  the MTN recruitment and you want to know some MTN Nigeria aptitude test questions and answers as well as know if you have been shortlisted for the interview exercise that is coming up soon.

All shortlisted applicants that are ready for the interview questions should endeavor to take note of the MTN Nigeria interview format and the nature for which the question will go.

MTN is a large company having its branches across the 36 states of Nigeria as a whole and thus there is need it get more hands to work with MTN Nigeria in providing adequate and important service for more customer and quality service delivery. It’s data service is amazing and it is important to inform you that MTN has one of the best MTN Data Plans

If you had applied for this Job, it is an exciting thing to know that the MTN Nigeria graduate trainee salary is very attractive. MTN is one of those very few companies that pay her young graduate good some of money as salaries.

Things to know About MTN Nigeria of Nigeria During interview

It is important to take note of certain while you are preparing for the interview and as you have done the candidate shortlists checklist for MTN and you have seen your name, it is important for you to note the MTN Nigeria interview questions and other things to pay attention to during the interview exercise.

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It is important to take note of these things among every other things as this will be a bench mark to judge if you will be considered or not.

Below are the following things to take note;

  1. Your Dressing Matters.

This is an important step and as a graduate, you of course know by now that one of the ways of getting a job is by dressing smart. If you have checked the MTN Graduate Recruitment List of Shortlisted Applicants and you have seen your name, it is height point that you dress smart for the interview exercise.

  1. Punctuality matters

While you are going for the interview, you should be punctual and go to the interview time on time so as to secure your place. It MTN Nigeria, punctuality is the key and all MTN Shortlisted candidates for Graduate recruitment should please take note of the fact that their punctuality towards this recruitment exercise matters a lot.

  1. Convenience with the Your Interview schedule

While you have checked the MTN Graduate Recruitment List of Shortlisted Applicants, it is however advisable that you should be comfortable with your interview schedule so as to know when the interview date is and know how to apply for it.

It is one thing to know the interview date and another thing to know the venue for the interview. All shortlisted applicants will be sent mail containing their interview schedule.

  1. Be updated about Telecommunication

Though this allows different department and different persons of different discipline to apply for the recruitment exercise, it is however of essence and important to let you know that you will also need so knowledge and idea about Telecommunication in Nigeria.

MTN Nigeria is all about telecommunication, and applicants may be asked questions regarding to telecommunication and ICT.

  1. Study Previous Interview Questions
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The study of the previous interview questions will also help you to scale through as one whose names appear at the MTN Graduate Recruitment List of Shortlisted candidates.

The previous interview questions and answers will help you to know the format and have the examination structure with you and thus it is clearly evidential that those who study the past examinations questions and answers do emerge as those screened successfully.

We have in our selves the updated MTN Nigeria Interview questions for you to study as the interview draws nearer every day. By studying this past questions and answers you will get ahead.

Shortlisted Candidates for MTN Graduate Recruitment 2019

MTN Nigeria interview 2018 was very simple, but yet a lots of applicants did not still make it to the final list of shortlisted applicants.

By following the steps as shown in our post, you will be able to check all those that have been shortlisted for the interview exercise. In this post, we have the full list of all shortlisted applicants and the necessary steps to follow and know how to check the list.

This recruitment exercise was open for graduates and currently, the interview exercise and the final list of shortlisted applicant for interview is made known in our post.

All applicants will be trained at the MTN Nigeria training school to fit into the market and be able to work in a small community.

We wants all our readers to know that the final MTN Graduate Recruitment List of Shortlisted Applicants is out and there are certain steps to follow to check the list of all those shortlisted for interview.

We wrote this post so as to help all the shortlisted applicants to know the exact date for the MTN Nigeria and for them to know about the interview date and how to check the list of shortlisted applicants.

MTN Also makes available it’s MTN  master’s scholarship and other tuition scholarship for application which you can apply for it

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MTN Nigeria Interview Dates and MTN Graduate Recruitment List of Shortlisted Applicants

All shortlisted applicants are informed through mail about the list of all shortlisted applicants. The List of all Shortlisted applicant is made known in our post, but shortlisted applicants are communicated on how they can check their different interview dates as seen on the mail.

Do not think that the interview dates for MTN Nigeria is the same, for MTN Nigeria, the Interview dates varies depending on the category which you applied for at the just concluded MTN Nigeria Recruitment.

From our MTN Nigeria employee reviews, which we notice, we can say that the company pays well as far as you are applying as graduates.

The interview dates will be made known in due course for all applicants to present themselves for the MTN Nigeria aptitude test pdf.

How to Check Names of Shortlisted Candidates for Interview 2019 for MTN 2019

  • Visit the official MTN Portal at
  • Click on check shortlisted names to check the top right hand corner of the site
  • There is an attached file at the shortlisted candidates column
  • Click on it to open the pdf attached file
  • Scroll up and down to check for your names and know if your name is among the MTN Graduate Recruitment List of Shortlisted Applicants

MTN Nigeria is one company that has aided the development of Nigeria since it’s came into Nigeria and by providing various MTN Postgraduates and undergraduates scholarship, they have impacted much into the Nigerian Educational sector.

We wrote this post to inform you about the MTN Graduate Recruitment List of Shortlisted Candidates and one can check the list of all those shortlisted for interview.

Do you have any question or contribution, please let us know as you drop it at the comment box below.

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