Mtn Beta Talk Migration Code and How to Opt Out | How to Migrate to Mtn Beta Talk

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This post covers the article mtn beta talk migration code to teach you more about the

best mtn tariff plan 2020 which is Mtn Pulse. Please follow this piece and read to the end and get update information on this post below.

mtn migration codes is one difficult thing which people don’t really know. This post is what we have written on mtn beta talk migration code which will give you the needed information and will show you how to migrate to MTN beta talk.

Mtn Beta Talk Migration Code

Mtn Beta Talk Migration Code

Mtn Beta talk happens to be one of the best Mtn tariff plan 2020 which people wants to know how to migrate to and know the how to migrate to this plan. According to research, more than 60  percent of MTN users are on the plan MTN beta and more people wants to migrate to Mtn  Beta talk on a daily basis, hence the need to write this article on Mtn beta talk Migration code.

We have written other additional guide on Mtn like how to migrate to mtn pulse which people have learned enough about it and we were move to write this article on this post.

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We have written this article to cover certain series on Mtn Beta talk and to answer Questions like how to check mtn beta talk bonus balance and how to how to cancel mtn beta talk all this will be shown in this article On Mtn Beta talk and mtn beta talk migration code

Please don’t get confuse yourself, Mtn Smooth talk, mtn trutalk, Mtn Pulse tariff plan is not the same as Mtn Beta talk, there are different tarrif plan and they have different migration code, so the question of how to migrate to mtn smooth talk will be answered in our next article.

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Mtn Beta Talk Migration Code : Code for Mtn Beta Talk

If you are looking for the code for migration code for various Mtn tarrif Plans such as mtn true talk and how to migrate to it is one portal that will keep you informed about them. After migrating to this data plan, you may want to migrate out and hence you need to know how to opt out of mtn beta talk, which we will keep you posted in this article all this in the article; mtn beta talk migration code.

Among other Migrations such codes for Mtn Pulse, Mtn Smooth talk, Mtn True talk and other Mtn tariff plans, Mtn Beta talk happens to be the cheapest mtn tariff plan 2020 and it is still the best in 2020

How to Migrate to Mtn Beta talk | Mtn Beta Talk Migration Code

To migrate and enjoy this service simply Dial or Text the following codes below

To pass to this new rate of MTN, just dial *123*2*6# or text BT to 131. As you can see, MTN beta talk is an excellent tariff, which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of mobile communication without overpayments.

Benefits of Mtn Beta Talk

In this tariff plan, you will experience the following;

  1. National calls will be charged at the rate of N25.20/minute (42k/sec) from the customer’s main account and N27/minute (45k/sec) from the bonus account.
  2. NB: (National Calls & National SMS means calls & SMS to all networks in Nigeria i.e. On-net and Off-net calls and SMS)
  1. All National calls, SMS and Data will be charged from the customer’s main account as soon as the bonus airtime is exhausted or expires.
  2. International calls, International SMS and Data while roaming will be charged from the customer’s main account only at the prevailing international rate.
  3. Remuneration in the form of 200% of broadcasting time in case of account replenishment for N100 and more,
  4. Bonus time for air lasts within a week,
  5. Bonus broadcasting time will be available to call all over the country, local SMS, and the data of PAYG,
  6. When you recharge on the rate of MTN beginning with N100 or above, you receive 10 MB of data within 7 days.
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how to check mtn beta talk bonus balance

There are different ways on how to check Mtn beta talk balance and there are maily three ways to this and it can be seen below:

Method One

This method is known as the Direct USSD code and to check your Mtn beta talk balance via this method you have to simply dial *131*4# and your data balance would appear. However, to view your Mtn Beta talk data bonus you have to simply dial *559#

Method 2

Another Method of doing this is through the SMS method. In this method you will have to send an sms to a number and the information containing your data balance will be sent to your phone. This is how it is done

  • Go to your create message session of your phone and Compose sms with the text 2.
  • Send it to 131
  • After you must have successfully sent it, you’ll receive an immediate reply stating:

You will receive an sms with a sample like this;
“Y’ello! Your request has been received and is being processed. You will receive a response shortly. Please don’t resend your request. Thank you!”.

Method 3

This method is known as the *131# USSD code Method. With this code you can check all Mtn Data balances and purchase data of any amount.

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This is how to check your Mtn Bata Talk balance using this code;

  • Dial *131# on your phone and press send and you’ll be taken to a USSD Menu.
  • On the USSD Menu, select 4, which is for checking data balance and press send.
  • Your current data balance would appear on your phone’s screen immediately.

           How to opt out of mtn beta talk

To opt out from the Mtn beta talk plan, is very simple, but many people don’t know. To opt out you have to simply send stop to 131 or better still you can dial *400# to migrate to Mtn True talk or get to know other migration codes for other cheap tariff plans.

The above steps are the code to cancel mtn beta talk or code to opt out of mtn betatalk

mtn Beta talk deactivation codes is not really given but you can do either of those things mentioned above instead of searching everywhere for how to deactivate mtn beta talk.

There might be other mtn beta talk cheat and other information related to Mtn beta talk. The information here is updated for this year and we sourced it directly from the Management of Mtn.

What has been your challenge with the mtn beta talk migration code? Do you have any question on contribution on how to migrate to Mtn Beta talk, please kindly comment on it in this article and we will address it appropriately.

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