Lasu School Fees for New Students and Postgraduates 2018/19 | How much is Lasu School fees

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Information is power and before you are misinformed about Lasu School Fees, you need to read this post to the end so that you will know the exact fees paid by the Lagos State University for different levels and different programs.

Lasu School Fees

Lasu School Fees

There are numerous post online which talks on Lasu School Fees, but a lot of them have failed to give the recent info on Lasu Current school Fees our major concentration this week is to get you informed on the exact Lasu School Fees that you will also know  How much is Lasu School fees.

Though the school is manage and run by the state government, Lasu University School fees for non-indigent is not really hard as any common person in the society can afford the fee for Lasu School.

It is one thing to have information and another thing to have the latest information as regards to a particular subject matter. We have written a series on School fees payment and we wrote on OAU Fees schedule.  Article here is on the current lasu school fees 2018/19 released by the school for both post Graduates and under graduates and the post here is not outdated information but the fees schedule for lasu school fees 2018/19.

Lagos State University for Different Faculties

Faculty Of Arts

  1. European Languages (French and Russian) – 113,250
  2. Creative Art: Music – N113,250
  3. Creative Art: Theatre Arts -N113,250
  4. Creative Art: Visual Arts – N113,250
  5. History – N113,250
  6. Philosophy -N113,250
  7. Linguistics, African and Asian – N113,250
  8. English Literature – N113,250
  9. English Language – N113,250



  1. Transport Planning and Management – N113,250
  2. Public and international affairs – N113,250
  3. Sociology – N113,250
  4. Psychology – N113,250
  5. Social Works                                 – N113,250
  6. Political Science – N113,250
  7. Mass Communication and Journalism – N113,250
  8. Economics – N113,250
  9. Business Administration – N113,250
  10. Finance – N113,250
  11. Management -N113,250
  12. Accounting -N113,250
  13. Insurance – N113,250
  14. Industrial relations and personnel management -N113,250
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  1. Jurisprudence and International Law – N115,750
  2. Legal Studies – N115,750
  3. Private and Property Law – N115,750
  4. Islamic Law -N115,750
  5. Public Law                                       -N115,750
  6. Commercial and Industrial Law -N115,750



  1. Fishery Sciences                               -N115,750
  2. Biology -N115,750
  3. Microbiology – N115,750
  4. Botany – N115,750
  5. Zoology – N115,750
  6. Computer Science – N115,750
  7. Chemistry                                   – N115,750
  8. Physics – N115,750
  9. Mathematics and Statistics – N115,750


  1. Mechanical Engineering – N115,750
  2. Electronic and Computer Engineering -N115,750
  3. Chemical and Polymer Engineering -N115,750


  1. Sociology of Education – N113,250
  2. Physiology of Education – N113,250
  3. Education Psychology -N113,250
  4. Educational Administration and Planning – N113,250
  5. Curriculum Theory -N113,250
  6. Religious Education -N113,250
  7. Islamic Studies Education – N113,250
  8. Christian Religious Studies -N113,250
  9. Yoruba Education         – N113,250
  10. French Education -N113,250
  11. English Literature Education -N113,250
  12. English Education -N113,250
  13. Business Education -N113,250
  14. Technology Education -N113,250
  15. Home Economics Education -N113,250
  16. Sports Administration/Management – N113,250
  17. Exercise Physiology – N113,250
  18. Human Kinetics and Health Education -N113,250
  19. History Education -N113,250
  20. Geography Education -N113,250
  21. Social Studies Education -N113,250
  22. Integrated Science Education -N113,250
  23. Chemistry Education -N113,250
  24. Biology Education             -N113,250
  25. Adult Literacy and Non Formal Education -N113,250
  26. Adult Education -N113,250
  27. Adult Education Management -N113,250
  28. Guidance and Counseling -N113,250



  1. Dentistry – N115,750
  2. Medicine and Surgery -N115,750


  1. Biochemistry – N115,750
  2. Physiology – N115,750


Lasu School Fees Portal

All fees payment should be made at the school portal which is and before you proceed to make payments, you will have to know how much is lasu school fees is for the current academic session.

And below in this post, you will find both lasu school fees for fresher 2018 and returning studenst for both post graduates and undergraduates. Before questions are asked on how much is lasu part time school fees please note that Lasu school fees for part-time students differs from the fee payments for regular students.

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On important fee which should be made for all fresh students is the lasu acceptance fee 2018/2019 before making another payments, you will have to make the acceptance fee payments even before proceeding to pay for lasu hostel fee.

New students who don’t plan well do have a problem with finance because the spent more than the budgeted because of how they were misinformed about the current fee payments for lasu school fees 2018/2019

lasu School Fees for Freshers 2018/2019

After seeing your name in the Lasu admission List, There is need to also inform you of the lasu school fees for fresher 2018/2019 and not only the exact amount which should be made for the lasu acceptance fee payment.

In recent times, things have changed and Lasu School Fees payment for both tuition fees and acceptance fee payments are now made online without going through the stress of going to the bank or stand on the cue.

Before you can have access to the lasu portal you have to first obtain an authority to pay and have your profile/bio-data created at the portal even before proceeding to make payment of even before you can do lasu course registration.

After picking up the Lasu Post UTME Form and successfully gaining admission, you will have to answer the question; how much is lasu school fees now for fresher and also the question they ask on how much is lasu acceptance fee because the breakdown below will show you how much is obtained in the Lagos state University for New students.

For new students, please note that lasu acceptance fee payment portal is not different from the main tuition fee payment where you can also proceed to do lasu school fees payment this is the same thing applicable for Unilag Fee Payment 

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As a new student who wants to pay Lasu School Fees, please don’t try to process the lasu school fees payment yourself except you have a full knowledge of making payments online. You can make your fee payments with the help of cyber café attendants.

Lasu Sandwich School Fee

It is not only for new students (undergraduates) and post graduates Lasu School Fees, it is also pertinent to give you the current Lasu sandwich School fee for all students who obtained the lasu part time form 2018/2019

All fee payments should be made at the official Lasu portal even if it payment for Lasu sandwich programme. It is very easy to make payment for lasu school fees payment even as a student of Lasu sandwich.

The official Lasu School Fees as been released in this post for all new and returning students of the Lagos State University. The school fees payments for Lasu does not include lasu male hostel and lasu female hostel but a fee for the hostel for Lagos State University is paid separately. The payment for lasu hostel accommodation is also paid at the bank.

Hope you have been informed about the official Lasu School Fees for both new students and returning students. Do you have any question or contribution about the above topic? Please use the comment box below and drop your comment.

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