Landmark University School Fees 2020/2021 – Hostel School Fees and Medicine and Surgery School Fees

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You have been wanting to know the exact amount of money paid in Landmark University, then follow this post to get the detailed Landmark University School Fees for 2020/2021

Due to the hike and current recession, there is no doubt that the prices of lots of things have changed and tuition fees is not an exception.

In Economy during recession and price hike, we can categorically tell that most private sectors are those which radically for price hike as compared to a public firm this happens to most African countries.

Landmark University School Fees

Landmark University School Fees

There is indeed an increase in the tuition fees of most private universities and Landmark University is not an exception as this school offers the best.

Did you know?

That a new school fees schedule for Landmark University was implemented and it is up to everyone to know the new school fees breakdown which shows the complete school fees of Landmark University.

Proper information has been disseminated to all scholars of Landmark University to note the new school fees starting from this academic session.

If you are also a new student, this know and information are important to you so you know the right amount of money which will go for the tuition as the institution commences lectures.

About Landmark University

Landmark University is one of the best private University owned by Bishop David Oyedepo who is also the Chancellor and president of Covenant University.

Landmark has maintained its standards and current ranking is awe as many are still wondering how in no

time, the school had been ranked to be among the first 5 best universities in Nigeria and it has an uninterrupted academic calendar

The school is widely known and celebrated for excellence among students and it has a fully functional and best facilities and tools to promote thorough practical learning in various courses.

The University is aimed and has a major mission of boosting agricultural production in West Africa and Africa at large and it will serve as a remedy to mitigate and improved agricultural boast for an effective economy.

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All students in Landmark university are urged to take agriculture as a major course in the school and by this, the university is set to retain the agricultural glory of Nigerian economy before the discovery of oil in the 1970s.

There are various agricultural courses in Nigeria which are offered by students of landmark university and this stands out among other courses in the school.

The school produces all her consumable items both in industrial and mankind means and even export to other places.

Students of Landmark University are also exposed to craftsmanship skills such as bread making, hand sanitizer production, automobile works, fashion design, soap and cream making and others.

Landmark University School fees for Nigerian Students in Naira

This School fees schedule for Nigerian students which is seen below is in naira and we have given a breakdown of the amount obtained in the school as well as the school fees schedule for different courses as arrange alphabetically and serially.

Please you should note that the detail for one course is not the same for another as each course has a different breakdown.

Just Covenant University Courses, the breakdown of courses is done in column one and column two. The second column shows a breakdown in dollars and is basically for international students.

CoursesTotal Utility KC Dev and Lab in NairaTotal Acad Support Service in NairaOthers in NairaGrand Total of School Fees in Naira
General Agric courses485,50065,00039,000599,000
Agric Engineering475,00065,00039,000591,000
Banking and Finance405,00065,00039,000569,000
Business Administration405,00065,00039,000569,000
Computer Science465,00065,00039,000629,000
Engineering courses505,00065,00039,000669,000
Industrial Chemistry406,00065,00039,000570,000
Industrial Mathematics406,00065,00039,000570,000
Industrial Physics406,00065,00039,000570,000
International relations425,00065,00039,000589,000
Political Science392,00065,00039,000556,000
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Landmark University School Fees for International Students in Dollars


CoursesTotal Utility KC Dev and Lab in dollarsTotal Acad Support Service in dollarsOthers in NairaGrand Total of School Fees in dollars
General Agric courses1,5542321392,139
Agric Engineering1,6962321392,282
Banking and Finance1,4462321392,035
Business Administration1,4462321392,035
Computer Science1,6612321392,248
Engineering courses1,80465,00039,0002,389
Industrial Chemistry1,45065,00039,0002,036
Industrial Mathematics1,45065,00039,0002,036
Industrial Physics1,45065,00039,0002,036
International relations1,58165,00039,0002,104
Political Science1,40065,00039,0001,986


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The above School fees schedule for Landmark University is a schedule for both International Students and Other students in Nigeria. We have tried to keep both school fees schedule for other students outside the country.

The conversions are adequate and we have given you the result in dollars which also includes the total school fees for year one students.

In our list above, you should know that the school fees schedule which has been stated above is for 100 Level students within and outside Nigeria.

We have not compiled a list of the school fees schedule for Other levels from 200 to 500 because we expect that returning students are given the full information regarding the school fees schedule of next session for the school.

Though we have given a breakdown, we have not given a detailed breakdown of the school fees as only the total sum for each is taken for the table above and you can see a description of Landmark university school fees above.

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Landmark university school fees for Medicine and Surgery and Law

We are not certain if landmark university offers medicine and surgery and law and they do the school fees for medicine and surgery will not differ much with engineering courses which are between N669,000 to N700,000 in naira and for international students, candidates will have to pay between $2,389 to $2,500 for a session.

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However, the above-mentioned fees schedule for medicine and surgery and Law is subject to a review by the school authority.

Medicine and Surgery students will pay more because of the rigorous stress and practical’s involved in this course

In conclusion, we have given you a full breakdown of the landmark university school fees and you will get to know the right amount of paid-in Landmark University for a different course.

We have given this post according to the various courses which you may desire to study including medicine and surgery and law.

If you had chosen landmark University, you have made a great choice as this is one of the best institutions with excellence and qualitative education.

Please also note that the tuition fees for all those on scholarship are different from the main school fees. If you on scholarship and you don’t know the right amount of money to pay or which has been waived off, then you should contact the school administration for detailed information.

If you also have been looking for the right amount which is been paid in the school for Medicine and Surgery, then check above for the detailed information on landmark university school fees for various courses.

We will update this post on regularly as the fee schedule for Landmark University changes with time.

If you have any question to make towards this post, feel free to make it as a comment below and don’t forget to share this post.



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