Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps Salary 2021| How Much is LSNSC Salary Structure

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The 2019 and 2020 Lagos state Neighbourhood Safety Corps Salary has been reviewed and you will have the correct salary structure for LSNSC and know how much staff of LSNSC is paid.

Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps Salary

Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps Salary

Like KDF Salary Structure, this post has been a concern and that’s why we have written it to get you informed and let you know the 5right amount that LSNSare paid.

Having the right information on Lagos state Neighbourhood Safety Corps Salary is important and hence we have given you the full information which will help you to know before applying for this recruitment.

It is not just about applying for such recruitment through the Lagos state neighbourhood safety corps website, but what is important id for you to know how if working with LSNSC will be able to fit your demands in terms of the salary paid.

The basic amount paid by LNSC through their salary structure is what we will be writing this post on because we have recognize the important to know LNSC salary having the full knowledge of salary paid by LSNSC is what this post is all about.

Before even knowing how to join and process your application, ensure that you have gone through the important information concerning the application guide for LNSC.

We know that the main thing which will help you to know more about their salary is knowing their different grade levels and ranks which you are employed to to work with LNSC.

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LNSC Salary 2021/2022

Having to know how to apply for LNSC is not just enough, but we have to state that if you are not employed to the very good rank, you may not be entitle to a salary structure for LNSC.

Just know that your salry depends on the rank and the nature of your Job as one of the workers working for Lagos State Neigbourbood safety corps.

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The attached table in this post content the full Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps Salary and reading to the will give you the necessary information which you want to know and have.

LNSC salary structure has been shown in this post and the knowledge of it will help you to know what you are applying for.

The 2021/2022 recruitment is coming and before many persons should apply for the recruitment lots of persons are very much interested in the LNSC salary.

If your names come up in the full list of LNSC recruitment 2021 shortlisted applicants, we will let you know and you will be able to check your name in the list of shortlisted candidates.

There are so many duties of LNSC and this warrant to the amount which they are being paid for working for Lagos State Neigbourhood Saftey Corps.

All those that have received their training and have recently be employed will be given a starting incentives which will enable to complete the training thereafter they will be on the normal salary payroll of Lagos neighbourhood safety corps recruitment.

LNSC Ranks and Salary

We know that lots of or readers are very much interested in knowing how to check shortlisted applicants and also how to know LNSC rank and salary structure.

Please note that after you have join the LNSC you will be paid according to the rank which you are promoted and in most cases, this ranks is dependent on the position which you had applied for.

It is our nature to give you the necessary information regarding LNSC recruitment      and this guide is important for all those that have wishing to work with Lagos state neighborhood safety corps.

It is not just about applying for Lagos state neighborhood safety corps 2021, but the necessary guide on Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps Salary is given in this post to help.

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All application is done at the LNSC recruitment portal, but in most cases you will not really find information regarding Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps Salary and the ranks for LNSC.           

Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps Salary 2021/2022 Stricture and Allowances

Aside from the normal salary paid to LNSC workers, thee workers are also entitle to certain allowance paid to the workers by the Lagos state government.

These corps is concern in providing adequate security in Lagos state and they have a versatile kind of work that cut across the city of Lagos.

This post on Lagos State Neighborhood Safety Corps Salary 2021/2022 enlightens you on the current price of Lagos Neigbourhood Corps  and thus by providing you with adequate information on this you will be able to make the decision whether to join LNSC because of their lucrative salary structure.

Since the inception of Lagos State Neigbourhood Safety Corps, this group has created thousands of jobs to people as the operate in about 56 Local Council Development Areas.

This Job is relative to that of Nigerian Civil Defence Recruitment, but the concentration only at about 20 Local Governments in Lagos including ikeja.

Due to the complexity and heterogeneous work pattern, many applicants seeks to Know about LNSC Salary and this post will do exactly that by updating you on the correct salary structure  for LNSC.

Full LNSC Salary Stricture

S/N Qualifications LNSC Salary in Naira excluding allowances
SSCE/WASSC, NECO,GCE and others N19,500
OND N25,000
BSc, HND and B.a N53,000



There have been so many arguments regarding the actual salary structure for those working with LNSC. In a bid to know their Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps Salary 2021/2022, we have gone on research regarding the actual and the full salary structure for workers and those who are expecting to know the salary for LNSC.

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The actual salary paid by the Government to LNSC workers is not really much; however, it all depends on the qualification of n applicants or a worker.

Those paid in LNSC jobs are paid according to their qualification and what the certificate which they use in their application for this Job.

That is not all, workers are also entitle to an amazing allowances in addition to the salary structure paid by the State Government.

It is important to also note that Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps Salary 2021/2022 is paid on time and the agencies do not owe their workers in anyway due to the sensitivity of their Job.

In most cases, salary is paid to the bank for workers even before the due time and this is done monthly.

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Job Description for LNSC Recruitment

The Job description for all those working with LNSC includes the following:

  1. Protect lives and properties
  2. Arrest criminals
  3. Gives vital information regarding corps or planed crime
  4. Bring law breakers to justice
  5. Work day and night to ensure peace in a particular area of duty.
  6. Patrol the area of duty on daily basics


If you have any question to ask regarding this post on Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps Salary 2021/2022 Stricture to know the full LNSC salary structure for 2021 2022, please do well to drop it at the comment box below and we will provide a direct answer to the question asked.

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  1. Ajao Dolapo Jumoke says:

    1.Why NCE .is not mentioned in the Rank.
    2.Can NCE apply for the job

  2. Ajao Dolapo Jumoke says:

    Why NCE is not mentioned in the Rank
    Can NCE apply for the job..thanks

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    Please when is the LNSC recruitment portal will be opened to apply?

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