Kunle Adeyanju Biker, – Update, Biography and Route

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Kunle Adeyanju biker, – Update, Biography and Route

Kunle Adeyanju’s story is one of the trendiest stories all readers and adventure lovers should know about. His story arises to be one of the most shocking.

Kunle Adeyanju became very popular after a tweet he made that he will travel from London to Lagos with his motorbike.

Kunle Adeyanju Biker

Kunle Adeyanju Biker

Many found it amusing as they thought it is impossible for one to do this. In this post, you will get to know everything regarding this man starting from his Biography, Education, Occupation, Early life and many other related details.

If you have no idea about this man; this post will also provide you with all the details you will need to know.

Kunle Adeyanju biker- Biography

The biography of this amazing biker is one section of the post that should not be excluded. In this section, you will get a review of his life.

Kunle Adeyanju is a Nigerian who lives in London. His tweet on the tweeter platform got everyone abused as one could risk his life to travel for days from London to Lagos (Nigeria).

The distance from London to Nigeria is about 12, 000km and he plans to cover this distance. Kunle Adeyanju is a man who likes taking on challenges.

He has taken other random challenges on the media for a good sum reward. The reason behind him doing this is not selfish.

His main aim is to help the poor and get rid of the notorious disease “Polio”. This shows that KunleAdeyanju apart from being a man of his words is also humanitarian in Nature.

Kunle Adeyanju Biker– Update

There are many bikers in the world but there is no assurance that any of them could risk their lives to make sure they earn to giveaway.

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Looking at KunleAdeyanju, you can clearly see his humanitarian life in him. Kunle during his journey from London to Nigeria took several breaks.

One of the breaks he took was in Ghana where he was served Jollof rice. KunleAdeyanju was grateful but also said that he preferred the Nigerian Jollof rice to theirs.

Our source says Kunle Adeyanju’s ride started in London- France- Spain- Gibraltar-Morocco- Western Sahara- Mauritania- St Louis- Senegal- Gambia- Mali- Cote d’Ivoire- Ghana-Togo- Benin before reaching Logos Finally.

His rid in Africa was adventurous as he met many nice people who were helpful to him in one way or the other.

In his tweet, he acknowledged Africa’s beauty and its people.

Kunle Adeyanju biker, – Education

Contributing to the Review of Kunle Adeyanju’s Update is his educational background. Every successful person has his link back to his Education.

If you have been looking for the educational qualification of this KunleAdeyanju then this is the section where you will get it all.

Kunle Adeyanjus started and finished his primary and secondary education in Nigeria. After this, he enrolled on an undergraduate program at  Ahmado Bello University.

He later joined the Rotary club in school and there is where he started meeting people of great ambition just like him.

After completing his undergraduate program, he started his masters in 2009 and presently, Kunle is doing his Doctoral program in Business Administration at the University of Arizona (USA).

Kunle Adeyanju biker, – Career

It is also important for readers to get to know the career of the biker who made history by driving his way to Lagos from London.

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This history links to his career as many things that is his only Job and source of Income. Sincerely, Kunle has multi income means.

He is not just a biker but also something more. In addition, Kunle is also a motivational speaker, a writer, a philanthropist and many other things.

Kunle 2009 worked with Shell Petroleum. After his school, he began working with an American Tobacco company.

Kunle in addition is the CEO and owner of The Palicians DNO.

Kunle Adeyanju biker- Parents

Yes, the information you got regarding Kunle Adeyanju is true. He is a citizen of Nigeria who has a breaking history.

Kunle’s Parents are both citizens of Nigeria and this makes him a citizen of Nigeria too. The biker and record-breaker have lived in Nigeria throughout his nursery and secondary studies.

Apart from being a Nigerian, Kunle Adeyanju has experience in Africa and is also a patriot. We do not have more info about his parent.

We will update you with this info immediately after we have it so do not forget to visit this page from time to time.

Kunle Adeyanju’s Relationship

The relationship of this man is one aspect that should not be missed out. Many have been asking questions regarding his relations.

Is Kunle Married? Who are the siblings of Kunle Adeyanju? – Those are the most popular things people want to know about his relationship.

The response to these searches is in this post. Kunle has not made any clear mention of his relationship and relations so there is no clearness if he is married or not.

But as soon as we have the details regarding his marital status, we will not forget to give this information to you.

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Kunle Adeyanju’s Age

Though the age of this man is not clearly stated, from his looks, we can easily say he is in his forties. If you really want to know his age then it is ideal to follow him on social media.

This is where you will personally get more details regarding him.

Kunle Adeyanju’s Networth

The agile man has been taking on many challenges. As we all know, Mountain claiming, biking, routing and skydiving are all his hobbies.

With these hobbies of his, he has made it big on the internet. Many have become fans of Kunle Adeyanju.

Adeyanju’s reasons for doing these things are not for his private use but to help save lives which he is doing.

The estimated net worth of this man is $50, 000 to $70, 000.

Kunle Adeyanju’s Social Media Handles

To connect with Kunle via social media, here are his social media handles;

This is the end of this post, do not forget to drop a comment on this post and also share this post with your friends and family.

Let us know what you think about this man who travelled a distance. Also, stay on our page to be the first to be notified of our new post.



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