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In a bid to help those who are wishing to become an agent with Kudi, we bring this Post on kudi POS Price and POS Charges with all basic information regarding how to perform certain POS transaction on Kudi.

With POS, you may not have to visit any bank branches nationwide, but you can count on Kudi to deliver the best financial service without your ATM card.

Out of numerous exiting POS devices given out by different companies, Kudi has proven to be one of the best and the most reliable ATM which you can trust with your money.

kudi POS Price and Charges

kudi POS Price

Kudi has provided assistant including loan services and with right collateral, you can also get a loan from any POS service.

All Kudi needed to be the last point for users who are; looking for trusted and the most reliable service for several transactions.

Kudi also offers the best POS service for you and this at a reliable cheap amount of money instead of worrying, Kudi provides some daily motivations like bonuses for each transaction which you are performing on the platform.

Others are offering POS services to Agents like Paga, but Kudi is just exceptional in the POS business and we will always recommend intending agents to enjoy all services of Kudi.

One question which people ask is the actual and the current kudi POS Price and POS Charges for each transaction and that is why we have written this post for you.

About Kudi Kudi Inc.

Kudi Kudi is a fintech company registered in Nigeria under the Corporate Affairs Commission and together, Kudi has provided Agents with reliable and best ATM to all her agents for all those who wish to get their POS machines.

Kudi is not only launching in Nigeria but has its branches across African countries including Kenya and Ghana and it is spreading to all part of Africa.

The cashless policy is fast growing in Nigeria and because of this, Kudi introduces Agents who will you to make withdrawal and deposit using your ATM card.

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Kudi is not a bank, but she provides cheap financial services to Africans through her POS services.

Not just that, but Kudi has a popular and easy to use AI which is a Chatbot and with this chatbot, kudi can interact and make transactions easy enough for her customers.

With the Kudi POS Chabot, you can make your transaction and keep a record of various business and transaction made on the platform.

Kudi Chatbots is undoubtedly the best as she reminds all her customers on the exact time to make their payments when due and the kudi POS Price and POS Charges for each of the payments.

kudi POS Price and POS Charges

Kudi has a great vision of growing and becoming one of the most accessible POS for Agents and with this, most of her services are accessible and easily obtained from Agents.

Anyone become Kudi POS Agents so far such intending applicants have met the basic criteria before obtaining a POS with Kudi.

Kudi has garnered business admirers and investors and with its low charges of 0.7 per cent for a charge for each transaction done on the platform with their POS.

The 0.7% POS charges are only applicable to withdrawal and as an agent, you can choose the actual amount of money which you will charge for as an Agents.

Ever since users discovered about kudi POS Price and POS Charges, Opay POS was dumped and lots of people have started embracing Kudi.

Kudi is currently offering the best POS charges for transactions and this makes her agents be on the gaining side.

Any charges more than 0.7% is a fraud and it is not from Kudi Inc and you should also note the funds are taken directly from your account.

All kudi POS Transactions

You are given discounts for each transaction made on the platform and you also accumulate points for yourself as you continue to use the platform for transactions and these points are converted to cash.

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With this financial institution, you can make the following transactions with or without your card

  1. Cash Withdrawals with any type of card like Verve, MasterCard visa etc.
  2. TV subscription for GOTV, Startimes, DSTv and many More
  3. Electricity bill payments for Ikedec, Phcn and more
  4. Airtime Purchase for all networks with discount
  5. Data purchase
  6. Airtime selling directly to the platform via the code

How to Become Kudi Agents

There is no difficulty in becoming a kudi Agent as the whole process just takes a simple step by step guide as seen in this post below. You need to ensure that you have a workable android phone and it is connected smoothly to the internet and you can access this app.

The web application is online and to become an agent with kudi, follows the instructions below

Gaining Agents by Merit

  1. Download the Kudi App on Google play store
  2. Launch and Open the application on your mobile device.
  3. Sign up with your phone number and connect the kudi application with your bank account.
  4. Preform transactions on the Kudi application
  5. Continue using the application for recharge, TV subscription and Electricity bill
  6. After using the platform for like two weeks, check out for a message from Kudi in your inbox and about your eligibility to get a free POS

Agents By Payments

Instead of waiting to be eligible after using the App for numerous transaction which may take enough time, please follow the steps below to check how to become a kudi Agents.

kudi POS Price and POS Charges

kudi POS Price and POS Charges

  1. Visit any nearby Office or through their customer care number
  2. If you are in Lagos, visit 19b Bosun Adekoya Street in Lekki Phase 1
  3. Get the agents form, fill and submit
  4. Make nonrefundable payments of N20,000 to the Office.
  5. Your application will be considered and you will receive your POS instantly.
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kudi POS Price for New Agents

From the above information, you have seen all kudi POS Price and POS Charges for agents and those making sales via the POS service.

Your charges according to the price as seen above, but it all depends on the method which you have chosen, Please note that the above price is actual subject to review by them, but not negotiable as Kudi continues to serve you better than all other POS services.

As seen above there are two different packages for each and it is either you get a free POS or you make a payment for the POS which you are getting for your business.

From the charges as seen, we can advise that you use Kudi POS for agents transaction but it is not advisable to get Kudi POS for your business.

Like Opay Customer care number, you can always reach out to the Kui customer care number to get al updated.

After reviewing much of Kudi Prices for POS, you will agree with me that kudi is no doubt the true way to go while obtaining a POS.

Kudi has already more than one thousand distributed POS and there are seeking for Agents to obtain more POS for their business and brand.

If you have any question or contribution to make following this post, you are encouraged to let us know via the comment box below as you share this post to social media.



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  1. komolafe damola Samuel says:

    I need kudi POS in ile-ife osun state how can I get it

  2. Ugonna says:

    I need a pos am porthercout how can I get it

  3. Ugonna says:

    I need a pos am in porthercout how do I get it

  4. destiny akhigbe says:

    hello , i m destiny by name , i stay in benin , edo state and i m interested of be an agent how we i make payment an how long we it take to get my pos mechine how long will it takes to ready /
    Does the kudi pos mechines work efficiently in edo state , pls explains your charges rate payment or par withrew or deposite .
    Pls i will be happy if you drop your customer phone numbers for information an clarifications .

    Thanks , destiny Akhigbe.

  5. Happiness Ajuma Atodo says:

    I need a kudi POS in Kaduna State.

  6. Olawuyi says:

    Am Olawuyi David from maiduguri pls I need kudi pos terminal in maimalari barracks maiduguri how will I get it quickly

  7. Lawal Ibrahim says:

    This is what have looking for since please i need kudi pos i have the money to get the pos if possible i can get it tomorrow

  8. Bethel says:

    I need kudi in bayelsa yenegoa

  9. Dorcas Kenny says:

    Yes I have found what I want now
    How many days does it takes for your application to be considered after the payment

  10. Ndifreke says:

    I request for kudi pos and paid the nonrefundable fee #20000 but the guy who is guiding me keeps asking to deposit 1000k for activation
    ….. Is this ok
    I deposit #50000 and it no longer there in my account

  11. Thompson says:

    I just want to start this POS business but still confused on which of this company (Opay and Kudi ) has high daily or monthly transaction limits .
    What about their service when it comes to withdrawal and deposit for customers ?
    I’m in Delta state

  12. agbaje oluwatosin says:

    I just want to start this pos business,but I want to know if there is profits from company at the end of the month, and how to get kudi pos and pay for my nonrefundable. I’m in osogbo osun State

  13. Oluwabukunmi Ibironke Mormah says:

    Grateful if I could get information on how and where to get a Kudi pos legitimately in Ibadan. Thanks

  14. Athoju Jude says:

    Good evening my name is Jude I stay in River State I need the pos machine how much if there is any branch in Port Harcourt please let me know

  15. Adetayo says:

    Please I need kudi pos machine am in lkeja lagos

  16. james smith says:

    One of your agent just sold me kudi POS at the rate of 40000. He says that is how it’s cost.

  17. Bukky says:

    Please I need Kudi POS at ijebu ode

  18. Babyluve says:

    Transfer charges are not free, and I’m being charged #45naira instead of #20

    Pls why?

  19. Ayilola Adeola says:

    Pls I need kudi pos here in Ibadan. How can I get it?

  20. gloria says:

    Between kudi and opay pos who charge more

  21. Goodwin says:

    my name is Godwin,i need a pos machine,how can i get it and d prices

  22. Goodwin says:

    am living in lagos

  23. Azozie Chizoba onyeka says:

    The charges kudi charge is too much and its not good for business.

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