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Jamb Registration 2018 :  How to Register for Jamb 2018

This article has been written on Jamb Registration 2018 and has been compiled to help you proffer solutions to problems related to Jamb Registration 2018 Having the Knowledge of Jamb Registration 2018. Through our article is necessary for you that’s why you have to follow it to the end. If it your desire to Jamb Registration 2018, you have to read this article now which we have compiled on Jamb Registration 2018 and will help you a long way.

Jamb Registration 2018
Jamb Registration 2018

Jamb 2018 is here and Many People are asking the Question: How do I register for Jamb? This is the most interesting, new and trending Question when it comes to Jamb registration 2018. It is of ultimate important that you register for the exams accurately and easily avoiding errors because this might affects you.

If you have having doubt whether Jamb registration has started, you should avoid doubt because Jamb Registration has already started in earnest and the approve Jamb registration centers in Nigeria have been mandated to undertake the registration process as it was in the last years Exams.

In case you are one of those persons wondering on questions Like:

  • Where can I get the Jamb 2018/2019 form?
  • How and where should I register for Jamb 2018?
  • How Can I create 2018/19 Jamb profile?
  • Where and How do I get Jamb recommended books?

Jamb Form 2018 : How to Register

People have still asked: about:

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Let’s see the details below…

For this article, I have compiled 10 easy Steps to follow to make the Jamb registration Process a wow and without any mistakes. Following this steps will help you have an easy Jamb Registration for 2018. The Steps below are all the steps needed to have a successful Jamb registration for the Year 2018.

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Now, here are the steps below

10 Simple Steps To Register For Jamb CBT 2018/2019

  1. Have a personal and Valid Email Account (Preferably a Gmail Account).
  2. Create and Update your Jamb Profile.
  3. Pay for Jamb 2018 E-Pin-Registration.
  4. Go to any accredited Jamb CBT Center around you.
  5. Provide your full and accurate details.
  6. Go for 10 Fingers Biometric and Image capture.
  7. Register and Collect Your E-Slip.
  8. Collect Brochure, Syllabus and Other Materials.
  9. Gather your things.
  10. Done!

I will now proceed to simplify the points I made above…

1. Have A Valid Email address:

This is the first and basic step you need to kick start Jamb 2018/2019 registration. In a lay man’s word, email is the address you can use to get messages online.

It is very easy to create an email account. An email could me Google mail (Gmail), Yahoo mail, etc. I will recommend Gmail for you. It is very easy to create and will help you get personalized results when you search things on Google.

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Now, you may be asking, how do I create a valid Gmail account? Like I said earlier, it is very simple. All you need to do is, enter your details in the registration page. Please, Do not use slang or street name as your email. Let your real name and surname appear in your email address.

You can click here now to create a Gmail account for Jamb 2018.

Note: If you already have an email account, you do not need to create another one.

2. Create Jamb Profile:

The very first and most important step in Jamb 2018/2019 registration is to create Jamb profile. It is very compulsory for you to register your profile before obtaining Jamb 2018 registration Form.

You may also be wondering, who has Jamb profile help? It has helped so many persons. Jamb profile or account is the way, no student register’s Jamb except through it. You can click here to create a Jamb profile

Apart from Jamb registration, you need the Jamb profile for Jamb online result checking, Admission status check, Admission letter printing, Accessing Jamb caps and so on.

Note: If you have already created Jamb profile during 2017 registration, you don’t have a problem here. Expressly proceed to the third step.

On the other hand, If you don’t have a registered Jamb profile, it is time to do that. Jamb profile is very easy to create. I will share a link to create Jamb profile. The link will open in new tab so that you can come back to complete the registration process.

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3. Pay For Jamb 2018 E-Pin Registration:

Now that you have a valid email address and Jamb profile, what next? Get the E-Pin. Jamb E-Registration Pin can be gotten in many ways. However, I recommend going through any of the three procedures below.

  1. Get E-Pin at Jamb Accredited Banks in Nigeria or
  2. Go to Nigeria Post Office (NIPOST).


However, if you cannot go to the bank or NIPOST, Relax. Banks have agreed to make the registration PINs available at accredited Jamb CBT registration centres.

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4. Stroll To Any Accredited Jamb CBT Registration Center:

In our time, it was Cyber cafes. Am sorry, you never enjoyed that experienced. It is not my fault anyway. Right now, you can only register Jamb in approved CBT centres.

Jamb released the list of accredited CBT centers recently. I have compiled the list and made it available for you in PDF. You can download and go through them to the decide the most convenient one for you.

Read and Download: Accredited Centers to register Jamb 2018

At the Accredited Jamb CBT Centre, you will be given a CD containing the following for free:

  • e-brochure showing guidelines on admission detailing list of tertiary institutions and available programmes of study.
  •  Syllabus (e-syllabus) for the examination.
  • Step by step guide on completion of the application form.
  • A video messages from the Registrar of JAMB and a demo on how to use eight (8) keys for UTME examination without mouse.


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5. Give them Accurate Details:

So many students lost admission last year because of mistakes in the details to supplied to Jamb and school of choice.

I am begging you in the name of God, do not supply details that will land you into trouble. Check your documents and make your that there is concord between the subject and predicate.

Also, make sure your subject combinations is accurate before you proceed.

You would need to provide or get the following details:


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6. Go For 10 Fingers Biometric:

Still at the Registration center, the four things below will happen:

  • Jamb will take all your fingerprint
  • Your O-level or A-level result will be submitted.
  • You can use awaiting result.
  • You can use two sittings. I.e, one awaiting and one complete result or two complete results.
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7. Gallantly collect Your Jamb E-Slip:

As a big boy or girl level, collect your slip and go through it. Begin to Imagine how to blast. You may want to click here now to pass Jamb 2018 at one sitting.

8. Collect Other Things:

Collect other necessary things. If I were you, I will collect my 350+ Jamb score from the CBT Center.

9. Stroll Round:

Move round and observe environment. Meet friends and overcome some fear.

10. You Are Done.

That is all. You have successfully registered. All you need to do now is, go home, eat well and sleep.

The Journey of Success Begins! However, the journey is too far that you may end up a leper if you decide to travel alone. Flashlearners is here to help you out. Join our Jamb Clinic or follow my Jamb 2018 series back to back by clicking here.

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Question for You: How Can You Know If You Have Successfully Registered?

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