Jamb Myths and Facts: Lies about Jamb exams and the truths behind them

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Jamb Myths and Facts

Myths are commonly believed that are false. Myths might look like it is true, but a deeper look into it reveals the truism of myths. However, where there is a myths, there is a fact or the real truth governing every myth.

Jamb myths and facts

Like in other areas, there are many myths governing the Jamb exams. These myths are the misconceptions or false believe about the post UTME exams.  This might seem to be true, but the facts is that there is no truism in them.

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If you follow these myths, you might be trading the paths to failure in the exams. Though these myths might seem true, but endeavor to avoid them.  This article comprises Jamb myths and facts governing UTME.

When you are reading Jamb myths and facts also focus on the fact and not only the myths.

Here are the possible misconceptions, that is Jamb myths and facts about the UTME exams.

  1. Myth– You cannot pass Jamb on your own

Fact- you can pass Jamb on your own, all you need is a little effort towards your studies. Study with the syllabus and stick to your personal timetable.


  1. Myth– Jamb is very difficult and you cannot pass Jamb because the board is wicked.
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Fact- Jamb is not that difficult, you can pass Jamb if only you follow the set-out topics containing in the syllabus, Jamb can be a pinch of salt.


  1. Myth- You will fail if you don’t read the recommended textbooks. Jamb myths and facts

Fact- Whether you read the recommended textbooks or not, you can still fail if you don’t adhere to the principles governing the exams.

In the case of not being able to buy all the recommended texts books and literature texts, you can still pass by reading the summary of it. However, this is not a sure guide.

Another Jamb myths and facts:


  1. Myth- Jamb does not repeat past questions

Fact- That’s not true, Jamb repeats her past questions but not words for words, there is a tendency that the options in the exams will change or the questions will be twisted to form entirely different words.


Another Jamb myths and facts:


  1. Myth- Jamb fails people purposefully and the exams is by luck

Fact- If you should read according to the syllabus and observe all simple mistakes many candidates does, it is possible to pass the exams. Jamb does not just choose to pass anybody, but the exams are marked and scored by the computer, not mere human beings. Don’t rely on luck to help you, but rely on God coupled with your hard work.

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  1. Myth- Intelligent people fail Jamb, therefore needless of reading much

Fact- Whether you are intelligent or not, if you do the common mistakes made by Jambites, there is a possibility of failing the exams. You may be intelligent but you don’t know how to operate the computer, this can constitute a failure


  1. Myth- Just get a source and you will receive answers right on your phone

Fact- How credible are this answers when there are different questions for different types and different time. You might be given a wrong answer or answers for different questions. The source you are hoping on will definitely fail you.


  1. Myth- Cramming past questions or the textbook is the best way to study for the exams

Fact- as you are preparing for this exams, the truth is that cramming will not help you, you can cram some laws, theories, and formulas and not the entire textbook or past questions


  1. Myth- You will fail if you don’t attend Jamb

Fact- Whether you attend Jamb classes or not, you can still fail if you fail to do your own part. (reading, revising and re-reading). There are candidates who are just customers to Jamb classes.


  1. Myth- You have to score just 190 to gain admission
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Fact- You can still score 250 and not given the admissions, Jamb is now the main factor in admission basics, however, it is a competitive factor which they use in offering admission


  1. Myth- You need to write Jamb more than once before you are given admission

Fact- You can make it to your course of studies in just one sitting, be it medicine or Law. I’m a proof of it. I wrote Jamb just once.

  1. Myth – Study hard and study for a longer period of time. Fact- Whatever you are studying, study smartly according to the syllabus



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