JAMB Biology Questions 2021 and Answers

Very soon, JAMB will soon commence its admission examination. Without taking this exam, one will not be able to have admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria.

All who are presently in various tertiary institutions in Nigeria pass-through this examination process.

You can also be among those to gain admission into the university this year. All you have to do is to prepare for the upcoming JAMB exam.

To prepare well for this exam, one will also need the necessary exam materials to possibly do so with ease.

These exam materials include the JAMB past questions, syllabus, CBT training and others. Once you have these materials, you can go through this exam with ease.

Here in this post, we want to look how the steps that one can possibly use to go through one of the JAMB subjects.

This subject we are going to see how to go through is Biology. Biology is a very important subject for all science students especially medical sciences.

The main area of this JAMB Biology we will dwell on is the JAMB Biology Questions 2021 and Answers.

Many people have been seeking this sort of information as they hope to successfully go through this JAMB Biology exam with ease.

This post will bring to you the JAMB Biology Questions 2021. With it, you will be able to possibly study for the upcoming JAMB exam.

Read down to see more of this information as there are lots of information regarding it in this post.

JAMB Biology Questions 2021 and Answers
JAMB Biology Questions 2021 and Answers


JAMB Biology Exam

During the JAMB registration, people usually choose the subjects that they want to undertake in the JAMB exam.

One of these subjects that people usually choose is Biology. Biology happens to be a very important subject for all science students especially medical sciences.

Engineering students can possibly do without Biology but medical sciences cannot do without it. A lot of people usually seek easy means to pass the JAMB biology exam.

This is quite simple as JAMB has certain exam study guides for all its subjects. Many people use this study guide to easily go through JAMB.

You can be among them as you can easily go through the JAMB Biology Questions 2021 with ease. These study guides include the JAMB CBT, past questions as well as the JAMB syllabus.

Any of these study guides you have is good as one can possibly use them to pass JAMB successfully. Be among those to pass JAMB this year.

Go through this examination with ease as the exam guide for the JAMB biology is online. One can easily get it from there with ease.

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When you get these exam guides, use them to prepare for the JAMB Biology exam and you will surely have success in this exam.

JAMB Biology Past Questions

Here is another very important piece of information that one has to take note of. The JAMB past questions happen to be the best JAMB exam study guide.

Lucky enough, these JAMB past questions is available for all subjects that one can undertake in the JAMB exam.

The JAMB Biology Past Questions shows the questions that have been written by the previous JAMB candidates.

Once you use these past questions, you are sure of coming out a success in the upcoming JAMB examination.

Many people use the JAMB past questions every year. These JAMB biology past questions will give you a hint of the JAMB Biology Questions 2021.

You will possibly have an idea of how the examination will look like. Sometimes, questions from these past questions are usually repeated.

If you can possibly go through the JAMB Biology past questions, you will surely pass the upcoming JAMB Biology exam.

Those who do not have the money to purchase these past questions can download them online. Also, you will get the JAMB Biology Questions 2021 from here.

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JAMB Biology Questions 2021

With the information here, you will get to see the JAMB Biology Questions 2021 and use it for your study guide.

Below are the JAMB Biology Questions 2021;

  1. The biotic component in an agricultural ecosystem consists of.  A. crops, pests and beneficial insects  B. pests, beneficial insects and water  C. crops, water and soil  D. crops, temperature and humidity.
  2. The function of the ribosome in a cell is. A. Starch synthesis  B. lipid storage  C. Starch Synthesis  D. transport of material
  3. The period of inactivity seen in some animals during a long period of heat or drought is.  A. migration  B.  Hibernation  C. Adaptation  D. Aestivation
  4. What type of nutrition is shown by Spirogyra?  A. Holozoic  B. Chemosynthetic  C. Symbiosis  D. Holophytic
  5. What is the curvature movement of plants in response to the stimulus of water called?  A. Thigmotropism  B. Hydrotropism  C. Phototropism  D. Geotropism
  6. Why is the Cytoplasm of a cell considered a very important component?  A. it suspends all cell organelles  B. it is solely responsible for cell division  C. it is the outermost part of the cell  D. it regulates the amount of energy in the cell.
  7. What is the lowest level of organization in living organisms?  A. organ  B. cell  C. system  D. tissue
  8. In bryophytes, the production of sex organs takes place in the? A. Gametophyte  B. Rhizoid  C. protonema  D. Sporophyte
  9. See plants are divided into.  A. monocotyledons and dicotyledons  B. angiosperms and gymonsperms  C. Trachephytes and ferns  D. thallophytes and bryophytes
  10. Which of the following is an example of an endospermous seed?  A. cashew nut  B. bean seed  C. cotton seed  D. maize grain
  11. Which of the following is referred to as the conversion of a nutrient into a molecule in the body of a consumer?  A. inhibition  B. Assimilation  C. digestion  D. absorption
  12. Which of these insects maxillae are modified into a long coiled proboscis?  A. butterfly  B. mosquito  C. grasshopper  D. housefly
  13. Which of the following animals has a homodont dentition?  A. lizard  B. rat  C. pigeon  D. Man
  14. Which of these protects the essential parts of the flower at the bud stage?  A. Sepals  B. carpels  C. Stamens  D. Petals
  15. Among the following species, which one has the smallest biomass of an individual?  A. Bufo SP  B. Spirogyra SP  C. Tilapia SP  D. Agama SP
  16. Among the following, which of them causes shrinkage of living cells?  A. Deionized water  B. Hypertonic solution  C. hypotonic solution  D. isotonic solution
  17. In an Onion bulb, what is the level of organization?  A. systemic  B. tissue  C. Organismal  D. organ
  18. The alternation of asexual modes of reproduction is present in?  A. euglena  B. maize  C. blue, green algae  D. fern
  19. Which of the following organs is sensitive to light in Euglena?  A. flagellum  B. eyespot  C. gullet  D. chloroplast
  20. The proboscis is a structure mostly found in?  A. tapeworms  B. insects  C. molluses  D. amphibians
  21. The physiological adaptation to a very dry condition in animals is known as?  A. rejuvenation  B. hibernation  C. xeromorphism  D. aestivation
  22. One of these is a method of improving acidic soil?  A. watering   B. sedimentation  C. leaching  D. flocculation
  23. Which of the following are non-green plants?  A. fungi   B. spirogyra   C. Angiosperms   D. Euglena
  24. Which of these secretes the cocoon in the earthworm?  A. prostomium  B. citellum  C. chaeta  D. peristomium
  25. The production of naked seeds is mainly a feature of the group of plants known as?  A. legumes  B. palms  C. grasses  D. conifers
  26. The Spores of mucor are usually dispersed by?  A. wind  B. Water  C. Explosive mechanism  D. insects
  27. The scales on reptiles is a feature for?  A. locomotion  B. protecting the Skin  C. conserving food  D. conserving water
  28. Which of these does a virus have in common with animal cells?  A. DNA  B. cytoplasm  C. Nucleus  D. Gycogen
  29. The hard calcareous shells in snails are secreted by?  A. pneumostome  B. mantle  C. radula  D. ctenidium
  30. The caste of termites that lacks pigmentation is?  A. the king  B. soldier  C. queen  D. worker
  31. The name given to a flower that has both stamens and pistils is?  A. perfect  B. Staminate  C. imperfect  D. pistillate
  32. Which of the following means do plants use to prevent overcrowding? A. seed germination  B. water uptake  C. seed dispersal  D. pollination
  33. A similarity among organisms that belongs to the same group is least within each?  A. order  B. species  C. family  D. Kingdom
  34. An insect with both harmful and beneficial economic importance is?  A. Blackfly  B. Butterfly  C. Tsetse fly   D. Mosquito
  35. Which of these is the most recently evolved structure in animals?  A. cilium  B. feather  C. hair   D. scale
  36. Which part of the human body does the secretion of the growth hormone occur?  A. Gonads  B. Head region  C. waist region  D. neck region
  37. Which of the following organs produces both hormones and enzymes?  A. gall bladder  B. kidney  C. ileum  D. pancreas
  38. The lack of which of the following vitamins results in Night – blindness?  A.  K   B.  C    C.  E   D.  A
  39. Which of these organelles is involved in tissue respiration?  A. mitochondrion  B. Ribosome  C. endoplasmic reticulum  D. Golgi body
  40. Among the insects below, which one does not undergo complete metamorphosis?  A. termite  B. Mosquito  C. Moth  D. house fly
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How to Pass JAMB Biology Questions 2021 with Ease

Many people usually fail exams and this is because they lack the little details that will help them go through the exam with ease.

For this reason, we bring this information to your notice as you will see how to Pass JAMB Biology Questions 2021 with ease.

To successfully go through the JAMB Biology exam questions, all you have to do is to study hard for the examination.

You will need the JAMB Biology exam guides as they will assist you in preparing for the upcoming JAMB exam.

Once you can use these JAMB study guides, you will be able to go through the upcoming JAMB biology exam with ease.

There is no other magic way for one to go through the JAMB Biology exam as you will have to study to show yourself approved.

The above information is to inform you of the JAMB Biology Questions 2021. It is to aid your preparation for the soon coming JAMB exam.

Endeavour to take the above information seriously as it will be of great help to you. Share this information with other JAMB candidates.

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