IPPIS Verification Number 2019/2020 | IPPIS Verification number 2019/2020

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For the IPPIS Verification Number, If you are not aware that the federal Government has confirmed November 30 for all those who have not completed the Ippis verification process to proceed to the system and complete their verification.

IPPIS Verification Number 2019/2020

IPPIS Verification Number 2019/2020

The Presidency has given a direction that those who have not had IPPIS verification or those who have not completed the IPPIS verification may not be paid from a particular time.

However, it is not all the ministries that are affected in the IPPIS verification and check out our previous post on IPPIS verification to check the complete list of ministries affected in the verification number.

If you had already com0pleted the verification exercise, you also ensure to check online and updated your records before the closure of the portal.

At such if you among those that missed the earlier verification exercise, there is another opportunity as the portal remains open for the verification.

Documents Needed for IPPIS Verification number 2019/2020 exercise.

  • Nominal roll which is up to date
  • List of all IPPIS role players
  • Complete list of all established positions, ranks and cadres
  • IPPIS verification number
  • Registration token

IPPIS Verification number 2019/2020

If you are a public worker working in some department, then you need the IPPIS Verification number 2019/2020 to be be able to verify certain payments made to your bank account.

The purpose of Ippis is to solve so many problems, especially problems associated with ghost workers where most persons can have been paid where there did not work.

Since the inception of ippis by the then Goodluck Ebele Jonathan administration, to complement the BVN verification there have been certain cleansing in the system as so many persons who are ghost workers have been fished by the system.

You should know for many persons, those who have not completed the Ippis verification are not usually paid and thus, we have given you a detailed information on the full IPPIS Verification number 2019/2020 and how to check police ippis number with some simple guide.

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This post will inform you on how to check the Complete Ippis verification number for different departments. Note that the Ippis verification for different departments allows you get paid and in most cases many persons don’t know their Ippis verification number and we have shown you how to check the Ippis verification number.

We have notice that in most cases the Ippis verification issues is the npf ippis number   which has affected lots of its users.

For the Men of Nigerian Police force which have had IPPIS Verification number 2019/2020 issues, this post answers the question on Ippis verification number.

Through this post, we will show you how to obtain ippis number if you have been looking for ways to get a fresh ippis verification number, or you will also know how to identify ippis number               .

In our previous post, we observe that so many had made complaints regarding the Ippis verification number and  to answer so many questions on IPPIS Verification number 2019/2020, we have created this post to get you informed

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How do i check my ippis number

We know that so many persons who have obtained the ippis verification before have now complain of the different ways to check their Ippis verification number which is the essence of this post on Ippis verification number.

This answers the question on how to check all ippis verification number.  The Ippis verification number is a number which allows you to be able to get paid because of a personal and bio metric capture done for you.

This information on how to check the full ippis verification number is only for those that are working on certain federal ministries and this helps to ascertain that they are not ghost workers and are paid.

 I want to check my ippis number?

The ippis update form in most cases allows you check out for the Ippis verification number and in most cases, you will still need the IPPIS Verification number 2019/2020 to complete certain verification on the Ippis payslip        

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The detailed guide on our post will help you to get answer to the many questions asked by worker on how to verify the Ippis number.

Please this guide will give detailed information for those that wants to know how to know my ippis number.

We will pay more attention on police ippis gov ng for most Nigerian police workers who are not able to verify through the ippis verification login, therby making it very difficult for them to obtain the IPPIS Verification number 2019/2020.

 ippis Customer Care Number

In most cases, most persona l are always required to use the ippis complaint form and complaints about their personal Ippis number.

In other to get this done, most persons always resort to calling the ippis customer care but most cases wants to meet up and get their data captured before the stated dealine by those in charge of IPPIS Verification number 2019/2020.

If you have done the verification already, then you may not want to rush on the ippis deadline as you might be able to still get paid but the main thing is to get the Ippis number first.         

How to Get IPPIS verification

Like the NTI registration To get the Ippis verification you are encourage to ask the HR of your department and the correct IPPIS verification will be generated for you.

This verification number allows you to be able to complete the verification exercise through some simple steps which we have stated in this post.

Once you have gotten the IPPIS verification from your ministry, the following steps to take is not mostly difficult and once your Token is ready you should go online and register.

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How To Get Token for IPPIS Verification number 2019/2020

  1. Check out the online site at verification.iippis.gov .ng for verification
  2. Proceed to the data capture area and click on Generate Token
  3. Complete the form which is out on the screen and ensured that you have an in out of correct data before clicking on submit
  4. Don’t hesitate to copy out your IPPIS verification once it has been generated as this is your identity for data capturing.
IPPIS Verification Number 2019/2020

IPPIS Verification Number 2019/2020

IPPIS VERIFIACATION EXERCISE Registration and Login Portal

Once the token has been generated it is up to you complete the registration process on the data platform.

This is how to do it:

  1. Visit the portal again at verification.ippis.gov.ng and allow
  2. You can also use Google to search for the portal
  3. Once the portal has pop open, proceed to enter your verification number on the platform for the registration.
  4. Input your registration token which was earlier generated by you

We will encourage to complete all IPPIS verification process and get your IPPIS Verification number 2019/2020 so you continue to enjoy continuous payroll from the federal Government.

Federal Staffs and MDA should take the Integrated Payroll and personnel management system to have a data base of employers who will be paid and are under the federal government pay roll system.

If you have any question or contribution on this post on IPPIS Verification exercise, we will appreciate you if you let us know as you drop it at the comment box below!



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