Ikeja Electricity Customer Care Number | 2021 Contact Details

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Ikeja electricity customer care number

Many people have been searching on customer care number of Ikeja and today, I have come with good news.

Ikeja is the capital of Lagos state and it is located in the southwestern part of Nigeria.  Its population, as of the 2006 census, is 313,196 and still has the highest population in Nigeria.

Ikeja Electricity Customer Care Number

Ikeja Electricity Customer Care Number

Lagos state was once a federal capital territory in the early 90s. Ikeja was a quiet commercial and residential town with many in fractures, shopping malls, pharmacies and government reservation areas. The Murtala  Muhammed International Airport is located also in Ikeja also the  Femi Kuti’s Africa Shrine and Lagbaja’s motherland.

Lagos state as a whole is being regarded as a home of music as many of the Nigerian musicians stays in Lagos Nigeria.

The popular musician Naira Marley lives in Lagos Nigeria same as other stars in Nigeria. That’s not our concern, but just to inform you on Ikeja Electricity Customer Care Number.

Lagos upholds a beauty that other towns in Nigeria are searching for and has broken a record in it population.

Customer Care Number For Ikeja Elect

It has come to my knowledge that most people are satisfied whenever they have the customer care number.

The customer care number give room for the customers to ask questions when ever they do not understand something.

I personally can’t do business with any company without their customer care number so I would be sure of being in the safe side.

The customer care number gives many people this feeling that they are not doing business with a robot but with a fellow human as they.

Ikeja Electricity Customer Care Number Details

If you have been searching for the customer care number of Ikeja, then you are at the right platform.

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Today, I am going to help you with the customer care number of Ikeja electricity and this will be in no time.

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They are so many customer care numbers for Ikeja electricity but I am going to give you their active customer care number that can be used by anyone in the country.

According to my source, the Ikeja electricity has one customer care which is 01-7000241

With this number, you can contact them around Nigeria at any time. The customer care number gives us the ability to connect with the service providers therefore laying out you complains to them.

Also, the Ikeja Electricity Customer Care number r has an 8am-8pm time frame making it difficult to communicate with them at any time. No need to worry, I am going to provide you with a more satisfying contact.

Most business men and women would not like the time as most of them come back from their work places around that time and might have a matter that need immediate response at late time than that.

Ikeja Prepaid Meter Contact Number

Many people are yet to own their own prepared miter claiming that the prepared miter bills are too costly and would easily have a fault.

I am here to tell you the important of getting yourself a prepaid meter. So you end up not always look out for Ikeja Electricity Customer Care Number always.

The prepaid meter has existed in Nigeria for more than five years now but only few people has it.

The distribution of prepaid meter is still in progress and If you do not have one, make sure to get one for yourself.

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The prepaid meter has an advantage over the other shared electricity. It saves you from embarrassment. Some people rarely use electricity as the nature of their work keeps them away from home for about eight hours or more.

It is painful when the electricity bills are very high and you haven’t made use of it but still have to pay. The prepaid meter has fixed that problem in a way because if you aren’t making use of electricity, it will still be there for you until when you make use of it. Isn’t that interesting and satisfying?

The prepaid meter is distributed by NMMP an initiative of the federal government in collaboration with other private electricity company to produce the prepaid meter and the distribution of prepaid meter is for free.

Ikeja Electricty WhatsApp number

It is important that one knows the WhatsApp number of the Ikeja electricity and fortunately, the Ikeja electricity group have provide a WhatsApp contact that anyone can contact them at any time they feel comfortable.

For those who are using prepaid meter for the first time, they are a lot of information you would want to find out and a lot of questions you would like to ask.

Aside from the Ikeja Electricity Customer Care Number, The whatsapp contact of the Ikeja electricity is 09088951626

With this contact you can communicate with them comfortably and even receive online services like buying of meter light when you are out of one.

Ikeja Electricty Email Address

The reason why I choose to provide the email address as part of Ikeja Electricity customer care number Ikeja electricity is because many people do not like sharing their numbers with others so they would stay away from scammers and be on the safe side.

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Don’t worry I have your back, I too do not like sharing my contact with others.

It is so fortunate that Ikeja has provided a lot of means which you can possibly reach out to them, sharing with them your challenges towards the electricity.

for now on Ikeja Electricity Customer Care Number, you can manage the electricity industry of Ikeja email address which is [email protected]

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Now you can message them at ease and get active response from them.

Ikeja Elects Social Media Platforms

It is important to have Ikeja social media link so you would be informed on whatsApp knew and would not take anything to be a surprise when it happens.

Sometimes, a company may not be able to reach out to you throw your phone number what would not forget to drop any relevant information on their platforms.

As we all know, they are many imposter platforms out their impersonating Ikeja electricity on the social media but today, I am going to give you their legit Facebook link so you could follow up and find out what’s new.

The legit link of Ikeja social media page is https://web.facebook.com/myIkejaelectric/?_rdc=1&_rdr.

Hope this information on Ikeja Electricity Customer Care Number is helpful. To read more on Ikeja electricity, please stay on our platform so you could get to know about any new update.

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