ICAN Registration 2020 Fee ICAN Portal, Number ICAN Form, ICAN Examination – Complete Guide

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The whole essence why this post has been written is to let you know more on ICAN Registration 2020 Fee, giving you all the necessary information which you will require to get to access the ICAN portal.

Through this post, we will give you the best of information required to get to check on the ICAN registration.

According to wikipedia, ICAN is the largest and the biggest accounting body for all those who wished to be globally and internationally recognized as a professional account.

The body thousands of accountants under its umbrella and it is a well-known accounting firm in Nigeria that has made available series of accounting flooding Nigeria.

ICAN Registration 2020

ICAN Registration 2020

ICAN has about 36 thousand accountants under its umbrella and thus, professional accountants of different sectors are said to be from ICAN. Ever since its inception in 1965, ICAN has shown a reliable mark in providing quality and absolute service delivery to the entire masses who contribute their quota to different organizations.

Popular Accountants who are professional in their business are those that graduated from ICAN and those who have made a mark in their various sectors.

ICAN Registration Portal and Website

ICAN Portal is of different sections and unit and we will just love you to spot out the best Portal depending on what you want to use the website.

Different ICAN portal provides different services and hence the portal for registration is not the same as ICAN professional members’ portal.

For ICAN Registration 2020 portal, you should check online for it and you will have the necessary registration information before choosing and going to the portal for registration.

The registration fees are seen to on the website and you will make payments for ICAN through bank and process the teller online through ICAN student’s portal.

Checking through the Institute of Chartered Accountant in Nigeria portal will let you know the way of operation or the body as it involves detailed information is also given to visitors and those that have visited ICAN for the first time.

After long closure of the portal, it is with delight that we officially inform you that ICAN portal is now open for ICAN Registration 2020 as well as other services which prospective graduates will want to get acquainted with.

ICAN Registration 2020 Fee and ICAN Registration Requirements

  • All prospective ICAN applicants should apply with a minimum qualification of HND
  • Non-refundable payment to the bank and in the case of registering with AAT result, you will be required to pay N23,000 to the bank.
  • Sponsor/Referee who should be a chattered accountant and should complete the downloaded form.
  • Pin/Voucher obtained from the bank and your scanned passport.
  • Applicants will have to stamp the application with a stamp obtained from the post office
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ICAN Registration Number

Your ICAN professional registration Number will serve you a purpose for which you will just be able to use it as you complete a different kind of process with ICAN.

The professional registration number is your personal number that allows you with time to explore their website.

In most cases, this is like an authority number embedded on the ICAN certificate which indicates that you have gone through the ICAN programme and you have completed the registration as well.

The ICAN registration is a student identity card for each student which shows that a student is legally registered with ICAN. Each student is entitled to one registration number and hence when you get your registration number you are officially part of ICAN.

Do you know?

That even if you lost your ICAN registration number, you can get and retrieve your registration number within a short step and this registration retrieval can be done as many time as you wish to do.

To obtain your registration number, you should ensure that your payments have been made and you have requested for the registration number through which the Board in the school, ICAI will give you a unique number to serve as your registration number

ICAN Registration Form

ICAN form does not cost much for those that have obtained the form, you can complete the form which w picked online or at various ICAN registration office. This form should be submitted alongside the teller which shows that payment was made.

Most persons don’t have any idea of where to obtain ICAN form and this difficulty has led to so many persons not even picking the Institute of Chartered Accountant online form.

Payment for ICAN form is different from paying ICAN fees or paying to become a member of the body. There are several steps which you need to take have your name among the newly registered students.

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While picking the Application form, you will need a sponsor/referee who is already a Chartered account and he must endorse your Form if you wish that is accepted.

You can’t just pick the form anyhow as there are certain guidelines and requirements which you are a follow to get the form at any amount ICAN Registration 2020 Fee.

You are required to have at least three years of working experience as a graduate of accounting before even picking the ICAN form.

Once the form has been completed, you can submit it at the various locations where ICAN office is located, if you are in Uyo, you c submit your form at Modern Training Institute, Aka Road, Uyo, in Lagos all forms should be submitted to 82 Mutala Muhammed Way, Lagos for Abuja Applicants, submit at Plot 2048, Plot 2048, Akintola Williams House, Michael Okpara Way,

ICAN Registration Fee and Cost

Anybody Can register for ICAN professional examination and we just thought of letting you know the registration guideline and what it will cost to register with ICAN.

The Institute of Chartered accountant of Nigeria sits over an application and deliberate about the application even before due consideration.

There are numerous fees for ICAN registration and hence you should know the actual fee to pay for ICAN and we, therefore, have written this information and guide that shows ICAN fees.

The actual payments for registration depend on the category which you are registering ICAN for and each of this registration has a fee attached to it and for consideration, we do advise that you check on ICAN requirements before applying to be a member.

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For registration, payments of N7,000 should be made to the account. The examination fee is N6,000

You can be a registered member of ICAN and register in three different categories and there are :

  • Registration as a student of institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria
  • Registration as Accounting Technician Scheme, west Africa – ATSWA
  • ICAN registration as a Professional Member

How to Register For ICAN as a Students

To register for ICAN, please ensure that you have met the requirements as seen as above and once you have met all requirements, then do the following

  1. The ICAN Registration 2020 Fee is N7,000 and payable to the bank except on special registration where you will have to pay more than N7,000.
  2. Obtained a receipt from the bank which you made the payments from
  3. Visit the official ICAN registration site for the registration and fill in the form online
  4. Scan and upload your passport at the passport session of the Form
  5. Ensure that your details are correct before you print the form and sign it.
  6. Present the form to your referee/sponsor who you provide the name on the form.
  7. The sponsor will sign on your form on the certification page and attaché your Pin and receipt to the form
  8. Once your registration has been completed, you should check your mail or ICAN site for notification
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There are other steps required to be an ICAN member and we will let you know in our next post. The registration for members will cost the sum of N90 as the induction fee for ICAN.

Registration as students is separate from registration as a professional member and has different ICAN Registration 2020 Fee.

ICAN 2020 Examination

ICAN Examination is of different categories and stages and to be a certified Chartered Accountant, it will be required that you pass all the ICAN examination.

The examination is of two different categories both category as a graduate as well as a category as a non-accounting graduate.

There is subject to different levels and of different subjects according to which you paid for.

The categories are Foundation Level, Skill level and professional level.

We have done justice to this post on ICAN Registration showing you the approved ICAN Registration 2020 Fee, ICan portal, and the nature of the examination.

If you have any question for us, please do well to drop your question via our comment box below and don’t forget to share this post to all on social media.



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