Apply Now for Huawei ICT Competition 2018 for Western Europe

Huawei ict competition 2018 is here for countries in Western Europe and all those who are qualified can apply for the huawei ict competition for Germany and other countries among the western Europe.

huawei ict competition 2018
huawei ict competition 2018

This competition is open for all those in the western countries and they can apply for the Huawei Ict competition 2018.

It is very important to note that the huawei ict competition middle east 2018 was just concluded and now the huawei ict competition 2018 for western Europe is now out and applicants are requested to proceed for the huawei ict competition registration.

In this guide, you will leran how to apply fro the huawei ict competition 2018 and most interestingly, you will need to follow our guidelines to win in this competition;.

For those of you in other countries who wish to apply for this competition, but not eligible, you can check out for UBA Essay Competition and see the application Guidelines

The application steps is very important and in this post, we will attempt to guide you on how to apply for the Huawei completion 2018.

The just concluded huawei ict competition 2018 pakistan was amazing and lot of applicants are advised to apply for the huawei ict competition 2018 registration.

You should note that this competition is available for students of the western euopean countries and at such applicants from these countries can apply for this opportunity for the huawei ict skill competition 2018 via our links and thus this is very important for all.

Huawei is one of the few tech companies that are solely into the production of phones and gadgets and one of the product which was produced by them is the Huwei MatePad M3 you can check it out, its price and specification.

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This huawei ict competition 2018-2019 session and we expect the Huawei completion for 2020 but first you will have to apply for huawei ict competition 2018.

Eligible countries for Huawei ICT Competition 2018 Western Europe

2. Ireland
3. Portugal
4. Spain
5. France
6. Belgium
7. the Netherlands
8. Luxembourg
9. Switzerland
10. Italy
11. Germany
12. Denmark
13. Norway
14. Sweden
15. Finland
16. Liechtenstein
17. the Vatican
18. San Marino
19. Andorra
20. Iceland
21. Greece

Aside from just giving you an open information on the registration guidelines, we will attempts to answer few questions that has bothered people and questions like what is huawei ict competition arises.

Another question that arises is how was the huawei ict skill competition middle east 2018 and we will attempts to answer this questions and many more in our post.

Applicants and students of colleges and University can apply for the latest edition of the Huawei ICT competition

Universities in Western Europe can apply for the Huawei ICT Competition 2018

This competition is open for specific countries and that is why the huawei ict skill competition middle east 2017 restricted lots of persons that were not in Middle east were unable to apply.

What is Huawei ICT Competition

  1. The Huawei ICT Academy through its various programmes and competitions seeks to solve most global problems through the provision of ICT Skills and by this skills the skills gap is met in the ICT industry.
  2. The important of ICT Skills can never be overemphasized hence the need for the Huawei ICT Skills completion and with this Huawei organizes the huawei ict competition 2018.
  3. The competition registration portal is open for applicants and with this students can work with academia in molding multiple skilled engineers that are so ripe for the market and will act as a breach between individuals and ICT sectors.
  4. All respondents should be done via mail at weuacademyand they
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Huawei ICT skills competition important information

 For all applicants for the huawei ict competition 2018, please note that this competition is not the  huawei ict skill competition Pakistan  or Huawei Competition for huawei ict skill competition india.

All those who applied for the first stage will have to proceed to the second stage and then to the huawei ict competition 2018 global final which usually takes place that same year.

Like the etisalat 9mobile Prize for literature  sponsor and proudly supported by Etisalat, This program is one of the programmes of the Huawei ICT Academy

Application Requirements for Huawei ICT Competition 2018

  1. Must be studying towards a relevant [UK or other countries] and HCNA qualification
  1. Must be a student in UK or other related countries and applicants must also possess HCNA as a qualification
  2. All applicants must have the support of their institution which they are studying or which they are obtain their training and this support will enable them to actively involved in the huawei ict competition 2018.
  3. The support from the school or institution allows you participate actively in the competition and your present will not be restricted.

Application Guidelines for Huawei ict competition 2018 and Eligibility

  • Applicants must be a minimum of I6 years of age on or before 1st of July 2018
  • They must meet the criteria as stated above.
  • There are certain rules guiding the completion and registration and all applicants must agree to abide by the rules governing it.
  • By signing up for the huawei ICT competition 2018, competitors also agree to the rules and by so doing gives the company the rights to Huawei Information company to make use of non-sensitive data of the applicants
  • The company also posses the right to use applicant’s photographs for video and publicity sake as it relates to vocational and other form of training and the competition in general
  • For schools and corporate bodies who wish to register their students, they should endevour to check that applicants meets the above stated requirments before proceed for the application.
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We love informing our audience about Huawei opportunities and like we did inform them on Huawei Job Vacancies , we informing them about the Huawei ICT Competition 2018.

This post is on huawei ict competition 2018 and how to apply for the Job interview. Do You have any questions or contributions on this post? Please drop it at the comment below as you share this post via social media networks.

In case you have any questions or contributions on this post on huawei ict competition 2018, please drop it at the comment below as  we will save your information and inform you as well as give you more updates on this Application.

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