How to Transfer Data on MTN Network 2023

This write-up is to enlighten everyone on How to Transfer Data on MTN. People who either have a big data plan and want to share it with family members or want to share data with friends also use the MTN network.

on How to Transfer Data on MTN, it is wise to know the plan your data is on as every data plan has a unique USSD code to allow the sharing data process.

How to Transfer Data
How to Transfer Data

Before data can be transfered on the MTN network to friends and relations, one must have an active data plan to enable the process to go smoothly.

Guide on How to Share Data on MTN   

The MTN data share has enabled MTN network users to share their data with persons of their choice using one USSD code.

The MTN data share is neither data gifting nor renewal. Only persons with existing data on their MTN SIM can have access to this service. It is equivalent to the MTN airtime share.

The MTN data share is an easy process as the only requirements is an active data plan and the ensuring that the beneficiary is using an MTN network.

 Transferring of Data Between MTN Networks 

The gifting of data is now available in the MTN network as MTN users can now send data to other MTN lines

The sending of data to modems, tablets and any other device using the MTN network is now an easy process.

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Below are the steps to on How to Transfer Data on MTN;

  • First of all, dial *123*3#. You will receive a list of options to choose from, simply reply with 7.
  • A list of various services will be sent to you which you are to choose from. Choose the service you want to apply for by sending its number.
  • You will be required to insert the MTN number of the receiver which you will have to do.
  • After that, choose the amount you are willing to share.
  • Sharing of 200MB  in a day is the maximum and this can be done only twice

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Requirements for the Easy Sharing of Data Using the MTN Network

  1. There must be an active data plan to enable the usage of this service
  2. To register for and get a unique security PIN for this service, dial *131*2*1# or send REG to 131

Sharing MTN Data with Other Networks

It is possible to buy a specific data bundle for friend and relations by simply dialling *131* the bundle activation code* the receivers phone number#.

The pay for this service is removed from your airtime. It is advisable for you to check the requirement for all the MTN data plans so as to enable you to know what to choose from and not overspending.

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This service is not limited to two times a day as in the sharing of MTN data. This service can be done as many times as possible as long as you have enough airtime in your SIM.

How to Transfer Data on MTN 2021 Guide

  1. Ensure the phone number you are linking to is an MTN Number 
  2. You should also ensure that you have enough data to share with another phone number
  3. the Minimum data which you can share is for a day is 1Gb
  4. if you have met the requirements above dial *131* follow by the phone number*  the data amout#
  5. You will get a notification whether you have successfully shared data to another line
  6. If you have followed the guide on How to Transfer Data on MTN and it’s unsuccessful, then there is a problem somewhere

 How to Unshare Data on MTN 

The ways of sharing data are everywhere but the unsharing of the data is not rampant.

For those who have given time to search for this service, search no more for the answer is here.

Without wasting much of your time, we will just point out the necessary steps needed for the unsharing of data to be done.

The following steps will guide you to easily carry out this service;

  • Dial *131*2# and send using your mobile device.
  • You will receive a pop-up menu, choose to remove beneficiary and send using the number of the option.
  •  You will receive other menus, follow in the same manner to complete the process.
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 Gifting of Data on the MTN Network

MTN data gifting allows the sending of data bundles to friends, relations and loved ones. The service also gives you the power of paying for the gifted data on behalf of them.

The gifting of data on MTN can be between smartphones, modems and even iPad.

To access this service, simply follow the laid down procedures;

  • Register for the data gifting service using your MTN line by simply texting REG to 131.
  • You will receive a unique security PIN for this service.
  • Text Gift 00000000000 106 2222 to 131 where 00000000000 is the beneficiaries phone number, 106 is the code for 100MB monthly plan and 2222 is your unique security PIN.

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Another means of activating this service is by simply dialling *131# and following the laid down procedures.

I hope that this information will help you to access the sharing and unsharing, gifting and also buying data for loved ones.

Uunlike airtel, MTN has become a great network provider and with the MTN data gifting, you can enjoy the best of affordable and low data. Instead of buying different data for different sims, you can now easily share data with your friends and loved ones following 2020.

If you are having troubles on How to Transfer Data on MTN, why can’t you drop a comment through the comment box below let’s help you through the process?

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