How To Make Hand Sanitizers at Home – Simple Method to Make Good Hand Sanitizers

How To Make Hand Sanitizers
How To Make Hand Sanitizers

The spread of the recent pandemic Corona virus has led to us researching and coming up with the simple method on How To Make Hand Sanitizers at Home. Check below;

Coranavirus has grown and it has spread across continent of the world with alarming cases. It has not spared the rich, the poor and the elites as the rich, poor and middle class of persons have been confirmed positive of corona virus.

Politicians and world leaders have are not exempted as even a Governor of a state in Nigeria has been confirmed positive.

With this, the maintenance of personal hygiene has become a necessity in the prevention of the spread of the virus like hand washing.

Not just washing of hands, but the use of hand sanitizer too is encourage to stay healthy

Good News!

Here are the steps on how to produce your own hand sanitizer which work even more efficient than buying from the market.

Here are the ingredients needed

Isopropyl alcohol

Glycerol or aloe Vera gel

hydrogen peroxide

A spoon

Recycled liquid soap or hand sanitizer bottle

A funnel – This is optional

Essential oils – This is also optional.

Those materials are available in the Market or you can check how to buy them below.

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Once you have gotten your materials,

Mix inside bowl:

2/3 cup 99% isopropyl alcohol

1/3 cup aloe vera gel (or glycerol)

8-10 drops essential oil (like lavender, vanilla, peppermint, grapefruit)

Pour it immediately into a bottled container or a previously used hand sanitizer bottle and cover immediately.

Your hand sanitizer is ready.

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  1. When do we put the hydrogen peroxide during the preparation , because it is not stated. Thank you for your help

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