How stress Affects the Female Body

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How does stress affects the body?

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. This can involve a recent change in routine or daily pressure at work or school. Stress happens to everyone and can be motivating and productive or negative and destructive.

Women are twice likely to experience major stress related issues than men due to the following:

  • Hormonal differences
  • Stronger genetic predisposition for depression.
  • More household responsibilities.
  • Work/study/life balance.
  • Friendships and personal relationships.
  • Lack of job satisfaction.
  • Body image issues.
  • Marital problems.
  • Gender discrimination.
  • Financial insecurity
  • Social pressure- the need to fit in
  • Focusing on negative feelings
  • Pregnancy and infertility
  • Per menopause/mensuration/menopause.

The female body reacts to stress in unique ways which can lead to short and long term health problems like-

  • Irregular menstrual period
  • Hair loss
  • Poor digestion
  • Depression
  • Insomnia (inability to sleep) which can lead to difficulty in concentrating and lack of motivation.
  • Increased appetite and unhealthy cravings.
  • Decreased fertility.
  • Increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

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Stress is a normal part of life but how you handle it has major implications on your long term health. Ways to manage stress include-

  • Being solution-oriented helps stress

Try to focus on solving the problem if solvable rather than dwelling on your emotions (feelings) about the problems.


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Dweling opn the problem will rather make the problem worse. Isnstead of disturbing yourself about the problem, it is advisable to think of ways to solve the problem.


  • Have a positive outlook on life

Just laugh it off, research shows those smiling and laughing increase “feel-good” endorphins and also causes levels of stress hormones to cut down.


Be excited at all times and see what is happening as just a normal thing. Lahgh and smile always and avoid every side to get you moody.


  • Count your blessings

Being grateful for what God has done rather than complaining and worrying about what He hasn’t done can help calm you down.


One way to have a positive attitude towards life is count your blessings. Look at your achievements as well as the great strides of your life.

  • Eat healthily even when stress Affects you

Eat lots of fruits and veggies and drink lots of water. The more “good- for- you” foods you eat, the more likely you are to feel satisfaction and happiness and the less likely you are to experience nervousness and feeling low.


Eating good food contributes greately to the retardness of stress. At this period, it is advisable that you eat good food that will help to stimulate your system.

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  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine, these are stimulants that increase stress level rather than decrease it. The three (caffeine, Alcohol and nicotine ) are the dangerous to the body.


  • Indulge in physical activities-a brisk walk in fresh air everyday will do. Make sure you exercise everyday to keep your body active.


  • Talk to someone about Stress

This works by either distracting you from stressful thoughts or releasing the built-up tension by discussing it.

  • Manage your time-accept that you cannot do everything at once and start to prioritize your tasks.
  • Get more sleep:

You should endeavour to get adequate sleep. Sleeping at theproper time will help your body system to be relaxed.


The human body is like a machine that when overused, it develops a lot of complications. Sleeping helps your body to be at rest. When your wake up after getting adequate sleep, your body system becomes more energized and active.


  • Rest if you are ill.


  • Learn to say “NO”

Learning to say no to additional or unimportant requests will help to reduce your level of stress and may also help to develop more self-confidence.


You learn to say yes to things that contribute greatly to your health. Remember that at this period, your health is of optimum importance

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Having all these in mind, it is therefore important to note that the body and mind are linked throughout our lives and we must learn to respect both our emotional and physical needs, or we will lose our balance and ability to adapt.

Remain balanced and enjoy the great privilege of being a woman

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