RCCG July 2022 Holy Ghost Service Live

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RCCG July 2022 Holy Ghost Service Live

Here is one post no reader should miss out on. In this post, we are going to provide you with one detail many have been searching the internet for.

The information we will be sharing in this post is about RCCG July 2022 Holy Ghost Service Live. A lot of members and secret disciples of this church are searching for this.

It’s a new month and this is one service that occurs monthly and it is also one of the most impactful. If you have been searching for this update then here is where you will get it in full.

In this post, you will get to know all details regarding the RCCG July edition of the Holy Ghost Service. The month of June has passed and those who had attended this program m can share their experience.

If you missed last month’s experience then you should endeavour to join this month’s edition as it is powerful and impactful.

We will provide you with information including; Live stream, the Date of the Holy Ghost Service, How to give testimony online and more details.

Members and lovers of this church should take note of every detail and should not hesitate to share with others.

RCCG July 2022 Holy Ghost Service

This is one section of the post most readers were looking for. In this section of the post, we are going to feed you on RCCG July 2022 Holy Ghost Service Live.

If you have been searching for updates on this then you should read this section of the post carefully. Here, readers will get to know more about this service.

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The Holy Ghost Service is organized by the Redeem Christian Church of God and it is always a powerful one.

Redeem Christain Church of God holds this program every month and it is always impactful and life-changing.

Those who have attended this program cannot forget the experience. We also notice that it is not everyone who has an interest in this program can join.

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Distance is one of the major problems why many cannot join this program. If you have been having this problem then this post will help you to beat distance.

The barrier which formally was distance has been cleared through the invention of technology. Now viewers can attend this program from the comfort of their homes.

If you believe t the same will be your fate. Read down to see how to join this program online.

RCCG July 2022 Holy Ghost Service Live

Yes, it is very possible to view this program from the comfort of your home without having to do much more than just an internet connection.

There are many sites in which the Redeem Christian Church has made themselves available and any viewer can watch them from their comfort.

Distance has now been covered and now nothing will stop you from attending the Holy Ghost Service. There are many platforms there which you can use to attend the live program.

One of the apps which you can use is Facebook. Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in the world.

RCCG July 2022 Holy Ghost Service Live

RCCG July 2022 Holy Ghost Service Live

Just like having a decoder channel, Redeem Christian Church of God has a legit website that members and those who are interested can view.

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If you are still wondering how to get to watch this video live then this section of the post will help you, Read down and follow the steps to watch the video live.

  • With an active Data Connection, locate any media of your choice (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc)
  • Search on RCCG Holy Ghost Service Live
  • Without a waste of time, this video will appear in front of you and you can watch it live.

Above are the steps you need to successfully follow this program live.

RCCG July 2022 Holy Ghost Service Live- How to give Testimony Live

Here is another important detail that all readers must know about. Most readers are wondering how to give testimony online.

Meeting face to face is not the only way to give testimony mostly from a large crowd where many outside the country are also attending.

There are other ways of giving testimony, including a live recording. Here we are going to give you steps on how to give your testimony through live video.

Read down and follow the steps to be able to give testimony through the RCCG Live Stream;

  • With an active data connection
  • Locate the RCCG Live stream
  • Record your testimony in more detail than quantity
  • Start Recording when System prompt you to.
  • Submit your testimony and your testimony if detailed will be played in the Holy Ghost Service.

Above are the steps you need to submit testimony directly to RCCG. Now that you have gotten this info, there is nothing stopping you from attending the service.

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RCCG July 2022 Holy Ghost Service Live- Day of Event

The RCCG Holy Ghost Service is always held on the first Friday of every month. If you are a member of this assembly then it is best to take note of this detail.

You can join this program from whichever distance as stated above. Every First Friday of the month is not too much.

Members can watch this through Facebook, YouTube, and RCCG websites or listen through the RCCG Radio Station.

Yes, RCCG has a radio station and you can also follow the Holy Ghost Service through this measure. It is the month of July and many are looking forward to attending this program.

With your active data, you can stream what happened on Friday dated 1st July. The program was powerful. The tag of this program is “complete in Jesus”.

If you had missed this program then it is advisable to view it live and enjoy the Glory of God in the midst of his people.

We have come to the end of this post, readers can drop comments in the comment section below. Stay on this page so as to get more updates regarding RCCG July 2022 Holy Ghost Service Live.

Happy New Month.



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