Glo Share Data Code| How to Share Data on Glo to MTN, Glo Airtel 2020

There are various ways way of sharing data and that’s why we have written this post on Glo Share Data Code to different networks.

When it comes to sharing of data, most person think that it is only with the Glo sim to another glo line which data can be shared, but glo data can be shared to different networks on the Glo share data.

Glo Share Data Code
Glo Share Data Code

Just like our post on MTN Transfer Data, we know that this post will interest you on how to share data and hence we have given you the necessary guide towards knowing how to share data.

We know that people have searched for how to gift data on glo  from our site and we did not hesitate to create a post on this to give the necessary information guidelines to our readers  because the knowledge of Glo data share is very important.

One of the most controversial questions which most people have asked regarding the Glo Data is how to share data with Glo data and how to share glo data with mtn number. Whether you want to share data with MTN number or you want to share data with Glo or even airtel, the most important guidelines will be written here.

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Our guidelines on Glo Share Data is important as many applicants who don’t know how to share data on Glo with the necessary guidelines.

Like the MTN transfer data, and like there is a code to share data on Glo there are also different ways to unshared data with the code which we will also show you here in our post.

Glo Share Data Code Guide and Updates

  • Glo users can get notification once their numbers are opted in by another Glo user, notification is usually by SMS.
  • The maximum number of Glo lines to add into your Share data plan is 5 Glo numbers and the minimum number is 1 with the Glo Share Data Code.
  • You can always check your Glo data balance as normal without any special code
  • Notifications are usually sent to the person whom you are sharing the data with as well the glo data sharer
  • The two known ways to share data include either through online resources via Glo mobile online or data can be shared with the Glo Share data USSD code.
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Glo data share cheat

Glo data code is one code that which any Glo user can use to activate and share your data to different networks.

In most cases, what is very common is How to know the number you share data with on glo and how to remove data from a number.

No matter the Tariff plans even the Glo amebo which you have migrated to on Glo, you can still share data to Glo network and you won’t require any kind of cheat to activate and know Glo Share Data 2020.

The most important thing is to answer the question on how do i transfer data from glo to glo and other network. You don’t need to recharge with the Glo recharge code to access Glo Data share Service.

We know that this is one thing most people don’t really know when it comes to how to share Glo data and hence we write for you to know how to share airtime on glo.

Please note that there are different ways which you can share data but don’t confuse Glo gift data to Gli share data, there actually mean two different things.

Glo Gift Data and Glo Share Data

  • How to gift credit on glo or data is not actually the same as how to share Glo data and as Glo gift data has to do with a purchase of MB.
  • Glo gift data has to do with the ability to send a particular volume of data to another glo network While Glo Share Data is the ability of adding a number to any of the Glo data plan which you may want to subscribe to.
  • With the Glo Share Data Code, Users are eligible to browse on their various glo lines as long as there is a sufficient data bundle on the on the sharers line.
  • There are both Glo Share Data Code and Glo Gift data code and each of this codes works separately for different functions.
  • There is a cheat code which you can either share data from one Glo number to the other or any other network which you want but you can gift a data bundle to only glo line.
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How to transfer mb from glo to mtn and Glo to Glo

In most cases, many people believe that there is a way which data can be shared from Glo to MTN in an existing Glo data plan  but we are yet to discover the various ways which data bundle can be share to another network aside from glo.

However, we will update you if such a cheat to share data from Glo to any other network exist and there we provide this on code to gift data on glo.

Glo is one of the fastest growing indigenous networks in Nigeria and there offer values which its competitors have nit offered and such is the Glo Shared data formula.

How to Share Glo Data with Glo Share Data Code 2020

No need to check your Glo balance,  you can either share using the USSD code or you can share Glo data by sending an SMS to a particular USD code.

By Dialing USD Code

  1. From your phone dial *127*01*Phone number#
  2. Send the code from your phone number and you will get a notification on your line
  3. Repeat the process to add different glo phone numbers
  4. To check the full list of the phone number added on your shared data gig dial * 127*00# to get the phone numbers
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  1. You can also Share glo data by sending “Share (Mobile number)” to the code 127
  2. You can repeat the process to add different phone numbers
  3. All information should be send via sms to 127
  4. To Check the list of phone number, simply send “List ” to 127 as SMS

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How to Unshare data and Remove Number from Glo Share Data

In most cases, you may find it very difficult to unshared data with someone either someone has dial the code to add your Glo number to your data plans without your knowledge, you can as well remove any phone number with these steps below;

Glo Share Data Code
Glo Share Data Code
  1. By SMS please send “Remove (Mobile Number)” to 127 and you will get a confirmation
  2. All codes should only be sent to 127
  3. Through USSD to remove a particular Glo number, you will only have to dial the code in number 3
  4. Dial *127*02* (Mobile Number to be removed)

While trying to dial the Glo Share Data Code or to remove number, do not space or send sms with quotations marks as it will be invalid.

If you wish to ask any question or make any contribution on this post on Glo Share Data Code and how to share Glo data to MTN, Airtel and Glo, please let us have your message via the comment box below.

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