Geep Loan Application 2019 Geep Market Moni Programme and Portal 2019

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We have made a post on Geep Loan Application 2019 to help you know about the Geep Market Moni Programme, its application guide and how to about the application for the Geep Market moni Registration.

Geep Loan Application 2019

Geep Loan Application 2019

All applicants who a have done the Geep Loan Application 2019/2020 are entitle to a loan ranging between 10,000 to 100,00.

Everyone who apply for the Geep Moni market with Registration form and are looking for this loan will have to apply through the application portal. Microenterprise are entitle to this loan ranging from One hundred thousand.

We will guide you how the application guidelines for the Geep Loan Application 2019/2020 with the necessary guide.

About Geep MarketMoni and 2019 Geep Loan Application

It is true that this loan is one of the Fast Cash Loans in Nigeria and the scheme is a scheme provides and made available by the Federal Government to guide all those who are into various business.

Geep Moni is here to help traders on small and medium scale enterprise and it is championed by the federal Government to help traders while they are looking for loans and grants.

Geep which stands for Federal Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme is a scheme that will provide small scale loans to applicants of this scheme. In the previous year’s lots of applicants have benefited from the programme.

Geep market moni programme 2019

market moni registration for Geep will guide you in the application processes as you apply for the 2018 Geep Loan Application 2019.

This will be a guide on how to apply for the programme either through online or through market moni agent in this post, we have also shown you the right application portal for application for this programme.

Lots of persons have been searching for www apply market moni com ng on the internet to know how to apply for Geep programme via online and we have inform you about the registration details and guidelines for which you can use to access the Geep market moni loan

How to apply for Geep

There are different steps and application processes which we showed earlier on Geep money application guidelines. This loan is not like the Kiakia Loan App, where you can process it through the Application

The application processes for Geep is very simple and all application should be done at the Geep portal which is opened for 24 hours.

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The online application is very easy and applicants can apply for the programme by following the prompt application instructions available at the Geep Moni Market.

The Geep Loan Application 2019 for Geep marketmoni programme 2019 is done online and only applicants with an association or group will be able to get the Geep loan application.

There are various instructions and application guidelines to follow for a successful Geep Loan Application 2019 for Geep market moni programme.

By following the prompt instructions available at the sites, applicants should be able to apply for the bank of industry market moni of Federal Government Enterprise and Empowerment programme.

Just follow the stated instructions on this web page to have further details on how to apply for marketmoni.

There are different categories of people that can access this loan even farmers too can have access to the farmer moni

Geep Loan Application 2019 Application Requirements

To apply for the Geep Loan Application 2019/2020 for Geep Moni Market, applicants need to meet the following requirements;

  1. All applicants should belong and register with any approved market association or local market union.
  2. Applicants should also possess Bank Verification number
  3. All applicants for Geep trader moni should have their business located at a very strategic location for easy verification by agents of Market Moni
  4. Before your application is completed, the market or trade association which you belong to must appoint you to get the loan.
  5. Your Market association and group should also be your guarantor as you apply for the loan.

Marketmoni Registration Form

The Geep Loan Application 2019 process is done online through the trader moni website; don’t confuse Geep Moni market to trader Moni as this two are almost similar.

The steps below will guide you on trader moni application for GEEP and how to apply for it through their official trader moni registration portal.

Having to know your Bank verification number is an important step in this application as you will be required of it while processing your application.

Everything about Geep Moni Market is made known in our post and we will also show you how to apply for trader moni for the boi marketmoni loan for Geep.

This post is a guide on Geep marketmoni programme and how to successfully process the Geep Loan Application 2019 online.

Geep 2019 is one of the biggest and the largest loan in Company that has given thousands of Small and Medium enterprise trader’s loans. Through the Geep marketmoni loan lots of traders have been empowered and the beneficiaries are only charge 5 percent for the administrative fees.

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In the nutshell, we can say that Geep loan is an interest free loan of Bank of Industry Loans to traders.

Geep Loan Application 2019 Guidelines

  • Geep Moni Market Loan is to last within a period of 6 months and that is to say that beneficiaries will have to pay with 6 months.
  • Beneficiaries will have to pay a fee or a token of 5% to benefits from this loan
  • Loans are repayable weekly and any beneficiary that does not pay will be give two weeks grace period

Steps and Guide for Geep Moni MarketMoni Laon and Geep Loan Application 2019

  1. Association of Legal Registration

Applicants will have to confirm that he/she belongs to a particular association, corporative society and other trade unions within the States or the National body that have registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and do the CAC Registration

  1. Association of Business Accreditation

To do this all applicants will have to register with the accredited by registering for BOI Business and should have their business accredited at the official association accreditation page which is

  1. Accreditation Validation and Beneficiary Registration

This will involve your cooperation and association who will notify Bank of Industry (BOI) via mail about the recruitment and the mail address which is

You will also make use of the National/States certificates of the association to complete the above steps.

Your trade association, cooperative organization will interact and get some vital information to process and validate the registration processes.

Geep Market Moni Load 2019 Registration & How It Works

To process with the Geep Loan Application 2019 and process the Federal Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme GEEP Load 2019, we will show you the application guidelines.

Over the years, the Federal Government Enterprise and Empowerment scheme has empowered more than 350,00 and it ranges to be one of the largest in Africa not even to be compared with the African Bank Loans

Application is done within the country and applicants can apply for this recruitment exercise across the country in any sates.

MarketMoni Loan Repayment Schedule for the Week

Geep Market Moni Programme

Geep Market Moni Programme

Below is list of MarketMoni loan repayment schedule that will guide you


Loan Administrative Fee Amount to payback
₦10,000.00 ₦500.00




₦20,000.00 ₦1,000.00




₦50,000.00 ₦2,500.00











Weekly Collection

Week 1            ₦437.50          ₦875.00          ₦2,187.50       ₦4375.00

Week 2            ₦437.50          ₦875.00          ₦2,187.50       ₦4375.00

what is Geep

Geep simply stands for Government Enterprise and Empowerment programme and this programme has empowered lots of Nigerians since her inception and to answer the question on how to apply for Geep loan, we have crafted this post to inform you.

Application for Geep is mainly done through marketmoni agents who process it online through the Geep portal.

The scheme is one of the loans and grants programme championed by the Bank of Industry through the Federal Government.

Benefit of Applying for Geep Loan Application 2019 and Geep MoniMarket

  • You will get loans ranging from 10,000 to 100,000
  • Unlike other loan programs, you will be given a six months grace to repay your loans
  • Loans are collected and can be paid daily or weekly.
  • The collection grace period for Geep Moni Market loan is two weeks and within this week applicants can repay their loans.

Application Eligibilty for Geep Market Moni Programme

The Geep Market Moni Programme 2019 is open to members of an accredited market association, cooperative or trade group who have valid BVNs and whose business locations can be verified.

Those who are to apply for Geep Market Moni Programme 2019 are traders who have join an accredited market scheme and association and have their valid BVN number.

Applicant’s business location should be strategic for application. For Geep and this is one of the necessary requirements.

In case you have questions or contributions, let us know as you drop it at the comment box below.

Please ensure that you share this post to all and let them inform about Geep Moni and Geep Loan Application 2019 Guidelines.

Please share this post until it gets to someone in need of this loan.



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