GEEP Loan Application – 2.0 Login and Application Portal

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GEEP Loan Application – 2.0 Login and Application Portal

The GEEP program is the concern of most readers. In this post, we are going to be informing you about the GEEP loan application.

Many have heard of this loan but yet find it hard to understand the whole process. In this post, we are going to help you with the processes involved in applying for this loan.

The reason why many are into this loan is that; the GEEP loan is being organized by the government. Unlike other loans which will keep you updated in weeks or months; the GEEP loan does not do this.

If you have been searching for this update then you have met the right page which will provide you with all the information about this Loan.

GEEP Loan Application - 2.0 Login and Application Portal

GEEP Loan Application – 2.0 Login and Application Portal

The emergence of Covid19 caused many to go bankrupt. The total lockdown and many other things that went up in that year are one of the reasons for this empowerment.

The Federal Government is trying their best to make Small businessmen and women stand back on their feet.

With this, the federal government came up with the idea of the fund named Government Empowerment Enterprise Program (GEEP). If you are not making use of this opportunity, you are mission out.

There are segments of this empowerment and it is necessary for one to have ideas about this.

Bandages of GEEP Loan

The GEEP Loan program started in 2015 and is organized by the federal government of Nigeria. The sole aim of its creation was to help lift small scale businesses in Nigeria into a major and productive market.

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The plan of GEEP Loan 2.0 is to help Nigerian small scale business owners, Micro and Medium businesses in Nigeria stand on their feet.

With this, the GEEP came out with bandages to help simplify the whole process. The categories are;

  • TraderMoni
  • FarmerMoni
  • MarketMoni
  • Npower Loan

The four Bandages are for a different set of business owners, read more to see the category you belong to.

GEEP Loan Application –TraderMoni

This category of loan is one which many are applying for as most business owners in Nigeria fall under this category.

The TraderMoni is to help Miro, small scale business owners, and Medium size business owners expand their business into bigger enterprises.

Some business types which are qualified for this category are; Tailors, Fruit sellers and kiosk owners.

GEEP Loan Application –FarmerMoni

Farming is one of the major sections that cannot be ignored. GEEP has made a special segmentation for farmers who have small farms.

With the use of this empowerment, these farmers can fund their farms, therefore, expanding them to the level they feel satisfied.

For those who have been searching for updates regarding FarmMoni; FarmMoni is given to Farmers who want to expand their Agri-business.

Some of the businesses other this category are; Crop Production, Animal Production, Processing, etc.

MarketMoni- Loan Now

Yes, this loan is divided equally to all segments of the business. Here is MarketMoni, especially aimed at supporting market women and men in expanding their kiosk into a larger business.

If you are a market woman and you need a loan to grow your business, the GEEP loan is one of the best options to make.

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GEEP Loan Application

This is one of the most important sections of this post. Here, you will get to know all the necessary information regarding GEEP loan Application.

The Application/ login process is the concern of many people and this post is here to help you with that information.

One reason why many are interested in getting this loan is that a GEEP loan is a Known interest loan; one will not need to pay extra.

To apply for this loan, you need to follow some processes which are easy for anyone. All you need is to be in contact with GEEP enumerators.

These enumerators are not going to provide you with forms but will only get your personal details and will finalize the whole application process.

To apply for this loan, you must make sure to meet their requirements.

GEEP Loan Requirements

The requirements of this loan are easy but one needs to meet up with the requirement. Note that if you do not meet up with the requirement, you are automatically not eligible for the fund.

  • The first requirement one must meet up with is that the applicant for this fund must be a Nigerian illegally by birth.

This means that those who are married into the nation or honoured to become citizens cannot get this loan as it is strictly for citizens who were born and brought up in the country.

  • The loan is not given to big-time businesses but to starters and small scale owners. Applicants must have an exciting business before the day of application.
  • Another important and necessary factor is that the applicant must be ready to pay back the loan he or she is about to collect.
  • He or she must have a National Identity card or a Voter’s card.
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If you are one who has all these requirements, you are qualified for the loan and can start applying for it.

The highest and lowest amounts which can be loaned from GEEP

This is very important for one to know. The amount of money to be loaned from this program is very important to note.

Since Government Empowerment Enterprise Program deals with some scaled businesses, the minimum amount of money maximum amount of money given is N300, 000.

The least amount of money given out to customers is N10,000. Loaning of to N300, 000 is taken in a gradual process.

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To be eligible to get up to this amount; applicants must have already loaned a lesser amount of money from them and paid it back before the drawn line.

This will be a step by step process. Your eligibility to loan a bigger amount of money lies in your ability to pay the small loan.

We have come to the end of this post and if you find this post helpful to you at any point. Do not forget to drop a comment in the comment section below.

Share this post with friends and family who wants a non-interest loan and feel free to ask questions related to this topic, thanks for reading.



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