FUOTUOKE Accredited Courses and Cut Off Mark 2017/18

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This article is on FUOTUOKE Accredited Courses  which will help you on your journey to Admission. The knowledge of FUOTUOKE Accredited Courses  is very important for you to succeed in this years Admission Process. If you want your name to be on the admission list of FUOTUOKE Accredited Courses . Please read this post which we have compiled on FUOTUOKE Accredited Courses

FUOTUOKE Accredited Courses

We have compiled the list of courses offered in Federal University Otuoke popularly known as FUO or FUOTUOKE. These courses as seen towards the end of this post are the accredited courses according to NUC (National University Commission) therefore candidates or prospective students are sure of the information gathered.

Federal University Otuoke is located in Bayelsa state, It is the only federal university in Bayelsa, though new when compared to other universities within its region, courses offered in Federal University Otuoke are lectured by M.Sc, Ph.D holders as well as Professors.

Usually, upon choosing a course of study, it is usually advised prospective students or applicants go through some of the requirements candidates must posses in order to be eligible to study the course in question

Upon meeting these requirements, candidates becomes automatically eligible for admission into Federal University Otuoke and internal screening exercise.

So with the above information, prospective candidates should be clear as regards the requirements for the list of courses offered in Federal University Otuoke.

FUOTUOKE Accredited Courses

FUOTUOKE Accredited Courses

List of Courses Offered In Federal University Otuoke (FUOTUOKE)

As usual, we have arranged the all courses offered in Federal University Otuoke (FUOTUOKE) in an alphabetical order for ease of identification for candidates.

  1. Accounting / Finance
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Microbiology
  4. Chemical Science
  5. Humanities
  6. Mathematics And Statistics
  7. Chemistry
  8. Computer Science And Informatics
  9. Economics and Development Studies
  10. English Language and Communication Studies
  11. History and Strategic Studies
  12. Physics with Electronics and Power
  13. Political Science
  14. Sociology and Anthropology
  15. Statistics
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Hope this was informative enough? if you have any question(s) as regards the list of accredited courses offered in FUOTUOKE (Federal University Otuoke) simply scroll down to the comment section below, post your questions and we will shall respond in no time.

Also, to get the latest information about (Federal University Otuoke) FUOTUOKE courses, admission and post UTME/Internal screening news and happenings in all Nigerian universities generally, you could subscribe to our blog in order to be up-to-date.

FUOTUOKE cut off mark for 2017/2018

FUOTUOKE cut off mark for 2017/2018 academic session is officially out. FUOTUOKE potential students are expected to go through this notification carefully.

Before we get started on what this years cut off mark is, please be informed that there is a very clear difference between FUOTUOKE JAMB cut off mark and FUOTUOKE post UTME cut off mark.

  • Click on this link to get all materials you need to secure admission into FUOTUOKE

FUOTUOKE post UTME cut off point may not matter any longer since the the Federal Government have scrapped post examination. However, you will be on the winning side if you can still prepare for post JAMB examination in case the management of  FUOTUOKE insist on conducting any form of screening or post UTME before accepting new applicants.

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What is the JAMB cut off mark for FUOTUOKE?
In order to help candidates, we have decided to reveal the FUOTUOKE 2017 cut off point so that anyone who does not meet up with the specified cut off mark will make hay while the sun shines.

Judging from our experience last year during the 2016/2017 academic session admission, we found out that some candidates who purchased FUOTUOKE post UTME were screened out on the exam day because their jamb results was not up-to the required cut-off mark.

To prevent this kind of issue in time, this notice advises such candidates to look for an alternative university by buying the JAMB change of institution form while the form is still on sale.

FUOTUOKE Cut Off Mark for 2017/2018

The cut off point for FUOTUOKE for 2017/2018 academic session is pegged between 120 and 200. Hence, it is important that candidates who chose FUOTUOKE as their choice of institution but scored less than 120 should not buy the admission form but rather inquire if there is any course that is suitable for your JAMB score before making payment for the 2017 admission form.
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  • 2017 FUOTUOKE Post UTME Cut Off Point

Note: Post UTME cut off point for FUOTUOKE varies from one course to the other. The cut of mark for the different courses will be made known by the institution in due time.

For candidates with less than 110;
Quit buying the admission form at the moment as there is really no room for JAMB score less than 110 but proceed to obtain a pre-degree form directly from the school.

FUOTUOKE cut off Point for 2017/2018

For those who scored 120 and above in their JAMB UTME result, you have to be on alert as the sale of the FUOTUOKE’s sales of admission form will commence soonest.

We are ready to provide more information on FUOTUOKE Accredited Courses  and we want to keep you updated with information on FUOTUOKE Accredited Courses  If you need more information on FUOTUOKE Accredited Courses  Kindly drop your email address on the comment box. Do you have any Question or contribution on FUOTUOKE Accredited Courses  feel free to drop it at the comment box below.

How do you see FUOTUOKE Accredited Courses  Hope you were inform and please don’t hesitate to get others inform by sharing this post on facebook, WhatApp Twitter or Google Plus.



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  1. Ky dpl says:

    Is there any buying of direct entry form if one can’t mak it up with the school cut off mark? If yes, how can payment be made with it due process in order for one to resume school as soon as possible…(kingsley prosper).

  2. Udeme offong says:

    Is there no marketing in fuotouke because i just saw the list of accredited courses in the school but marketing was not induded? I put marketing in this year jamb. Ple guide me.

  3. Stephen choice says:

    does duo accept a pass in physics and electronics

  4. Stephen choice says:

    does fuo accept a pass in physics and electronics

  5. I scored 187 and my course is computer science and informatics, will gain admission?

  6. Bright says:

    Is health science among the new accredited course??

  7. MARY AHWES says:


  8. Fortune says:

    Please what is the cutoff mark in microbiology in bayelsa university

  9. Favour says:

    pls can i study accounting with 163 in otuoke

  10. Anu favour says:

    Pls can i study accounting with 163 in otuoke

  11. meyonsie says:

    plz can one study English with 175 in otuoke

  12. meyonsie says:

    what is the cut off mark for this school 2017/18

  13. Peters Edi says:

    just apply for the post utme

  14. Peter says:

    please I did not choose them as my jamb school choices but I still want to apply for the school… I scored 191 and I want to apply for economics and development is it okay

  15. ese says:

    I scored 133 in my post utme in english and communication department will i be considered for admission thanks

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