Get Free US Phone Number in Nigeria | Get US Phone number for Verification

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We know that lot of persons in Nigeria wants to Get Free US Phone Number in Nigeria and have searched for it all over the net.

Free US Phone Number

Free US Phone Number

You probably stumble on this blog post because you have been looking for apps for free phone numbers and other ways for which you can create phone number app easily.

We wrote on Gb whatsapp download and we decide to still write on this subject on Free US Phone Number in Nigeria for different verification purposes.

We wants you to get phone apps on computer easily without any problem and one of the ways get phone number from address is via online.

Lots of Nigerians don’t know that they can have the Free US Phone Number in Nigeria and do any kind of verification which they wants to do.

The sole purpose of this post is to let you know how to get phone numbers for free depending on your location.

Most people have downloaded several apps to change their numbers but all to no avail as most of the application does not really work on most devices.

Even while downloading the application, windows phone users do ask one question and the question becomes will windows phone get apps?

Without you having to download a phone app, we will guide you on how to get and activate your free virtual phone numbers from U.S. It is not only free phone number, but you can read our post on to show you how to watch free movies

You can convert your local cell phone numbers to U.S phoned number through internet and this number serves the general purpose and not only for the purpose of serving as internet phone number.

This post will answer the question and also make available Free US Phone Number in Nigeria for all those who want to get internet phone number free.

Free USA Phone Number and Free Virtual phone number

There are so many platforms that gives you the U.S phone number for a particular some of money, but our guide will only show you how to get a phone number for free.

This phone number, is mostly called free virtual phone number usa and through this even without getting any application, you will be able to download and get U.S phone number.

This guide is a guide that guides you on the Free US Phone Number in Nigeria for verification and other purposes and you will not need a app to do this and that’s why we are writing on possible ways to get the application without first having to get us phone number app.

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This usa free phone number will help you to do verification as required and the verification exercises in most cases can only be done via the US phone number.

This number work virtually ad hence it is mostly called the virtual phone system for calls to help you.

The virtual phone numbers for free can be generated even without using any application and that’s why we have said that our guide on how to get a phone number will not require you to download application, even though you are using the Latest Free browsing cheats

With your internet browser, you can get phone numbers for free from the United States and America and depending on the purpose of the free phone numbers.

You won’t even need an application or various apps for phone numbers our guide works so far as your phone is connected to the internet.

In most cases many users still wants to know how to Free US Phone Number in Nigeria to scam other citizens.

Nigeria lately has been rated as one of the highest crime countries especially when it comes to the highest internet fraud countries.

We understand that most people have used this various phone number to fraud thief clients but actually, the Free US Phone Number in Nigeria works like magic.

How to Get Free US Phone Number in Nigeria

  1. Register and login into the official site which is callcentriccom
  2. Ensure you have done a successful registration by completing the sign in process
  3. After the registration, confirm your email by checking your mail box and the verification link will be sent.
  4. Your verification will be done only with your main original phone number and email address
  5. Ensure the just named information is correct and the confirmation mail as be sent to your mail box

How to Verify Your U.S Phone number on

  • Open your mail box and search for a message from call centric, in case you can find anyone, ensure to check your spam folder.
  • You can visit with the best airtel data plan
  • Upon verification, ensure that you have provided your country code according to your city
  • Sign up and proceed on I agree with the terms and conditions column box
  • After the sign up, you will provided with a website tour, ignore and proceed by clicking on “go to my call centric”
  • You will be see a display of the screen of your own call centric number, you can copy the number and mostly the call centric number comes in this format “17777 ……….” Ensure you copy the number
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Free US Phone Number in Nigeria Step by Step Guide through Ipkall

  1. Open a new page to browse the internet on your web browser, visit
  2. When asked an account type, set it to SIP and on the space provided paste the number you copied
  3. 253 will appear as your default code, but in case you want to change, you can make your choice from the drop down of numbers
  4. When asked for host, select and set the host name as and select
  5. In less than 60 seconds or more, you will receive another mail and this time from and the mail will contain your new number
  6. You will need this particular email in the SIP configuration and confirmation

US Phone Number for Verification

It is often very difficult to get contacts number of U.S and that’s why we will updates you on how to get the U.S phone number and how to have the latest and the most current U.S phone number.

Through this guide, you will study and will get to know how to access the most recent ways on how to have the United States of America phone number and that is why we have written this post to guide you on the need to have U.S phone number even In Nigeria.

There are so many benefits as well as disadvantages of changing your number, apart from the fact that it shields you from those whom you don’t want to share your contact with, with the U.S phone number, you are charged at a reduced rate if you call U.S because it is seen as an inter-US Calls.

This guide is meant to show you a simple guide on how to get Free U.S Phone number that will allow you to change your number so follow it.

How to Activate and Get Free New US Phone Number in Nigeria

Get Free US Phone Number in Nigeria

Get Free US Phone Number in Nigeria

For the U.S phone number to work effectively well, you will need to activate the phone number. This is for good

  1. Ensure that you have install Express talk to download express talk, follow here
  2. Before the download endevour to subscribe to any Airtel, 9mobile or MTN data plan
  3. Follow the trail version of the Express talk
  4. Only download the app and set it up ensure you don’t download additional file like toolbars
  5. Activate the app and istall it and in this process choose all options for wizard screens
  6. On the SIP Account set up, select the option that tells them you already own an account and proceed
  7. The next step is for you to quickly provide the SIP details as was done on
  8. Ensure you complete the whole set up process. Congratulations your number is ready you can now give out you Free US Phone Number.
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Download ree phone Number App Windows

You will not need different phone number app to make this to make this work on your phone. We are aware that there are numerous phoned number application for which you can get and check free phone number on your devices.

In most cases, most of this phone number changer app is found at Google play store where it can be downloaded.

However, from our active observation most of the downloaded phone number doesn’t actually give most people what they want.

If you actually getting the phone number app for iphone, we observe that this application works only when a particular some of money is paid to the account,

The best way to change your phone number from Nigeria is not through app to change your number, but the free cell phone number apps can be easily gotten online through this guide on our how to Free US Phone Number in Nigeria.

Why Nigeria?

From our critical search, most Nigerians are the ones looking for the U.S phone number stuffs and that does not mean that one from another country cannot make use of the application.

This phone post will not show you best phone number app, but step by step guide on how to get and activate your new U.S phone number online.

We advise that you follow the instructions our post and you will be able to create a new phone number online.

Do you have any questions or contributions on how to make a new phone number that is of the United States of America, pleased drop it at the comment box below

Via this post, we have shown our readers how to get Free US Phone Number in Nigeria for verification.

Please share this post to all!



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