Folake Abiola Biography – Age, Death and Burial

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Folake Abiola Biography

Today, will be sharing with you the full story regarding Folake Abiola. If you have been looking for the biography of this woman then you have met the right site.

In this post, you will get to know more about this woman starting from her biography, Relationship, Job and also the cause of death.

This is one story that hooks many people as they cannot understand why someone like Folake Abiola could die.

According to our research, Folake Abiola committed Suicide which is the most shocking in her update. Why would she take such a decision even when she is wealthy?

If this is your question then make sure to read this post to the end as you will get all the information regarding her tragic story in full.

Folake Abiola Biography

In this section of the post, readers are going to be getting information about Folake Abiola’s Biography. Folake Abiola was born and brought up in a happy family.

According to our source, Folake is from a Muslim family filled with love for everyone. Folake is in fact a graduate and was working for a stable payment.

Those who worked together with her can confirm how humanitarian in nature she is. Everybody loved her for this reason but that notwithstanding; Folake was still mentally unwell.

She was undergoing depression and this is a major cause of her death.

Folake while alive was supported by her family and loved ones. She was born in the year 1975 which means she was 47 years old.

From her name, Folake Abiola is clearly a Yoruba Woman. Her residential area was around Osapa London in Lagos State Nigeria.

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She has been in depression for a long time due to her lack of a husband and childlessness. Her status was a major reason for this update.

Folake took her own life in the year 2022 in her house in Lekki, Lagos on the 27th of May 2022. Additionally, Folake Abiola started showing this signs of depression recent and her co-workers advised her to meet a doctor.

Folake Abiola Biography- Career

The career of Folake Abiola is a major contribution to her biography. If you have been looking for the nature of work she was doing then you met the right post.

Folake Abiola Biography

Folake Abiola Biography

In this post, you will get to know the nature of the work she was doing. Folake Abiola was an accountant working for the Famous Globacom.

Glo Network is used by a large number of Nigerians and Folake happens to become a worker in the prominent company.

She has been working there for years and doing her work competently. Even with the number of persons who come in and out of the building she was severely undergoing depression.

One of the staff who worked together with her affirmed to it that t Folake Abiola was undergoing depression.

Depression is one of the illnesses Nigerians is neglecting which is the cause of the death of many persons who commit suicide.

Folake Abiola Biography- Husband and Children

This is one section of the post that should not be excluded. Folake’s husband and Children are info much want.

Yes, it is true that Folake Abiola is not married and does not have a child. Many see this as the core reason for the depression which leads to her death on the 27th of May, 2022.

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Folake’s death cannot be linked to any physical problems of hers as she was loved by many. According to our source, Folake’s birthday was months ago and she did not disclose this to people.

She has been suffering from this illness for quite some time. She has been in two different relationships in the past seven years which shows that this cannot be the cause of her death.

Folake Abiola Biography- Cause of Death

Yes, it is very important to see the cause of the death of this woman. Many have come up with diverse reasons why she decided to make this huge decision.

Some say it is because of her childlessness and some say that is because she does not have a husband. Others come up with more clumsy reasons.

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It is not possible for one to take his/her life for the reason of not being married or not having a child. There are more than a hundred in the country with similar cases but suicide is the last thing they can think of.

Mental illness (depression) leads many to make rash decisions. Depression is the cause of her death.

Depression is a mental disease and one that should be taken seriously as many have loosed their lives to it.

There are some symptoms of this illness and if you notice anyone in you, it is advisable you see a doctor.

Folake Abiola died in her house in Lekki, Lagos. The police arrived at her house to see her lying on the floor lifeless.

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According to our source, the police found a bottle of insecticide which she had swallowed in her house and took her corpse out.

Folake Abiola was on leave and had to stay in the house for a number of days.  One who is undergoing depression can choose to do anything when left alone.

This could be a big contribution to her taking away her life she is sad to hear. Additionally, the family of the deceased asked the police to release her corpse so they could bury her in veneration of Islam tradition.

Folake Abiola Networth

The biography of Folake Abiola will be incomplete without her Networth. In this section of the post, you will get the necessary information regarding her Net worth.

Despite the fact that Folake worked in a renowned Establishment, her net worth remains unknown and still under review.

Stay on this page as we will give you an update regarding her Networth as soon as we have the information.


We have come to the end of this post. If you have any contributions to this post, do well to drop them in the comment box below.

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