Farouk Yahaya Biography – New Chief of Army Staff Age

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Farouk Yahaya Biography – New Chief of Army Staff Age Networth

Presently in Nigeria, there are lots of recent developments that people want to know about. It is due to this that we bring the information in this post to you.

Of recent, there is a new change in the army force of the Nigerian military. This change happens to be one that many were not expecting.

Early this year, the president of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari appointed new service chiefs.  One of these service chiefs was the Chief of Army Staff (COAS).

The chief of army staff that was appointed was Ibrahim Atthiru. Of recent, there is a new change in the Chief of Army Staff.

This change is due to the death of the former Chief of Army Staff Ibrahim Atthiru. His death is so sudden that no one even thought it would happen.

After his death, a new Chief Of Army Staff must take over the position of Ibrahim Atthiru as that position cannot be left vacant.

In the place of former Chief of Army Staff, Ibrahim Atthiru, Farouk Yahaya was appointed to be the new Chief of Army Staff.

This man has all of a sudden risen to a very high position in the armed forces having passed through several stages.

He has had several achievements and recognitions in the armed forces before he eventually rose to this position.

Many do not know about this man as he was just newly appointed. Here, we are going to give details of Farouk Yahaya Biography.

Many people wish to know more about him as he just recently rose to the position he is presently handling. There is a lot of details regarding Farouk Yahaya Biography here.

You will get to know all about it as we move on. If you are among those who are looking for this information, you are in the right place.

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Also, those who do not even know about this man will get to know a lot of information regarding him as we move on.

Read down to have all the details regarding Farouk Yahaya Biography as he is the new Chief Of Army Staff of Nigeria.

Do not miss any detail of this post so as not to miss the interesting life experience of this great man.

Farouk Yahaya Biography

Farouk Yahaya Biography

Farouk Yahaya Biography

Every great man in life has where he originated from. He also has a starting point where he came from before attaining greatness.

Most of them did not have a smooth beginning but through struggling, they have successfully made it in life.

As they have finally attained greatness, many wish to know about them. For this reason, we always bring information to you about them.

This also is the same case as Farouk Yahaya who is now in a position of greatness. Many people did not know him while as an ordinary military officer.

Suddenly, events occurred and he is now in a great position and many wish to know more about him. Farouk Yahaya Biography is fully here.

He was just recently appointed the new Chief of Army Staff due to some sad occurrences. We will see his achievements as a military officer and lots more about him.

He has a lot of actions which has gained him recognition at a very high level. This is the reason many wish to know about him.

We will get to see the Farouk Yahaya Biography as we move on in this post.

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Farouk Yahaya Birth, Age, Early Life

Everyone in life has a background where he or she comes from. This background is not usually known until the person attains greatness.

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The same is very much applicable with Farouk Yahaya. Farouk Yahaya Biography is not complete if we do not get to know about his early life.

Farouk Yahaya was born on the 5th of January, 1996 in Sokoto. He also hails from Sokoto and is 55 years of age as of now.

Farouk was born into a Muslim family and was raised in an Islamic manner as his parents were core Muslims.

He was given a good moral upbringing and his parents made sure that he did not lack anything while growing up.

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Farouk Yahaya Educational Life

Education is a major part of a person’s life as many excel today due to it. This section of Farouk Yahaya Biography will educate you on his educational life.

Farouk’s parents made sure that he got a quality education as he went through education from the basics. He went through primary and secondary education smoothly.

On the 27th of September 2021, Farouk ventured into the Nigerian Defense Academy. Later, on the 22nd of September, 1990 he was commissioned into the Nigerian Army Infantry Corps.

Farouk happens to also be a graduate of the University of Salford in Manchester, England.

Farouk Yahaya Military Career

This is the main section of this post as it is the reason why he is the new Chief of Army Staff.  Farouk Yahaya Biography is not complete without this section of his life.

He joined the Nigerian Army being a member of 37 Regular Course from the Nigerian Defense Academy in Kaduna.

Farouk was a commander of Division 1 of the Nigerian Army. Later, he became the Theatre commander of the counter-terrorism counter-insurgency military.

This military group was involved in the fight against Boko Haram in the Noth Eastern region of Nigeria. They operated under the code name Operation HADIN KAI.

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Farouk has also been the commander of the four brigade headquarters of the Nigerian Army. This was in Edo State.

He has also successfully held several other numerous positions in the Nigerian Army. Farouk also has several awards for his name in the Nigeria Army.

This has made him at no doubt the right person to qualify for the position of the Nigerian Chief of Army Staff.

Early this year, new chiefs of staff were appointed by President Buhari. In May 2021 the Chief of Army Staff Ibrahim Atthiru met his death.

Six days later, a new Chief of Army Staff was appointed to take the position of the late Chief of Army Staff.

Major General Farouk Yahaya happened to be the person who was found suitable for this vacant position.

As of now, Major General Farouk Yahaya is the new and acting Chief Of Army Staff of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Farouk Yahaya Networth

This is another section of Farouk Yahaya Biography that many people also want to know about. We will enlighten them about it here.

Major General, Farouk Yahaya just became the new Chief of Army Staff. We do not have any amount of his Networth as it is under subsequent review.

When we come up with the exact amount of his Networth, we will not hesitate to inform you about it. Keep yourself updated by checking in on this site.

Share this information regarding Farouk Yahaya Biography with others. Drop all comments regarding this post in the comment box below.



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