Expertnaire Review – Founder, Courses, and Products

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Expertnaire Review (Founder, Courses, and Products)

The need to have multiple passive income sources is causing a lot of people to look for online platforms that can satiate this need.

Expertnaire Review

Expertnaire Review

Some have been fortunate enough to hit gold with some legit platforms like ClickBank.

Others have ended up in Ponzi schemes and scams like MMM (I’m sure you recall that one).

That’s why there is a need for third-party reviews of some of these platforms. One that objectively looks at such businesses and gives a non-biased opinion.

One of such online platforms that are rapidly gathering grounds is Expertnaire.

However, there have been so many mixed reactions concerning Expertnaire, as to whether it is legit or a scam!

One of such reactions is that of Daniel William, an affiliate marketer at ClickBank, “…I have personally checked the site when one of my Nigerian friends bought it, I can never recommend it, if you ask me, I will call it a scam and I will never recommend anyone from any country to buy it….”

Another reaction is that of Nonye J.F Chiazor, a digital marketer, “Expertnaire affiliate marketing is legit and not a scam. It runs on a simple affiliate business model. Therefore, it is legit…. It is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria….

This post is going to bring such dissensions to rest with an objective, non-biased perspective. However, the decision to do or not to do will be entirely your responsibility.

Expertnaire Review 2022!

Before further ado, let’s understand what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing is an online business model that involves recommending/promoting certain products to certain people for a commission.

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This Expertnaire review is broken up into the following sub-headings for easy understanding namely;

  • Founder
  • Courses & Products
  • Features Of Scam Platform
  • Is Expertnaire A Scam Or Legit?


Expertnaire is an online Nigerian-based affiliate platform that simply connects product sellers with affiliate marketers.

It was started by Toyin Omotosho, who’s still the CEO of the platform.

As we all know, he is a top guru in the internet marketing industry. So he’s got the reputation which should speak for something.

Courses & Products

The following courses & products are being offered;

  • Sales And Marketing Courses
  • Instagram Growth Hack
  • Auto Book Pay Method
  • Turning Skills To Cash
  • Freelancer Success Guide
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Pattern Making With Ease
  • YouTube Profits Blueprint
  • The Foreign Copywriting Initiatives
  • 28 Day Body Transformation Program
  • WhatsApp To Ecom

and so much more. Each course has an amount attached to it which is the price one pays to offer the course.

There are also other benefits or offers attached to each course which makes them juicy.

One course which is the magic moneymaker of the Expertnaire platform is the 72IG by Toyin Omotosho. He realized the need for some walkthroughs and tutorials for those just entering the affiliate marketing space.

He organized training videos, pdfs, and a weekly mentorship online class for new students. Here students are trained the more and their challenges are cleared, all this in the 72IG program.

The program comes with 12 months of free access to Expertnaire as an affiliate. That means such a person won’t need to pay the #10,000 registration fee a newbie would for a year.

The cost of the program is currently around #60,000.

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The following are the benefits of offering the 72IG program;

  • 72IG WhatsApp marketing
  • 72IG implementation program
  • Free WhatsApp income campaign for 3 products on Expertnaire
  • One-year Expertnaire affiliate account for free
  •  “Toyin’s 60k Twitter followers money blueprint” course at no cost
  • Access to a 3-hour weekly online support class

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Features of a Scam Platform or Ponzi Scheme

Before we go into the question of the day, which is, is Expertnaire legit? Let’s see the signs of a scam platform.

This is the first step because if we don’t know what the bad looks like, we could classify every platform as a scam. And that would just be outright foolishness! So the following are basically what you’d find in a scam platform.

  • Little or nothing is known about their founders or how they came about.
  • They thrive on an active referral system. They might initially tell you that you don’t need to refer to earn but with time you’ll be dragged into the web of endless referrals.
  • There is no specific business operation. Neither is there any product or service being sold. They just transfer money from hand to hand.
  • No records of any profits since they do not do any actual business. They have zero financial records.
  • The entire system is dependent on new investors.
  • They offer huge profits in the shortest time possible.

Is Expertnaire Legit?


The above-listed signs aren’t all there is, it could be more. I’m expecting more additions to the signs in the comment section of this post.

Expertnaire Review

Expertnaire Review

Looking at the signs, you can now clearly decide if Expertnaire is legit or not. And more importantly, if you should invest your money and time in it.

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As regards this question, all that can be said is that the reputation of Toyin Omotosho should count for something. They offer digital products at a price from which they get their own cut if an affiliate successfully sells them.

There is a registration fee of #10,000 but comparing it to the wealth of information at your fingertips, this fee can be likened to a stipend of some sort.

The system doesn’t rely on referrals at all. And affiliates are paid commissions as they successfully sell such digital products. The only work you’ll do is to convince your audience to buy.

Remember the aim of this Expertnaire review is to give an objective view of the platform. It is up to you with the cards you have been given to decide if it is worth your investment.

Note that this article is an honest Expertnaire review. No one is being paid to say what is said and you are entirely responsible for whatever decisions you make.

If you do decide to invest in Expertnaire and you want more knowledge, then there are various YouTube videos that’ll guide you.

As you know, affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It demands a certain level of dedication and sacrifice in terms of time, effort, and finances.



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