Entrepreneur’s Daily Routine: How to Build a Day to Day Routine for Success

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Entrepreneur’s Daily Routine: How to Build a day to day routine for Success

You can trace the successes of great entrepreneurs to their daily routine. They are hardworking and consistent in committing their time, energy and skills towards achieving success. They don’t just wish for success, they GO for it! Read what the Authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series have to say about their secret to success:

“When the first Chicken soup for the Soul book was released, we decided that we would do five things every day to promote the sale of the book. We would do five interviews, contact five reviewers, send out five books to celebrities who might be able to help us, make five calls to sell the book to network marketing sales organizations – five measurable actions every single day, no matter what. On Sunday, we would give sermons at local churches in exchange for their making the books available for purchase after the service. As a result of this commitment, which we maintained for more than two years, Chicken Soup for the Soul went on to sell more than eight million copies”

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I can tell how far you would go in businesses by finding out your daily routine, habits and disciplines. A lot of people are day-dreamers they imagine and say so much but never take action towards actualizing their vision.

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WHAT DOES A TYPICAL SUCCESS ROUTINE LOOK LIKE? When you are out to get the kind of success others do not have then you must be willing to do what they are not doing. Personally, I wake up to a good dose of inspiration; after my quiet time (Morning devotion), I either read few pages of an inspirational book or listen to an inspiring audio message. I do this deliberately to condition my mind for a great day. Then, I look through my to-do list for the day and begin my day with confidence.

Watching other successful entrepreneurs was how I learnt this. They don’t just bomb into the day, they have well planned days.

No matter how much work they have to do, because they have success systems and patterns that make them achieve more in less time.

You too must have a daily success routine; determine how many hours in a day you would dedicate just to grow your business. You must understand that the ocean of entrepreneurship is demanding, risky, adventurous but ultimately rewarding.

Every entrepreneur has a daily routine which is called Entrepreneur’s Daily Routine and this routine sets them up for success every time.

How to build a good Entrepreneur’s Daily Routine

Go to bed early

It is often said; the early bed catches the worm. As an entrepreneur, you should have enough rest the night before your day. Having a good nightly sleep will help you to be refresh and strong for the next day without drifting. You think you can cheat nature? No! you are cheating yourself because you will not keep to your schedule the following day.

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 Make your to do list every night

One of Entrepreneur’s Daily Routine is a good to-do list which shows what their day will be made of. Entrepreneurs are often careful in making up a super to-do list, having all the importance activities for the day. When making your to-do list, you should avoid ambiguousness and you should be definite in your activities. Order your to-do-list according to their scale of preference and the unaccomplished task of the past days.

Do It consistently

Consistency is what makes you do something every time for a better result. Successful entrepreneur are consistent in their daily routine and that’s why they stand out for success. Research has proven that anything an individual does consistently for 21 days, he becomes part of it and cannot do without it.

I was reading one of Dr. Strive Masiyiwa (the richest entrepreneur in Zimbabwe) write-ups recently and he shared how he has to read up to 400pages of business reports every day, plus meetings and other activities. In John Maxwell’s 15 Laws of Growth, he also shares how systems and routines make him more productive. He highlighted how he has different files for quotes and stories from which he consults when he is writing a new book. No wonder they are very successful; they work hard and work smart because they have daily success routines.

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