DSS Ranks and Salary Structure 2021 Guide

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DSS Ranks and Salary Structure 2021

Working as a part of the state security service is not so easy. They are a lot of steps you need to undergo and I am going to be talking about the process in my article today so those who are interested will see.

The full meaning of the DSS is Department of state security and it is popularly called the state security service.

DSS started in the year 1986 and their work and are one of the most active security teams in the world.

Their job is to provide counter intelligence and secure the country internally and also counter- terrorism as they protect highly and respected dignitaries like the president and senators.

DSS Ranks and Salary Structure 2021 Guide

DSS Ranks and Salary Structure 2021 Guide

The mission of the SSS is to protect and defend the Federal Republic of Nigeria against domestic threats, to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of Nigeria, and to provide leadership and criminal justice services to both federal and state law-enforcement organs.

DSS Recruitment 2021 Guide

Many people have been doing search on DSS Ranks and Salary and yet they do not have active response. I will fix that problem right now.

Just like the Police Ranks and Salary structure, The DSS office is one of the positions many people have been searching for but they are so unlucky not to be recruited.

The reason why many people are not recruited is because most of lacks the qualities that the government needs to recruit them.

The reason why most people do not get qualified for the position is because most people aren’t observant at all and would ail during the screening section.

Those who are shortlisted only are qualified for the screening section.

It not just about DSS Ranks and Salary, but before applying for any post in the security service, you most posse the following

  •             A BSc/HND/OND/ND or any other recognized degree related to this.
  •            You must have a means of identification
  •       You must  be physically and medically fi
  •       You must not be pregnant as at the time of applying
  •  You must also be below the age of 30 during the time of application.
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The application is free of any charge as anyone can apply at any time without any difficulties, procedures are very easy and self-explanatory, all you have to do is go click on the write website and follow the procedure.

DSS Ranks and Salary for Recruitment 2021

As you all have already been informed about the DSS Recruitment, the department of state security are not recruiting any new applicant but will start soon so stay on the platform to get updated on when the form is finally out.

For now we just wants to inform you on DSS Ranks and Salary so you have the full knowledge of their salary.

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Dough the recruitment of new SSS hasn’t commenced yet, i will list the steps you need to follow to be qualified for recruitment.

  1.   First, visit the  DSS recruitment portal
  2. Go ahead to read on the requirement for the position you’re wishing to apply for.
  3.    After you have read it, fill in the information required and upload your credentials.
  4. Once you are done, submit and stand a chance to join the department of state security.

DSSC Website In Nigeria For Ranks and Salary Structure

So many people have fall a victim of the wrong website and some number of people who know me on a personal note have been asking for this information and now I am here to fix that.

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It so unfortunate that they are so many people always ready to scam but trust this website.  We have always given quality information making our readers more than satisfied.

The official website of the department of state security is  www.dss.gov.ng/dss_career, any other website is a scam as this is their legit website.

The Department Of State Security Salary

They are many positions to occupy in the state security and I am going to list them out for you today so you can do a private search on the position you wish of occupying. Here we have the current DSS Ranks and Salary below;

  •              Recruit
  •              Private
  •              Lance-Corporal
  •              Seargent
  •              Staff-Seargent
  •              Second Lieutenant
  •              Lieutenant
  •              Captain
  •              Major
  •              Lieutenant Colonel
  •              Brigadier General
  •              Major General
  •              Lieutenant General
  •              General

These are the ranking you can occupy based on the qualification you have and also, their salary depends on their rankings.

DSS Salary for Officers and New Intake

They have been much search online for the salary of a DSS worker and today, I am going to help you with that so search no more.

DSS Ranks and Salary is from the senior officer downwards; meaning that the General gets a higher pay than the major general.

The general collect a monthly salary of 1 million naira. The salaries of the remaining officers are lesser than that but a cheerful amount.

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DSS Training Allowance

This has been one of the most popular searches when it comes to the DSS. Today, I am going to help you clarify that.

The Department Of State Services does not pay any training allowance and this information was gotten from a previous participant who participated in the screening exercise.

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Apart from the training allowance, the DSS have one of the best allowances for a security outfit in Nigeria.

We will upload more information on the training duration and requirements, stay on our website for more information which would be provided via our website once we have gotten accurate information on that.

How Many Month Is The DSS Training

the DSS training is to enable that all trainees are physically fit for the work of the state security as they may be opened to danger and must do their best to protect the lives along with themselves.

It is important that all must be under the training which would determine if you are qualified for this job.

The first step is the physical fitness process in order to become a security officer is to pass DSS Training Academy physical fitness training test, a 4 weeks preparation program.

The following other training to make sure they are physically and mentally inclined.

The training lasts for nine months combined with academic activities and other training which are

Insurgency/counterinsurgency, intelligence operations, and gathering and firearms drills. You also reach out to us on whatsApp 

Hope this information on DSS Ranks and Salary structure is helpful,  drop a comment on the comment box below and stay on our page for any new update on the department of state security.



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